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We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones
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Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

Expo Displays are excellent instruments for showcasing the brand, its personality, and its products. Expo display designers come in wide-ranging. If you are planning for the best show to meet your purposes, we have outlined different types of expo displays designers for you to make the precise decision.

The Top 8 Common Expo Display Design

Establishing a bold statement with your expo displays is crucial when it comes to marketing your items in any European nation.

This is a sure way of ensuring your brand is noticed by potential customers. Exhibition displays come with several benefits to product and services exhibitors or marketers.  Let’s see the common types of expodisplay designs.

1.Pop Up Display

Pop-ups provide portability, ease of setup, a lower price, and various choices to customize your exhibit.  They can be used as a solid-looking back wall in most cases.  Realistic panels can be added for higher impact, making your booth display design have a unique message. 

Pop-up works by using a frame that opens up, letting a structure for rising fabric or graphic panels to it to make a large image wall.  Selections like monitor holders, lights, and shelves can be added to help change the pop-up display.  Also, the case is functional since it can be changed to a meet and greet podium by covering it with fabric or graphics along with a plastic top.

2.Banner Stands

Banner stands are among the most widely used and adaptable expo show booth displays. They have become a staple with expo show retailers, marketers, and organizations looking for displays because they are highly portable, cost-effective, and easy to skin with custom graphics. They are an ideal solution for businesses expecting to get their brand noticed in an instant. Establishing a bold statement with your fair displays is crucial when it comes to marketing your items in any European nation.

3.Island Exhibits

Island exhibits are among the largest expo show display designs. They are usually occupied by well-known corporate brands and are 20×20 or larger. Some of them are as big as 70×90 feet in size! Islands are free-standing displays that do not share walls with any other booths or even with the event space. They normally have access points on all four sides.

If you have a good marketing team, island exhibits have the potential to become a highly popular or even eye-catching expo show stand. In most cases, the largest booths at any show are almost always busy.

Island booths give the maximum exposure for people entry accessibility. These booths offer customers the best access option because all four sides are open. It also provides the most freedom for your display design, arrangement, and height because it is open on all sides.


These booths are smaller than the pop-up booths, designed to sit on top of an average 6’ table for expos that do not allow booths. The booth can accommodate two people and is perfect for small and tight spaces. Table-top booth is also easy to mount since they can be built and disassembled. It is highly lightweight and does not need any tools for assembling. This expo stand are also appropriate for new exhibitors.

5.Hanging Display Designs

These types of displays use pillowcase graphic attachment and are of different shapes like rings, pyramids, squares, and custom shapes.  Most of them are lightweight, collapsible to fit inside a small case or bag. They are very easy to set up and dismantle.  However, hanging them from the ceiling of the exhibit floor might require labor help.


These displays are placed with three sides exposed to the gangway and the fourth side backed up against another peninsular exhibit. The two peninsulas together make one whole passageway. The booth is 20×20 feet, but the largest can be 4 times the size of a standard linear booth.

Peninsulas provide the advantage of having three exposed sides, but in a smaller footprint that makes the end-cap more affordable.

7.Portable Pop-up Bar Cart

Portable bar cart is certainly one of the most interesting. These displays are designed to be used outdoors in configurations like a bar cart, hydration station, a portable sampling station, in an event or race, or whatever other creation. These display units are either 40” (large) or 24’’ (small). Another interesting thing about portable bar carts is how they are easy to fix and dismantle.

8.Perimeter Booth

Perimeter booths have the same basic setup as an inline booth, with other booths surrounding it on either side. The difference is that this kind of option has access to a wall behind the booth — which is perfect if you have a large display. With maximum height potential to use in your design, you gain access to increased brand exposure and interest for patrons.

If you need assistance in selecting a expo show display design or get in touch with us. We have an experienced team of events and exhibition personnel who have been part of this industry for many years and who understand the functionality as well as aesthetics of displays across the globe.

Happy Exhibiting!

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