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We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Top Portable Stands

Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

Not only will the wrong portable booth display not attract attendees, but it can also risk your brand reputation and become an expensive mistake. Selecting a portable product display requires careful considerations so that you don’t lose your investment with the wrong portable booth display.

The Complete Guide on Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Booth Display

It is vital to choose the right portable booth display. It builds your brand reputation and increasing your success. Many exhibitors prefer popular expo events expecting to get amazing returns. However, this is not enough. If you want to maximize your possibilities, you must be willing to do your homework. This guide gives you all the tips that will help you choose the best portable booth display for your business.

Minimal Number of Parts

The question you need to ask yourself before buying a display is how many parts are there in the booth displays? If you have thousands of small screws and don’t know what you’re doing while putting them together, you are in big trouble. If there are many parts, especially smaller ones, it is likely something will get lost when setting up or dismantling the display.  Good portable booth displays will have their parts joined together for easy and fast setup. They are cleverly designed so that matching parts are bundled together to avoid guesswork during setup.

The Material of the Portable Display

When selecting a portable booth display, quality is vital. Look for tension-fabrics that are professionally sewn for a wrinkle-free appearance to give your logo and graphics the sharp-looking appearance they need. 

Ensure the case is strong so that the contents don’t get damaged during transit. Many portable booth displays come with a wheeled case, making them easy to carry from the office to the show floor. Flexibility is also significant, considering the space limitations of an expo stand. Search for an exhibition company that can offer a variety of design options.

Ability to Quickly Replace or Update Your Messaging

The ease of replacing and updating display graphics needs to be done carefully as you might need it for another show. Always ask how cost-effective and easy it is to update your displays.  

If you will do it frequently, let the booth design company look for choices to maximize your flexibility and reduce your budget. The quality of the graphics is very important. You won’t like them fading after constant use and transferring, so ensure you ask about the printing and care of images.

Is The Booth Display Easy To Install And Dismantle?

Most exhibitors look for exhibition displays that are easy and simple to install and dismantle. Ensure that the portable booth display you are buying requires the least manual labor to set up. Also, always ask your stand designer about the time required for the setup of the portable display stand. You don’t need to use all your time on installing a single display since other duties need to be done before the show started.

Always Be Aware Of Your Continuing Budget and Operating Costs

You want to stay on budget. But the trap many exhibitors fall into is that they only think to the end of the current expo.

If you take part in exhibitions many times, then it important to consider a expo view: “what will the cost of the stand be in the next 3-5 shows?”

With this viewpoint, we can conclude that a “cheap” exhibition stand turns out to be an expensive one from designing to storage and shipping costs. You must think about the actual cost of rental stands or exhibition displays and purchasing a one-off custom exhibition stand.

Consider the Number of Staff Members

A good exhibition stall should support your staff members and their roles during the show.

Ensure each staff member is allocated in the right place to interact and support the attendees. 

For example, access to audio-visual equipment if they require an interactive demonstration, tables for meetings, or to take down details. The more the number of staff, the bigger the portable exhibition displays should be.

Packaging and Instructions

The casing needs to be reusable with simple identifiable slots for all parts. Also, the packaging should look as professional as the exhibit; or else it gets tossed immediately after your first show.

The instructions should be in clear language with corresponding images or photos. Ideally, every part should be labeled. You will want the equipment clearly identifiable when you assemble a portable booth display.

Exhibiting is a great way to showcase your brand and the products you offer. But you must make sure that the ideas you choose work for your company. For more information contact us 

Happy Exhibiting!

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