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If you are an experience or first time exhibitor, then you know that there are different expo stands like modular stands, portable displays and custom-modular exhibition stands. That is not enough; selecting the best location for your stand is most important.

Top Tips on Choosing the Best Expo Stand Location

If you are and exhibitor at an upcoming expo or convention you know how important your expo stand is for attracting the correct audiences. However, there is another factor that is as important as your expo stand design and that is to select the best location for your expo.

Just the way a well-situated shop can attract multiple foot traffic, a good expo location can play a major role in helping your stand get business. In this article we have analyzed tips, techniques and tactics to help you choose the right location for your next exhibition.

1.Know the Surroundings of the place

If possible, choose a location between expo show with small displays. This will make your stand look large from a distance and provide a greater visibility. Be mindful of any poles or columns that could impair your vision. Don’t forget to look for variances in ceiling height as well.

2.Choose an Expo Stand Location that is Close to the Entrance

Aim for the area with the most traffic, which is the show floor entrance. The reason for this is that visitors feel welcomed when they first step into a show hall; this means they will see your signage before anyone else. Use captivating displays to draw in customers. The entrance is normally the best place to do it.

Also, being close to entrance gets a maximum traffic because everyone will enter and exit through the route. Consider using a huge amount of attendees with stylish booth located near the main entrance.

3.Know the Foot Traffic Patterns

Understand the floorplan well and see where there are cafeterias, speaker sessions and networking areas. Know the general layout on the event and see how your booth location is placed in relation to major traffic area. Also be aware of where washrooms are located and where your competitor’s expo show is located. The better knowledge you have for the event layout, the more prepared you will be.

4.Near Snacks or Drink Booths

Placing your expo stand near snacks or drink booths can be effective to attract visitors to your exhibition booth. People buying drinks and snacks from the stalls will at least glance your way and more than a few of them may approach your booth once they have the snack. Make sure to discuss the brand with the attendees while they are enjoying the goodies.

5.Inquire About Your Competitors

Ask exhibition management about the companies that have reserved the expo show space. You can avoid picking a place for your show that is too close to your main rivals.But on the other hand, placing your exhibition show stand next to your competitors can probably attract more traffic since there will be more attendees who will be next to you.

6.Reserve Your Expo Stand Space Early

Making a reservation early entails doing so up to a year in advance. It’s common for show organizers to open the room selection process for the following year on the first day of the current year’s event.

Typically, exhibitors are given exhibiting places depending on their prior attendance at the show. Other times, they are distributed based on first-come, first-served. However, before making a choice, you must prepare ahead and learn which places are vacant. Let the show’s organisers know you’re interested in a place if it’s already taken if there is a postponement.

Registering early for your next expo has many advantages. First off, signing up early will save you cost.Second, you’ll have the best choice of spaces to choose from, giving you more option over your exhibit’s final spot.

Finally, you won’t experience what every company’s expo nightmare is: being forced into a subpar location after all the prime locations have been taken. Book early and you’ll get the best pricing, plus the knowledge that you aren’t going to be beaten to the top spots by your competitors.

7.Be Near Lectures and Seminars

Expos usually feature seminars and lectures from industry professionals, so it is a good idea to find a position near such seminars and lectures, so you can take advantage of the traffic going to and from them. As long as you can find a spot close to the conference rooms where these seminars are typically held, you’re in luck.

8.Near Unique or Special Exhibition or Expo Attractions

Many expos feature some attractions as well. If you have an opportunity to find out where such attractions will be placed and make sure that your exhibition stand and display is near one of them, it could bode well for your business. If necessary, speak with the exhibition organizer so that they can preserve a location near those special and unique attractions.

Getting the best expo stand starts with selecting the correct location. So, next time you have to make a decision on stand location see the 8 tips above and make an informed choice.

Know How to Make Your Expo Stand a Pillar of Authority and Influence


Whether you are a skilled exhibitor or a novice looking to create a big impression, the secret is to grasp the nuances of creating a visually appealing brand and providing an experience that visitors won’t soon forget. We’ll reveal the techniques in this post for turning your display stand into a badge of authority and making sure it sticks out among the many others. However, it doesn’t end there. We’ll go into the craft of sending out unique invitations and teach you how to turn your expo stand into a VIP gathering place for influential figures in your field. We’ll discuss the long-term effects of being seen as a key figure, from fostering stronger ties within the industry to developing into a reliable authority in your profession after the event.

The Concept of Making an Fair Stand a Symbol of Authority and Influence

Fairs and expos are not mere gatherings of businesses; they are dynamic arenas where your brand has the opportunity to carve a niche and leave a lasting impact. Your expo booth isn’t just a random booth; it’s your stage, and turning it into a symbol of authority and influence is the key to standing out in the bustling fair landscape.

– Dress to Impress:

Think of your exhibition stand as the red carpet of the fair. Your visual identity is the glamorous gown or dapper suit that demands attention. Enlist the help of a design maestro to weave magic – colours that pop, a layout that dances, and an overall design that radiates your brand’s charm. Your exhibition stand should make heads turn before attendees even realise they’ve fallen in love with it.

Break the Monotony:

Don’t be a wallflower in the expo dance. Your exhibition stand should be the lively salsa in a sea of slow waltzes. Break through the mundane with interactive displays that make attendees want to join the dance. From live product demos that steal the spotlight to virtual reality experiences that teleport them into your world – let your exhibition stand as the life of the fair party.

Tech-tastic Voyage:

In a fair filled with yesterday’s news, your expo booth needs to be tomorrow’s headline. Embrace cutting-edge tech that leaves attendees wide-eyed and impressed. Touchscreens that respond to curiosity and augmented reality displays that defy reality – make your exhibition stand as the tech destination in the fair. It’s like the future came early,” you know you’re doing it right.

More Than a Show, It’s a Know:

Your exhibition stand isn’t just a display; it’s a university of knowledge. Turn it into a hub of wisdom by sharing insights that leave minds buzzing. Host mini-workshops or seminars right there – turn your booth into a classroom of expertise. When attendees leave your exhibition stand not just with brochures but with brains buzzing, you’ve etched yourself as the professor of the fair.

Welcome to the VIP Lounge:

Imagine your expo booth as a chic VIP lounge in the fair’s bustling nightclub. Your staff isn’t just there to talk about products; they’re the hosts of the party. Make your exhibition stand an oasis amid the fair chaos – comfortable seating, refreshments that fuel excitement, and an environment that says, “Stay a while.” Your expo booth isn’t a pitstop; it’s the VIP lounge where connections are made.

Golden Tickets:

Think of your invitations as golden tickets to the fair’s most exclusive party – your exhibition stand. Personalise them, make them shine. Craft messages that go beyond the generic and express a genuine desire to connect. An invitation should be more than an invite; it should be an anticipation builder, a teaser to the extraordinary experience awaiting them at your exhibition stand.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet:

Make your key clients and industry leaders feel like royalty. Offer VIP access that screams exclusivity. Private tours, sneak peeks at unreleased products, or a dedicated meeting space – give them an experience that goes beyond the ordinary fair visit. When they leave your expo stand feeling like VIPs, they’re not just attendees; they’re your esteemed guests.

Utilising Social Media Outreach:

In the age of hashtags and retweets, your expo booth’s invitation should echo across social media channels. Leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to extend your invitations. Craft messages that resonate with your target audience, combining public posts and private messages for a personalised touch. Your exhibition stand isn’t just an event; it’s a trending topic.

Hosting Pre-Expo Networking Events:

Why wait for the fair to begin? Host pre-expo networking events to set the stage for connections. These events can be more relaxed, providing a sneak peek into the vibrant atmosphere awaiting them at your exhibition stand. When they’ve already had a taste of your hospitality, attending your expo booth becomes a priority.

Influence the Influencers:

Identify key influencers in your industry and invite them to be a part of your exhibition stand’s story. Collaborations with influencers amplify your reach, drawing attention to your booth like moths to a flame. Ensure that the partnership is mutually beneficial, creating a buzz that extends far beyond the fair floor. Your expo booth isn’t just a spot; it’s a stage shared with industry stars. Turning your exhibition stand into a symbol of authority is about setting the stage on fire. Remember, an exhibition stand that sparkles from a distance and mesmerises up close becomes a symbol of authority and influence.

Tips for Extending Exclusive Invitations to Key Clients or Industry Leaders

Creating an irresistible allure around your exhibition stand involves more than just putting up a fancy display. It’s about drawing in the right people – the key clients and industry leaders who can catapult your brand to new heights. Here’s your roadmap to extending exclusive invitations that can’t be ignored:

1. Offering VIP Access: Where Exclusivity Meets Experience

Everybody loves to feel special, especially VIPs. Elevate their expo experience by offering VIP access to your stand. Provide a sneak peek of new products or services before the general public gets wind of them. Consider creating a private space within your booth where they can meet with your team away from the exhibition stand hustle. Pro Approach: Being at your expo booth isn’t just about seeing what everyone sees – it’s about experiencing what only VIPs get to. VIP access is the key to unlocking the full potential of what you have to offer.

2. Utilising Social Media Outreach: Where Digital Meets Personal

In the digital age, social media is your ally. Leverage platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to extend your invitations. Be strategic in your approach – a combination of public posts and private messages creates a personalised touch. Make your exhibition stand the talk of the virtual town, and watch as industry leaders take notice. Pro Approach: Your exhibition stand isn’t just a physical space; it’s a trending topic in the virtual world. Let industry leaders know that their presence at your booth is not just anticipated; it’s social media gold.

3. Hosting Pre-Expo Networking Events: Warm Connections, Hot Leads

Why wait for the expo to start when you can build connections beforehand? Organise pre-expo networking events, creating a relaxed setting for meaningful conversations. It’s not just about a handshake at the expo booth; it’s about fostering connections that go beyond the fairground. Pro Approach: Your exhibition stand isn’t just a destination; it’s the culmination of a relationship that starts before the event even begins. Networking events are the prologue to the main story unfolding at your booth.

4. Collaborating with Influencers: A Power Move

Influencers hold sway in today’s digital landscape. Identify key figures in your industry and invite them to collaborate at your exhibition stand. Their presence can turn your booth into a magnet for attention, and their endorsement can be a game-changer. Ensure that the collaboration is mutually beneficial, creating a win-win scenario. Pro Approach: Your expo booth isn’t just a space; it’s a stage, and influencers are your spotlight. Let them know that collaborating with you isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a strategic move that benefits both parties.

5. Showcasing Exclusive Previews: Anticipation Amplified

Generate excitement by offering exclusive previews of your latest products or services. Communicate that your expo booth is the VIP pass to witness innovations before they hit the market. Build anticipation and make them feel like insiders who get a firsthand look at what sets your brand apart. Pro Approach: Your exhibition stand isn’t just a display; it’s a premiere. VIPs don’t just see; they experience. Make it clear that they’ll witness the future of your industry firsthand at your booth.

6. Highlighting Customised Demonstrations: Tailored for Excellence

Don’t settle for generic presentations; customise your demonstrations for your VIP guests. Showcase how your products or services specifically cater to their needs and challenges. Let them see the tailored solutions your brand brings to the table, reinforcing the idea that your expo booth is a destination crafted with them in mind. Pro Approach: Your exhibition stand isn’t a one-size-fits-all display; it’s a bespoke experience. VIPs don’t just watch; they participate in a demonstration designed exclusively for them.

7. Offering Exclusive Consultations: Personalised Problem-Solving

Provide a dedicated space for one-on-one consultations with your experts. This personalised approach demonstrates that your expo booth is more than a showcase; it’s a problem-solving hub tailored to meet the specific challenges of key clients or industry leaders. Make them feel that their concerns are not just heard but actively addressed. Pro Approach: Your exhibition stand isn’t just a space; it’s a consultation room where VIPs get personalised solutions. Let them know that their challenges are not just acknowledged; they’re actively solved.

8. Sending Creative Invitations: Unleash Your Imagination

Stand out from the sea of generic invites by sending creative and attention-grabbing invitations. Whether it’s a unique physical invitation, a creatively crafted email, or a personalised video message, let your imagination run wild. Make your exhibition stand invitation a memorable experience in itself, setting the stage for what they can expect at the event. Pro Approach: Your expo booth invitation isn’t just a message; it’s an experience. Creativity isn’t just welcomed; it’s expected. Let them know that your exhibition stand starts making an impact the moment they receive that exclusive invite.

9. Emphasising Networking Opportunities: Connections Beyond the Expo

Highlight the networking opportunities your expo booth presents. Make it clear that attending goes beyond a transactional visit; it’s an opportunity to forge lasting connections with key players in the industry. Position your booth as the epicentre of meaningful conversations and collaborations that extend well beyond the expo. Pro Approach: Your exhibition stand isn’t just a meeting point; it’s a nexus of connections. Networking isn’t just an option; it’s a guarantee. Let VIPs know that their visit isn’t just a moment; it’s the beginning of a long-term relationship. So, extending exclusive invitations to key clients or industry leaders isn’t just a formality; it’s a strategic move to position your exhibition stand as the go-to destination. Be assertive, be personal, and make it clear that being at your booth isn’t just attending; it’s an experience crafted exclusively for the leaders shaping the industry.

The Long-term Impact of Being Perceived as an Influential Figure in the Industry

Beyond the dazzle of the event lies a realm where relationships strengthen, credibility becomes currency, and your booth transforms into the go-to source. Join us as we navigate the post-expo landscape, measuring success and adapting for a sustained influence that resonates far beyond the fairgrounds.

Strengthening Industry Relationships

When your expo stand is perceived as an influential force, it becomes a magnet for industry players seeking valuable connections. The conversations initiated at the expo often transcend the event itself, evolving into partnerships, collaborations, and a network that propels your business forward. Think of your expo booth as the epicentre of a thriving industry ecosystem. Each handshake, every insightful conversation, and the shared excitement about your brand creates a ripple effect. Over time, these ripples weave a tapestry of robust relationships, solidifying your position as a trusted and sought-after player in the industry.

Building Credibility and Trust

Trust is the currency of commerce, and credibility is its backbone. Your exhibition stand, when meticulously designed to exude authority, becomes a tangible representation of your brand’s reliability. Attendees at the expo aren’t just looking for products; they are searching for partners they can trust. By consistently positioning your expo booth as a symbol of authority, you foster an environment where credibility is not just claimed but experienced. When potential clients, collaborators, or investors see your booth, they don’t just see a display; they see a testament to your commitment to excellence. This perception translates into trust, a priceless commodity that pays dividends long after the expo lights dim.

Becoming a Go-To Resource

An influential exhibition stand is not just a showcase; it’s a wellspring of knowledge and expertise. When your booth consistently provides valuable insights and shares industry wisdom, it naturally evolves into a go-to resource for attendees and industry peers alike. Imagine being the brand that is synonymous with innovation, the one everyone turns to for the latest trends, updates, and thoughtful analysis. Your expo booth becomes a hub of information, and by positioning yourself as a reliable source, you solidify your status as a thought leader. In doing so, you pave the way for long-term influence as people remember and seek out the exhibition stand that goes beyond products to offer genuine value.

Maximising Post-Expo Visibility

The end of the expo doesn’t signal the end of your influence; it’s just the beginning. To truly capitalise on the momentum generated, you must maximise post-expo visibility. Leverage the excitement and connections made during the event to propel your brand into the post-expo spotlight. Share the highlights, captivating moments, and engaging interactions from your exhibition stand across all your communication channels. Social media becomes your amplifier, and your website transforms into a gallery of success. Ensure that the exhibition stand, once a physical space, lives on in the digital realm, constantly reminding your audience of the impact you made.

Measuring and Adapting

The long-term impact of being perceived as an influential figure hinges on your ability to measure and adapt. Post-expo, dive into the metrics – analyse engagement levels, quantify leads generated, and assess the qualitative impact of your expo booth. It isn’t just about numbers; it’s about extracting actionable insights. What worked? What resonated with your audience? Use this data to fine-tune your exhibition stand strategy for future events. The ability to adapt and evolve ensures that your influence doesn’t become stagnant but continues to grow, setting the stage for a sustained impact across multiple expos. In essence, the long-term impact of being perceived as an influential figure in your industry is not a one-time achievement but a journey. It’s not just about dominating a fair for a fleeting moment; it’s about establishing a legacy that echoes through the industry, making your exhibition stand a beacon of influence for years to come.


So, transforming your expo stand into a pillar of authority and influence is not just about the event; it’s a strategic investment in your long-term success. By crafting an irresistible visual identity, engaging attendees with cutting-edge technology, and extending exclusive invitations to industry leaders, you’re not only making a statement but also building relationships that transcend the expo floor.  Remember, the influence you establish today sets the stage for tomorrow’s success. So, seize the opportunity, make your expo booth unforgettable, and watch as your brand becomes synonymous with expertise in your field. Connect with SOL GmbH, experts in creating impactful expo experiences.

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