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It is imperative to know the types of expo stands for designing a booth effectively. This also helps in selecting the space while buying it from the organiser.


Hear what two famous people had to say about ‘MISTAKES’.

The renowned scientist Albert Einstein had once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 

Similarly, according to a famous doctor, Dr Prem Jagyasi, “Success lies in one’s ability to learn from mistakes.”

Mistakes like time are a great healer. To make progress in life, you must learn from your mistakes; understand why you made a mistake or experienced failure, and take corrective measures to refrain from committing same mistakes again.

That is what successful people like Thomas Alva Edison, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, J R D Tata, etc, did and became successful later.

Now, if you are an exhibitor and have done something only to regret it later, it does not mean that you are doomed.

When designing and building your expo stand, there can be mistakes along the way. This does not mean that your task is doomed. Rather, it means that you now have the right knowledge to avoid committing the same mistakes again; and make your expo stand a successful one.  


There is no doubt that expos and fairs offer loads of benefits. Not only do they help you to reach out to a vast mature audience but also present a great opportunity to keep an eye on the competitors, and get to know how you measure up to them.

The presence of competitors will be your barometer for finding out if you have been a success or a flop at the exhibition. To make the most of this moment, you need to have a good expo stand that stands out in the crowd and marks your brand as a different breed.

But as they say that nothing in life is perfect, so too will your preparations to the expo or fair face hurdles along the way. You may go wrong with your expo stand and commit mistakes along the way. 

Here are some mistakes that tend to be committed commonly which you need to avoid.


When you take part in an exhibition, you need to have proper, realistic goals or objectives for your expo stand. 

Often, many exhibitors make the mistake of not having proper goals or objectives. As a result of which their expo stands will not exactly reflect their brand profiles. 

By proper goals or objectives, it means what you intend to achieve with an expo stand at the exhibition; and what is the purpose of having an expo stand for the exhibition.

Your goals or objectives could range from achieving a set target of sales at the exhibition; to acquiring a set target of leads at the exhibition; or simply spreading brand awareness and reaching out to as many people as possible at the exhibition show.

Ultimately, your goals will play a key role in every element of your expo stand including its design, location at the show, and strategy and sales approach for the show. Additionally, it is also critical to determining whether your expo stand has been a success at the exhibition or not; and if so, how successful or failure it has been. In short, it will help you to determine every aspect of your participation at the show from expo stand design to its location at the exhibition, and so on.

The inputs gathered will help to improving upon your expo stand for future exhibitions.

Not having clear goals or objectives can 

  • Create obstacles and make the whole process of expo stand design and inter-related aspects; and deciding where and how to exhibit, difficult. 
  • Make the task of the stand designer difficult. The designer could end-up having unclear creative ideas and eventually will struggle to interpret what you exactly want from the stand design. As a result, your expo stand design may not reflect your brand and provide the results you expect.

To avoid making this mistake, it’s vital to have proper goals. Decide your goals after analyzing your business, sales, and brand reputation. This will help to understand what areas need to be improved or enhanced.

Finally, you need to work out and arrive at a proper set of goals at least 10-12 months before the exhibition show day. It is only after that you should work out the modalities of your expo stand.


In a year, there will be many expos or fairs. This does not mean you need to take part in each and every one of them. 

Participating in the wrong event that does not exactly help your brand or serve your cause is a mistake. You risk introducing your brand to an audience that may not be enthusiastic about it nor interested in what products or services you have to offer. The mistake in this case is wrong audience. The audience could be having different expectations or different values or different preferences. Eventually, your expo stand could attract few attendees.

To avoid making this mistake, you should conduct a thorough research of the demographics of the audience that will be attending the exhibition show. This will give you authentic insights into the nature of audience that is expected to attend the show; and learn what are their values, aspirations, and preferences, and whether they resonate with the kind of products/services offered by you.  

For instance, if you are engaged in the making of medical products, then attending a sports expo will only end-up engaging with the wrong audience. However, it could be the right show if some of your products are aimed at people injured n sports activities; and the audience at the show includes sports medical professionals.

Don’t make the mistake of participating in an exhibition just because your competitors are taking part in it. Your decision of taking part in an exhibition should be based on your target audience and whether such an audience will be attending the show. ELSE, your participation will be a waste of your precious time and money.


To translate the vision of your expo stand design into reality, you should select the right expo stand company; an expo stand company that is professional; equipped with the right manpower, resources, and capabilities; and has a credible reputation in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, many exhibitors tend to make the mistake of selecting the wrong expo stand company to design their expo stand. Such exhibitors do not understand the significance of selecting the appropriate company and think that any expo stand company would do.

To avoid making this mistake, undertake a thorough research of expo stand companies in your area and city or even the country and world. Look-up their websites and check their portfolios, testimonials, and reviews;  interact with their clients, past and present to learn about their experiences and impressions; and talk to people in general about the credibility of the expo stand company. 

Your choice of expo stand company should be a expo stand company that can design, build, install and dismantle, store, and transport your expo stand, all well within your budget; communicates your brand and messaging to the audience; and ensure that it is a standout at the show.


Your expo stand could be stunning and one-of-a-kind. But it will prove to be of no use if it is located in an insignificant location at the exhibition show. It will not be able to make the desired impact if prospective customers’ don’t get to see it.

Some examples of a bad location include sides of the exhibition hall; and far back of the exhibition hall. They receive a lower rate of foot traffic and will hence not make for an ideal location for your expo stand.

Not many exhibitors give importance to where their expo stand should be located and how it should be presented at the location. As a result, they make the mistake of selecting the wrong location and making poor expo stand placement.

To avoid making this mistake, 

  • Know that the location of the expo stand is critical. It plays an important role in attracting visitors, communicating with the audience, and gaining leads.
  • Book early to reserve the best location space in the exhibition hall (exhibition show organizers often sell space to their show a year in advance). This will help to select a proper location that will make your expo stand visible to the audience easily.
  • Build a positive, healthy relationship with the exhibition organizers. This will help to increase your chances of receiving early offers, if any.

In case, you end-up with a poor expo stand location due to late booking or other reasons, you can still have a great expo stand that will make it visible to the audience. All that needs to be done is to select a smaller expo stand; and infuse the expo stand with bright graphics, lively colors, and visible signage. Additionally, you can also promote it on company’s social media accounts. 


The success or failure of your participation in an exhibition depends upon how your expo stand is presented at the show.

Many exhibitors tend to ignore this aspect and eventually make the mistake of presenting an expo stand with poor design and of poor quality. This will defeat the very purpose of their participation at the show and make their appearance insignificant. In short, a poor quality expo stand design will not be able to catch the attention of the visitors.

To avoid making this mistake, you should ensure your expo stand has a design that 

  • Is visually appealing and communicates the right message of your brand; and indicates how your products/services will benefit the customers.  
  • Attracts the visitors; encouraging them to interact with it; and generating concrete leads and sales.
  • Creates a positive first impression as it will generally be the first thing that visitors will notice. Based on what they see, they tend to decide whether to stop by your expo stand or not. 

Hence, make sure to 

  • Design your expo stand keeping the aspirations and tastes of your target-audience in mind. 
  • Ensure that your expo stand aligns with your brand profile and is highly visible, easily approachable to the audience even from a distance. 
  • Maximize the available space and optimize your expo stand layout. This will ensure dedicated spaces for customer journey as well as presentation of demos, and facilitation of smooth one-on-one discussions with potential customers.

If you have a modest budget, you can still have a great looking expo stand. Just opt for a smaller expo stand inclusive of rich quality graphics; and bright colors that best reflects your brand, well-supplemented by interactive elements like LED screens, bright and sharp lighting, etc. This will help to create an attractive space rather than a bigger expo stand that looks stale and dull.

Never make the mistake of cutting corners or jumping the signals. This will only end-up badly affecting the quality of your expo stand. Eventually, this will drastically reduce the effect of your expo stand on the audience; and you will end-up losing opportunities to interact with the audience, gathering leads, or generating sales and business.

Play safe by hiring the appropriate exhibition stand company at least a couple of months before the exhibition show. This will help you to get the expertise and skills of certified designers; and brief them properly with a detailed list on how your want your expo stand to look like.


Your expo stand should not be just attractive looking. It should also be capable of providing the visitors an inspiring and enjoyable experience.

Many exhibitors tend to neglect this aspect and make the mistake of assuming that an expo stand’s looks is enough to engage the audience with a memorable experience. Eventually, an uninspiring experience will drive away the visitors and spread negative words about your brand. As a result, your brand will lose its value and stay forgettable.

To avoid making this mistake, your expo stand should be eye-catching and visually stimulating. By visually stimulating, it is meant your expo stand design should incorporate alluring graphics; interactive technology and lighting; interesting demos; and above all, mesmerizing text that is brief and precise. 

This will catch the visitors’ attention, lure them to your expo stand, and start a conversation to eventually engage them with an immersive, interactive experience. The whole approach should be to convince them to convert into customers.


You need to have a proper, cohesive marketing plan with implementing tactics to promote your brand and make it known to as many people as possible before the exhibition show day. 

However, some exhibitors do not give enough prominence to marketing and as a result, have a poor or no marketing plan. This is a mistake that needs to be avoided as without proper marketing you risk losing your target-audience. They will not know about your expo stand at the exhibition show. This will badly affect your brand’s ability to acquire leads and communicate with the appropriate audience.

To avoid making this mistake, you should 

  • Have a proper and effective marketing plan that reflects your goals. Then start promoting your presence at the exhibition show months before the exhibition show day, through newsletters, social media, and special page in your website. This will let them know of your participation, and location of your expo stand at the show, thereby making it easier for them to find it.
  • Research on marketing techniques and tactics that successful brands have used at shows for similar business; and calculate how they might work for your expo stand at the show.
  • Send out emails to existing customers; or post about your expo stand on Instagram, or write blog posts on your expo stand. 
  • Reinforce your expo stand with marketing collaterals like brochures, flyers, handouts, leaflets, etc. This will help to highlight your brand message and also enable the audience to remember your brand; and learn more about your brand once they leave your expo stand.
  • Hand over giveaways at your expo stand to the visitors. Ensure that your giveaways are interesting, beneficial and value for money. This will help to gain extra leads and foster new relationships.


Generally, once the exhibition show is over, visitors tend to retain memories of time spent at the exhibition for a few days with your expo stand staying fresh in their minds. 

Many exhibitors tend to make the mistake of not following-up with the opportunities created at the exhibition; and connect with the visitors who had visited their expo stands. As a result, they forget to follow-up with leads leading to waste of opportunities.

To avoid making this mistake, log and gather visitor data during the exhibition show. Date comprising of their name, company, address, contact info, which product/service they are keen on, and so on. This must be done effectively through personalized emails or phone calls within 48 or 72 hours after the exhibition show is over; and worked upon to nurture them and eventually convert into customers. 


Everyone including you and me commits mistakes. No one is immune from it nor is anyone perfect in the real sense of the word. But there are mistakes that are committed often and become common.

Unfortunately, many exhibitors tend to commit them when planning their expo stand.

Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or an experienced one, you need to learn from past mistakes; understand why they occurred; and undertake steps to avoid committing the same mistakes again.

It can be challenging but as they say, “where there is a will, there is a way”, every obstacle can be met and overcome with proper and careful planning; focused attention; strong determination; and continual alertness.   


Your presentation and image is everything when it comes to making your presence felt at an exhibition and getting your business noticed.

Now, how do you guarantee that?

A good expo stand can help to guarantee that and also increase your ROI.

Remember, it is only natural that every exhibitor participating in an exhibition looks to maximize ROI; and earn maximum return on investment. 

This is what a good expo stand can help to achieve.


Your image, branding, presentation, and services should draw attention at the exhibition and provide a unique experience for visitors.

Hence, choose the right expo stand to stand out from the competition; and showcase your business in the best possible light.

Since image is everything in business, it is important to not underestimate the look of your expo stand. A well-designed, eye-catching expo stand will introduce your brand, offerings, and message to the audience including prospective customers’ in a professional and impactful way.

So, how much money should you invest in your expo stand?

If you really want your expo stand to make people stop on their tracks, take notice of it, and draw them away from the competition into your booth, then any amount of investment will be worth it.  So, go bold with your investment in an expo stand.

For a good expo stand that can increase your ROI, hire a professional and credible expo stand builder.


Here are some ways that reveal how a good expo stand can increase your ROI.


An exhibition is a big event which attracts scores of companies from across the country and in many cases, even the world. Besides, it also attracts hundreds of visitors from all walks of life and different strata of society. 

Hence, before looking to take part in the exhibition show, you need to make prior preparations so as to avoid past poor performances. 

Many companies are often guilty of showing up at expos and expecting things to happen the way they want it to. They expect healthy footfall at their expo stand; snare new customers’; get new business; and make good sales. If things don’t work out the way they expect it to, then they blame all and sundry except themselves. 

The reality however is different. The root cause of their failure is poor or lack of planning.

To avoid disappointment, they need to 


Participating in an exhibition is a big investment. To reap healthy ROI, exhibitors need to plan meticulously and efficiently. 

Exhibitors also need to plan at least four to five months before the exhibition show day. This will give them sufficient time to plan and prepare a strategy; work out the modalities of their expo stand; make sure enough marketing collaterals are printed and got ready for offer at the show; and get in touch with likeminded partners and vendors to ensure that the whole process goes off smoothly.

Without proper planning and preparations’, nothing will work successfully.


An effective pre-show strategy should be a part of your planning process. 

It should touch upon, 


You need to work out your exhibition floor plan properly. Find out

  • What is the total length of the floor space at the exhibition venue?
  • In which part of the exhibition floor space are your competitors located?
  • Are you looking to grab key customers soon after they leave another expo stand? 
  • Do you want your expo stand to be located close to the exhibition entry point or next to a networking space?

Based on the inputs gathered, plan your floor space plan carefully before looking to select it. Ultimately, your floor plan size and footprint; orientation; and location will play a key role in the expo stand design process.


When you have a proper vision for the exhibition, you can work better with your expo stand builder right from the start.

Your selection of the expo stand builder should be based on a few aspects. Like, the expo stand builder has a strong in-house team of skilled professionals who can handle and manage the project adroitly at different levels from design planning and execution to stand manufacture, logistics, and on-site support; that is well-supplemented by a good network of contacts and resources.

If this requisite is met, your team can stay focused on other aspects relating to the exhibition show like networking with like-minded partners, vendors and suppliers, and existing/prospective clients.


Once you have worked out the selection of the expo stand builder, next you need to secure pre-scheduled appointments. This will help you to set-up meetings well in advance thereby allowing you to maximize the opportunities that come along the way.

Additionally, you also need to intimate vide social media posts your customers’/suppliers’ that you will be present at the exhibition show  ELSE, you can ask your company employees’ to share details of the same vide the company’s LinkedIn profile or their own LinkedIn profiles. 

If done accordingly, it will make sure that people will be less likely to skip your expo stand at the exhibition and instead would be eager to visit it. Around 74 percent of the attendees are said to acknowledge this aspect and also more likely to engage with the exhibitors and buy their products/services 

Aside from the above, you can also consider advertising and sponsorship opportunities as a part of your strategy. This will include tapping available opportunities like digital/website advertising; ads, show signage, and such likes, to introduce your brand to the show audience thereby leveraging your ROI.

You can also tap social media ads. This will allow you to target key people based on demographics, job titles, personal preferences, and so on. If done correctly, it will give your brand greater exposure; and a clear picture of cost per lead and return on spend metric. 


To secure the best location at the exhibition venue, you need to book well in advance. Remember, there will be scores of exhibitors like you also wanting to book the same location. 

Generally, the best locations include space near the exhibition entry point; space near the washroom/snacks counter; corner space of the exhibition; and space at the end of the aisle. They all will ensure that your expo stand will have the best visibility as well as passing footfall; and also secure the best passing stand from two angles and more.

In case, you don’t book the appropriate space quickly, then you could risk losing it to other exhibitors and end-up with a poor expo stand location. A poor expo stand location means risk losing attracting the attention of the visitors who matter, and eventually, miss out on passing expo and acquiring new business and sales.

The golden rule is – Never postpone it to the last minute. Book well in advance for the best spots; if done, you can even secure handsome discounts and deals from the exhibition organizers.


Expos generally will be teeming with a lot of exhibitors competing for the same prospective customers’; and attendees moving around from one expo stand to another. They will resemble more or less like crowded market places. 

In such a melee, your expo stand needs to stand out from the crowd and distinguish itself in a way that will get people to visit it before other expo stands at the show.

For an impressive impact, your expo stand needs to have a design that is eye-catching and engaging, with your product taking the center-stage. At the same time, you need to avoid going overboard and resort to gimmickry tactics, like stuffing the expo stand design with excess of graphics or text; or features that are too gaudy or have no connection with your brand. They only end-up offering excess of flash with no substance.

A well-conceived and designed expo stand will not only be a stand out at the exhibition show but will also make the ultimate difference in maximizing your ROI at the exhibition show.

For the best expo stand design, consider hiring a professional and respectable expo stand design company with a proven reputation for conceiving out-of-the-box expo stand designs. It will go a long way to maximizing your ROI.


Just because the exhibition show has come to an end, it does not mean that your work too has come to an end. On the contrary, your real work starts now. You need to follow-up with the leads cultivated at the show within 48 to 72 hours after the exhibition show has ended.

The details of all the contacts like their contact address, phone number, etc, with whom your staff had a meeting with; as well the visitors to your expo stand, must be stored in a database and monitored right after the exhibition show has ended.

According to reports, 50 percent of all deals go to the first company that follow-up prospects promptly and quickly.

For a successful follow-up, it is important to have a proper plan in place that 

  • Categorizes your leads into different segments. Like potential customers’; likely sales prospects; potential partners/vendors; and potential and likely media and industry influencers. 
  • Details the nature of follow-up process, that is, how the follow-up must be done and through which modes. 

Guided by the plan, 

  • Start building relationships with tactics that stands out from that of your competitors. Tactics like feedback survey or personal video or referral offers can be tried out during the integrated marketing campaigns.  
  • Effectively respond to all the contacts and leads in a timely manner, after the exhibition show, through personalized call or mail. The sooner it is done; the better will be your chances of cultivating them as customers’ and closing the sale.
  • Sustain the momentum with smart questionnaires posed to the leads. Like what kind of activities they are into what is their level of proficiency in the same; what kind of your brand’s products they used in the past and how did they find them; and so on.  By posing such queries, you can engage them better and even find solutions to their problems.

Aside from the above, your sales and marketing team need to keep referring to the database; and use the available data for future communication in a timely manner.


Now, that the exhibition show is over and the follow-up has been done, it is time to estimate the performance of your expo stand.

Whilst there are several ways to evaluate and estimate the performance of your expo stand, one of the most important ways is calculating the return on investment (ROI).

The following metrics will help you to arrive at the exact estimation.

  • LEAD GENERATION; the number of leads generated by your expo stand will give you an indication the level of its success or failure; and how did your event go. The more leads your expo stand has gathered and cultivated the better will be your chances of snaring potential customers for your products/services.
  • SALES; generally the expo stand’s ultimate goal is to generate sales. By keeping track of the sales earned throughout the exhibition show and comparing it to other periods, you can measure your ROI.
  • COST-PER-LEAD: Cost-of-acquisition per lead helps to determine the total cost of your expo stand display, including the cost of building designs for it, and other expenses. The final amount should be lower than the revenues earned during the exhibition show.

Aside from the above, continual monitoring of social media accounts during and after the exhibition show can also be used to measure the amount of engagement and visibility your brand received from the customers. This will help you to understand whether you have been able to sign new customers’ or driven new sales; or created greater brand awareness; or facilitated a spike in visitor-flow to your website and increase in inquiries. 

To arrive at the exact conclusion, it is advisable to enlist the expertise of the expo stand builder with the capability to measure and increase the ROI and ensure your investment and time spent on the expo stand for the exhibition were well spent and beneficial.

Eventually, the success of your ROI will depend on your primary objectives and goals.


Measuring the success of your expo stand is critical for your business. This will give you a clear indication how a good expo stand can increase your ROI. Besides, it will also help you to monitor your KPIs and alter your strategy for the next exhibition show as required, to extract the most out of your investment in expo stand.

A good expo stand will also create a buzz and show people how much you care about your brand; and how much it can increase your ROI.

Types of Expo Stands For Space Buying & Designing

Island Stands

Island stands are open on all four sides, meaning it has no walls. They are built in such a way that obstruction of the view of other stands is minimized. The height is about 300cm and no walls are erected on the building line. Island stands might have free-hanging ceilings. The exhibition stand is fitted with air-conditioning to improve climate control in the summer.

Island stands are the most costly type, but they make up for it by being the most eye-catching compared to all the other stands.

The main benefit of an island stand is how engaging it is! Your team can reach out to many guests at once. You can also draw the high visibility with a vertical billboard or ceiling banner.

Row Stand 

From other types of stands, the most common exhibition stand is a row stand. Row stand is adjoined on three sides by adjacent stands. The stand front faces the hall passageway. They have one-side open, which usually faces the hallway.

Many organizers put this stand at the exhibitor’s disposal. You can definitely furnish the stands with roll-up banners or other accessories like a loose wall, floor covering and the seat. This stand is economical and effective option, particularly if you don’t take part in exhibitions regularly.

It is hard to attract the attention of visitors when you are part of a row of stand. It usually concerns the smallest and not necessarily the shortest stands.

Floor stand

The floor stands are stand designs with an extra floor, extending its stand surface. In principle, each of the previously discussed stand types can be fitted with an extra floor. Always inquire in advance about the guidelines the organizer applies. The floor stand adds extra status to a business and increases the VIP-feeling of guests who ‘are allowed’ to go upstairs. It offers the opportunities to invite good relation and interesting prospects up. Usually, this floor has a hospitality function, it could however also be used as a presentation flow.

Pop-up stands

Pop-up stands are portable, and highly versatile, they are highly used at the exhibitions and fairs for attracting attention to a particular booth. They are really easy to transport and set up as well, making them ideal choice for many exhibitions.

Due to low cost solution, you will frequently see first-time exhibitors using pull up and stands within exhibition space. These types of displays leave you with a standalone graphic that you can position on your floor space.

Walk-through stand

These stands are quite uncommon among modern exhibition stand types, this stand type is sometimes positioned on a spot where you would expect a row stand, namely in between two stands.

Typically, a walk-through stand is a bit deeper and does not have a back wall. The visitor literally walks through your stand to the next gangway. These stands need extra attentiveness of the staff, as attendees can access the stand from both sides. Since the wall surface of both sidewalls is usually limited, this stand does not offer many fixing possibilities for marketing material.

This stand is often positioned in the passage between two halls, turning these stands into a walk-through path. Using walk-through stands increases footfall traffics, but their effectiveness is questionable. If you have a walk-though stand then some innovative designs can make your expo stands for your next exhibition really stand out. 

Corner stands

Corner stands are open to gangways on the two sides. They have a back wall and one side wall. The attendees can access this stand from the two sides. Maximum construction height, including wooden platform: 275 cm. These stands catch the eye and give more design options compared to a row stand. Your next corner expo stands for an expo can be selected from the various stand designs that we have in our design section. 

Raw space stands

Raw space stands are not stands actually. It’s more of an empty floor space provided by the show organizer to the client so that they can build their best exhibition standswith the help of an agency. The reason raw space is a good option is that it gives the choice to consider several options when it comes to the type of stands. You can place up a hire stand or a custom one, raw spaces provide you a canvas to try out various stand design ideas for your exhibition show appearance. If you have already partnered up with exhibition stand designers and builders, then choosing a raw space stand becomes one of the best choices available, because your stand designer can show you a variety of stand design options that you can choose. It allows you to get quite creative with your design. You can completely customise your raw space so that your expo stands for your show represents your brand. 

If you need assistance in selecting an expo stands for your next show then get in touch with us. We have an experienced team of events and exhibitions personnel who have been part of this industry for over 30 years and who understand the functionality of exhibition stands across the globe.

Happy Exhibiting! 


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