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Diseño De Exposiciones

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We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Top Expo stands

Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

It is imperative to know the types of expo stands for designing a booth effectively. This also helps in selecting the space while buying it from the organiser.

Types of Expo Stands For Space Buying & Designing

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Exhibition booths make a big impact when it comes to outshining at a show floor. With so many modern exhibition stand options out there, you need to make the right decision before coming to a conclusion. Exhibition stands are available in different shapes, formations and types. Any design stand you choose depends on the available space, type of the show, your budget and how often you take part in an exhibition. We have stated some common types of exhibition stands below.

Island Stands

Island stands are open on all four sides, meaning it has no walls. They are built in such a way that obstruction of the view of other stands is minimized. The height is about 300cm and no walls are erected on the building line. Island stands might have free-hanging ceilings. The exhibition stand is fitted with air-conditioning to improve climate control in the summer.

Island stands are the most costly type, but they make up for it by being the most eye-catching compared to all the other stands.

The main benefit of an island stand is how engaging it is! Your team can reach out to many guests at once. You can also draw the high visibility with a vertical billboard or ceiling banner.

Row Stand

From other types of stands, the most common exhibition stand is a row stand. Row stand is adjoined on three sides by adjacent stands. The stand front faces the hall passageway. They have one-side open, which usually faces the hallway.

Many organizers put this stand at the exhibitor’s disposal. You can definitely furnish the stands with roll-up banners or other accessories like a loose wall, floor covering and the seat. This stand is economical and effective option, particularly if you don’t take part in exhibitions regularly.

It is hard to attract the attention of visitors when you are part of a row of stand. It usually concerns the smallest and not necessarily the shortest stands.

Floor Stand

The floor stands are stand designs with an extra floor, extending its stand surface. In principle, each of the previously discussed stand types can be fitted with an extra floor. Always inquire in advance about the guidelines the organizer applies. The floor stand adds extra status to a business and increases the VIP-feeling of guests who ‘are allowed’ to go upstairs. It offers the opportunities to invite good relation and interesting prospects up. Usually, this floor has a hospitality function, it could however also be used as a presentation flow.

Pop-Up Stands

Pop-up stands are portable, and highly versatile, they are highly used at the exhibitions and trade fairs for attracting attention to a particular booth. They are really easy to transport and set up as well, making them ideal choice for many exhibitions.

Due to low cost solution, you will frequently see first-time exhibitors using pull up and stands within exhibition space. These types of displays leave you with a standalone graphic that you can position on your floor space.

Walk-Through Stand

These stands are quite uncommon among modern exhibition stand types, this stand type is sometimes positioned on a spot where you would expect a row stand, namely in between two stands.

Typically, a walk-through stand is a bit deeper and does not have a back wall. The visitor literally walks through your stand to the next gangway. These stands need extra attentiveness of the staff, as attendees can access the stand from both sides. Since the wall surface of both sidewalls is usually limited, this stand does not offer many fixing possibilities for marketing material.

This stand is often positioned in the passage between two halls, turning these stands into a walk-through path. Using walk-through stands increases footfall traffics, but their effectiveness is questionable. If you have a walk-though stand then some innovative designs can make your expo stands for your next exhibition really stand out. 

Corner Stands

Corner stands are open to gangways on the two sides. They have a back wall and one side wall. The attendees can access this stand from the two sides. Maximum construction height, including wooden platform: 275 cm. These stands catch the eye and give more design options compared to a row stand. Your next corner expo stands for a tradeshow can be selected from the various stand designs that we have in our design section. 

Raw Space Stand

Raw space stands are not stands actually. It’s more of an empty floor space provided by the show organizer to the client so that they can build their best exhibition stands with the help of an agency. The reason raw space is a good option is that it gives the choice to consider several options when it comes to the type of stands. You can place up a hire stand or a custom one, raw spaces provide you a canvas to try out various stand design ideas for your exhibition show appearance. If you have already partnered up with exhibition stand designers and builders, then choosing a raw space stand becomes one of the best choices available, because your stand designer can show you a variety of stand design options that you can choose. It allows you to get quite creative with your design. You can completely customise your raw space so that your expo stands for your show represents your brand. 

If you need assistance in selecting an expo stands for your next show then get in touch with us. We have an experienced team of events and exhibitions personnel who have been part of this industry for over 30 years and who understand the functionality of exhibition stands across the globe.

Happy Exhibiting! 


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