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Creating a good event stand design helps your business look unique and have a strong brand impression on your audience. The exhibition stand needs to be outstanding to persuade your targeted audience and be noticed instantly. Here are a few significant recommendations that will undoubtedly help you while designing an exhibition booth for a fair.

The Important Things You Must Include In Your Event Stand Design to Increase Visitors in your Exhibition Stand

A lot needs to be done to ensure every element of your event stand design stands out and creates a strong impression on clients. The better the exhibition stand the more attendees will come to your portable exhibition booth. Here are the most important things to include in your stand design.

Interesting Layouts and Floor Plans

The shape of your event stand design determines how your stand will look once installed at the event location. The size and shape of your event stand design should be in a way that helps attendees to learn more about your product and your services. 

So, if you think about having a basic stand, a simple linear or a corner stand will work perfectly for you. However, if you want to add more decorations, the layouts must be designer-approved.

Leverage Social Media

By using social media, you can drive visitors to your exhibition stall. Post photos of your stand, engage with customers on social media, or join online conversations. Social Media is a great place to let everyone know that you are attending the show. 

If your event stand design includes any gadgets, competitions or interactive games make sure everyone knows. Your feed should be updated regularly before, during, and after the exhibition.

Company Profile

In addition to the overall outline of your business and brand details, this is also the time to discuss any successes or awards your business has received. Offer a clear picture of how your business fits into the market landscape and what your competitive benefit is.

Use Variety of Signage

Signage is another important item you can use to attract more potential customers to your stand. When planning for your expo appearance, make sure you have multiple signs like banners, posters, etc. that are noticeable to people from many angles. Draw attention to your event stand design noticeably and exclusively. Ensure your signage can be seen easily from a distance.

Promotional Material

Your attendees will have seen a lot of exhibitors in a short space of time. Ensure attendees remember your product when they leave. Promotional items like bags, pens, and notebooks are an excellent way to promote your brand and make your company more memorable. They can also give your customers further points of reference if should they like to contact you.

Also, remember that many exhibitors will give out their promotional items. So be as creative as you can. You can also consider a reusable coffee cup, T-shirts; all branded with your company name.

Bright and Shining Lightings

A well-lit event stand design not only looks attractive but also highlights the products on display and brightens up the surrounding. It helps you get your exhibit noticed by visitors and draws them to your stand. You may need to use LED lights to attract the attention of some of your exclusive brands or graphics that tells of your product. These LED lights can also be used to hide away any difficult areas that you may have in your stand.

Use a Multi-Channel Approach

You can also use a multi-channel approach to make sure everyone knows that you are attending an exhibition and where they can get you. Having multiple entries allows you to be visited by varieties of potential customers who come for different reasons. Did you know that most visitors decide which stands they are going to visit before the event begins?

Consider Offering Refreshments

A expo is like a marathon. On the crowded floor, you need to pace yourself, maintain your eyes on the prizes, and keep hydrated. Bring the snacks and water for your customers, in case you cannot make a refreshment table. If possible, bring more water bottles to hand out to visitors. What is good for their health is good for your business!

Include interactivity

If you can, and the budget allows, find a way to create interaction at your event stand design. Despite using this great way to attract potential customers to your stand, it can also inform them of your products or services.

Touch screen activities are a great and straightforward way of doing this. You may choose to hold a competition or a challenge where there are prizes involved. Ensure that whatever interactive idea you choose, applies to your business and your target market and works within the expo environment.

  An exhibition show is a huge investment in Europe. Therefore, you need to do it the right way. This means considering every aspect, from what your exhibition stand would look like to how to set it up as well as how to sell to clients when they come.

Happy Exhibition!

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