Modular Exhibition Stands

That can make your small or mid-sized stand, stand out!

9 Sq. Mt

Who said that an exhibition booth made using modular exhibition systems has to be boring or unappealing? Having possibilities of full-wall backlit graphics, with powder coated frames, LED integration and product display, your modular exhibition stand can be sophisticated and sleek. Explore our creative stall designs made with modular systems.

  • EU062 - 001-3x3-AM-EU-177

  • EU063 - 002-3x3-AM-EU-178

  • EU064 - 003-3x3-AM-EU-179

  • EU065 - 004-3x3-AM-EU-180

  • EU066 - 005-3x3-AM-EU-181

  • EU067 - 006-3x3-AM-EU-182

  • EU068 - 007-3x3-AM-EU-183

  • EU069 - 008-3x3-AM-EU-184

  • EU136 - 009-3x3-AM/EU-434

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