Ways to Generate Maximum Leads for your Expo Booth Displays

The first thing you need to do as an exhibitor is to identify the right exhibition for your brand. This will not only help you meet the right target audience but also help you easily turn them into leads as they all are part of the industry. 

A simple way to choose the right show is by researching which exhibition events your competitors and industry giants participate in. These events are usually places where you will find your target audience. Also, look for reputed exhibitions as they too are attended by industry experts, executives and your target audience.

  • Choose the Right Booth Location

At expo fairs, although you may have a crowd at your stand, it doesn’t guarantee that you have acquired leads. This is because the attendees can easily walk out of the expo booth displays once they feel they have seen enough. Thus, if you don’t have their contact details, you haven’t generated leads.

Here are some ways you can generate maximum leads for your expo booth displays.

Although it may not seem like a big deal, your expo display location can be the deciding factor to whether or not you will be able to acquire leads. 

Usually, attendees visit booths at the entrance and centre of the exhibition floor. Moreover, modular stands near refreshments and presentation areas also see much crowd. 

Be sure to avoid locations near pillars as they might obstruct the view of your exhibit. Even the ones near the restrooms and exits see less traffic. 

  • Conduct Games and Contests

For you to turn attendees into leads, you must find ways to engage them. This is because it shows that you are genuinely interested in doing business with them. Moreover, the more memorable your expo booth displays might be, the more likely they are to remember your brand. 

So rather than simply asking them for their contact information, why not give something back that makes their experience interesting. With games and contests, attendees are more likely to give you their details as they get back something in return. 

  • Eye-Catching Displays

The saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, tends to lose its meaning in an exhibition where there a countless expo booth displays, each better than the other.

With only a few seconds to spare, the attendees visit those modular exhibition systems that catch their attention. This is why having eye-catching displays is essential to attracting attendees to your booth.

Once you have attendees lining up in your booth, all you need to do is impress them with your sales pitch and products to turn them into leads.

  • Market the Booth

The reason why so many exhibitors stress marketing their modular stands is that it makes attendees know about your presence before the exhibition events.

When you market your booth, not only do the registered attendees become aware of your brand, but it also gives the existing customers to meet with your brand representatives face-to-face. Most importantly, people who don’t know your brand or even who have just heard about it might be interested in your display. 

  • Attendee Research 

With so many attendees present at the exhibition, there might be some promising prospects or even special attendees, like executives and industry experts whom you want to do business with. 

So, do some research and find out who they are and send them special invitations. This makes the attendees feel important and valued and reinforces your brand in their mind. Thus, increasing your chances of attracting them to your expo booth displays. 

  • Training the Booth Staff

A major reason why an exhibition stand booth may not be able to gain leads is because of the unprepared expo booth staff. 

At the end of the day, your staff is the one that will put forth the pitch to acquire leads. Now, while you may have a good pitch, your staff’s behaviour or even some non-verbal cues might tick off the attendees. Thus, they must follow booth etiquette.

So, you first need to hire people that are friendly and approachable. Moreover, they must also remember all the information about the brand, its message, products and services. In addition, they must also be able to distinguish genuine prospects, rather than spending time with an attendee that won’t turn into a lead. 

We hope this article will be helpful to you in generating maximum leads for your expo booth displays. 

Attracting a crowd at your show booth is not an issue but turning them to leads is a task. So, although one might think you just need to talk to the attendees to get their details, there’s a lot of strategizing and planning that goes into gaining leads.

Tip of the Day: Rather than collecting attendee details on paper, go digital. With tablets, laptops, and kiosks, choose to make the data collection hassle-free so that you have time to focus on other aspects of your booth. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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