Portable & Modular Displays

Perfect solutions for promotions, showroom displays and outdoor expos!

Corporate Event Kit

A perfect solution for small events, this sleek and sophisticated backdrop with backlit option has various design possibilities and can be integrated with displays, screens and accented with furniture.

  • EU0035- 001-DIS-AM-EU-116

  • EU0036- 002-DIS-AM-EU-117

  • EU0037- 003-DIS-AM-EU-118

  • EU0038- 004-DIS-AM-EU-119

  • EU0039- 005-DIS-AM-EU-120

  • EU0040- 006-DIS-AM-EU-121

  • EU0041- 007-DIS-AM-EU-122

  • EU0042- 008-DIS-AM-EU-123

  • EU0043- 009-DIS-AM-EU-147

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