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Best Stand Design

We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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Creative Expo Stand Designs

As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones
Portable Event Booths

Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

Unique and the best stand design is the secret to success during an exhibition show. Ensure your exhibition stands peak for you with these interesting amazing exhibition stands trending tips.

The Secrets To the Best Stand Design

These days, it is not hard to increase the number of visitors to the exhibition show. Although in the current era of the expo, organizers have high expectations concerning attendance. 

For you to have traffic in your expo booth design you need to come up with an outstanding stand design. Coming up with the best stand design is not simple. The secret of designing a great stand is highlighted below.

Choose the Location Wisely

If you want to be in a prime, high-traffic place, you must register early, at least 6 months before the show starts! Identify a space that best suits your exhibition needs and a budget. This will determine the success of your exhibition and have a bigger impact on your ROI. 

If you want to go all out with your research, you can check the venue schedule and visit another expo to get a feel for the place. Explore the highlighted and dead spots at the exhibition. Some of the places you can get high traffics are near the main entrance, around the café area, or even near the main speaker’s stand.

Have an Outstanding Booth Design

Some audiences go for feel and look. Booth design is what this category of attendees focuses on. Attractive stands, graphics, designs, colors attract a group audience and lure them in.

Best stand design must be cleverly designed in such a way they express your motto or a story. Pick a theme and do a little decor. Design is not just a part to get over with, but to tempt the attendees. Nowadays event managers have an ample amount of booth decor ideas which can assure more traffic.

Start With Your Story

It is easy to cover an exhibition stand design in vague brand messages and hope for the best. However, doing so will make your stall design blend into the background.

Do not be wallpaper. When planning your expo strategies and working on the exhibition stall design, telling your brand story in the most eye-catching is the only way you will attract customers. Story narratives are immersive; they require consideration and engagement by the listener, which is exactly what you should seek to accomplish.

Think wisely about how each component reflects and contributes to this story. Do the construction materials in your expo stand reflect the story set? Is your brand story presented simple and clear, so delegates can tap into it easily? Put the delegates literally at the heart of the action.

Use the Right Colors

The right color arrangement can evoke different emotional responses in people. Therefore, use colors that will work best with your brand. You can try to use colors that are outside your brand’s color scheme if that is allowed, in case those colors work better with the crowd. But also try to use colors that match your brand and the logo of the company as well.

Have Awesome Giveaways

Everyone knows that people love free stuff. However, how much of it is later dumped into the dustbin? Instead of giving away the boring, usual items like stress balls and notepads, try to give your exhibition stall attendees something useful items they could use.

Give them something that is practical and can be used daily. Consider giving branded T-shirts, notebooks, water bottles among others. This will make them have you in mind even after the show.

Use your Space Well

It is vital to maximize every square inch of your booth space. Strategically place the layout signs and banners in strategic places. Hang balloons from the ceiling. Know your booth size, shape beforehand for your furniture arrangement. Whether you have a small stall design or a large one, you can maximize every square foot to your benefit.

Create Storage Space


It is easy to run out of space to store various leaflets and brochures in the booth. That can lead to a messy booth. Make sure that you stay on top of things by creating the right stand storage space to make your stand look interesting and outstanding. People like where the space is not congested.

Be Unexpected and Playful

Be creative when it comes to creating the best stand design. A table, charging stations and some comfortable chairs are boring. It’s also likely that it’s what every other exhibition stand is offering. Instead, be creative. 

Interactive displays like those where stand visitors can play with the lighting and get hands-on with demo products. You can also get fun and have games such as a foosball table or corn-hole.

For sure, as an exhibitor, it is easy to attract the crowds only if you have the best stand design on the exhibition floor.  If you apply little planning, creativity, and effort, it is easy to stand out. Use the above-stated tips and you will be sure of a stress-free exhibition experience. Contact us for the answers to your questions.

Happy Exhibiting!


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