Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Custom exhibition stand from one of the European leading exhibition stand contractors could be considered essential for ensuring a return on your investment. Building a custom stand assures you a unique exhibition show stand.

Why You Should Choose Custom Built Exhibition Stands For Your Next Show in Europe

If you have experience in exhibiting, then you know the different types and styles of exhibition stands like modular stands, portable displays, and custom-modular exhibition stands. In this article, we concentrate on custom built exhibition stands and why they are ideal for your exhibitions in 2021.

Offer a Unique Look Stand

Custom exhibition stands are normally creative and unique. They instantly draw the attention of attendees, which is necessary to stand out on a competitive expo floor. You get the opportunity to experiment with some innovative concepts and come up with something that is both unique and innovative.

With custom construction, bespoke graphics, strong branding, animations, virtual, videos, environments, and interactive games, your custom stand will make your stand remarkable.

Its style, color scheme, shape, and highly professional finish will all bear witness to the fact that you offer a top-notch service or product that far surpasses that of even your closest competitor and will give you maximum exposure at your next expo.

They are Cost-Effective

Custom built exhibition stands are not cheap or expensive, but they are more like on the neutral part of pricing. You cannot say that it is cheap because it delivers top-notch quality. On the other hand, you cannot say that they are expensive because you will get everything that you pay for.

Therefore, custom exhibit stands are cost-effective. They can also be reused, meaning that you will never have to repeat another purchase for a long time.

Have Flexibility

Custom built exhibition stands can be built to maximally use the space. Depending on the stand you booked, its dimensions, layout, and open sides you can design structures and displays depending on your exhibition goals. You have the flexibility to use the space, map the visitor’s journey, and plan displays for better visibility. You can also include features that can be adapted and changed for future shows, so your custom exhibition stand is a cool investment for your company.

With all the benefits of individual customization and extreme flexibility of design, a custom stand will take all your carefully considered creative ideas into account and will alter them into a truly excellent structure that makes the best use of your exhibition space, draws all the right customers, and aids you in gaining all the best leads for your business.

Display Your Individuality

Being noticed during a expo event is all about taking up and communicating your business’s individuality. If you act like your competitors, visitors will not know how your brand can serve them better. Stand out from your challengers by showcasing your innovativeness and individual qualities to have a better chance of capturing their attention.

Custom displays are best for embracing your brand’s individuality as they let you include the innovative aspects that distinguish your company from the others taking part in the exhibition show.

Durability and Originality

Custom exhibition stands are designed around a specific theme, unlike modular exhibition stands that are designed with standardized design specifications.  A custom exhibition stand is also more robust and durable when compared to a modular stand since it is made from heavy materials such as metal and wood.

Build Brand

Custom exhibition stands are built with your brand at the heart. Colors, style, graphics, and messaging can all be used to make your stand unique and memorable. A made-to-measure stand is an opportunity to present your brand values and corporate identity the way you want, with the best messaging to reiterate and enhance your brand positioning. Custom built exhibition stands are designed with creative flair and an integrated branding approach to help you stand out on the crowded expo floor.

They Help You Meet Your Design Objectives

Every business has its unique design requirements. Even companies attending the same expo event will have different requirements depending on their aims, budgets, or design preferences. Meeting these special needs is important if you want to maximize your expo stand effectiveness.

A custom expo display design may assist you in creating an exhibit that meets your requirements as it is made specifically for your business. Instead of choosing pre-constructed exhibits and booth parts, your stand is constructed from scratch based on your specifications.

In post-pandemic exhibitions, custom exhibition stands make an ideal solution for your exhibition stall. Try them! Form more inquiries contact us. 

Turn Your Exhibition Standee from Boring to Spectacular with These Simple Tricks


Each booth in a row, each with a standee competing for attention—this is something we have all witnessed. But what steps can you take to make sure yours is appealing and captivating rather than just existing? We’ll discover that the standee can be a powerful storyteller as we explore smart negative space use and visuals suitable with varied systems. Now is the moment to demolish the norm, transcend the commonplace, and empower your standee with the kind of charisma that draws attention and ignites conversation. So buckle up because we’re going to reveal the easy yet effective strategies that will turn your exhibition standee into a breathtaking show that will stick in the minds of all who see it.

Guidelines for Effectively Utilising Negative Areas in Exhibition Designs

Greetings, fellow exhibitors and design enthusiasts! In the pulsating world of exhibitions, where every inch of your standee matters, mastering the art of negative space can make or break your visual impact. Join us as we unravel the secrets of effectively utilising hostile areas in exhibition designs and turn your standee into a beacon of creativity.

1. The Power of Simplicity: Letting Your Message Breathe

Picture this: You’re strolling through an exhibition hall, and a standee catches your eye amidst the visual cacophony. Why? It’s not drowning in a sea of details. It breathes – allowing the core message to resonate without overwhelming your senses. So, how do you achieve this harmonious simplicity? Strip away the excess, declutter your standee, and let your message take centre stage. Embrace negative space as the canvas where your ideas can dance freely, unburdened by unnecessary distractions. Note: Ever considered that less could indeed be more? What core message do you want your audience to absorb, unencumbered by visual noise?

2. Strategic Placement: The Art of Guiding the Viewer

Negative space isn’t just about what’s absent; it’s about where it’s missing. Think of your standee as a visual story, and negative space as the punctuation that guides the viewer through each chapter. Strategic placement is the roadmap that ensures your audience embarks on the intended journey. Consider this analogy: Imagine reading a book without paragraphs or punctuation. Chaotic, right? The same applies to your standee. Guide your audience’s gaze with purposeful blank spaces. Create emphasis, highlight key elements, and lead your viewers through a curated visual experience. Note: Your standee is a storyteller, and negative space is the silent narrator. How can you strategically place pauses to enhance the narrative flow of your exhibition story?

3. Colour Psychology: Painting Emotions with Negative Space

Colours are the emotional palette of your standee, and negative space is the canvas on which they paint—have you ever wondered why a predominantly white standee with vibrant accents feels inviting? Colour psychology at play. Harness the emotions tied to colours and use negative space to amplify their impact. A white canvas with well-placed bursts of colour exudes openness and sophistication. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an emotional connection with your audience through visual cues. Note: Colours are the language of your standee. How can you use negative space to let that language speak eloquently and resonate with your audience’s emotions?

4. Typography: The Silent Conductor in the Symphony of Design

Fonts are the unsung heroes of your standee, and negative space gives them the stage to shine. Selecting the right fonts is like casting actors for a play – each with a role to play in conveying your brand personality. Typography matters because it’s not just about what you say but how you say it. Negative space allows your fonts to breathe, enhancing legibility and ensuring your message is heard loudly and clearly. Choose fonts that align with your brand, and let them command attention in the spotlight of negative space. Note: Fonts are like actors on a stage. How can you give them enough negative space to perform their roles effectively, ensuring your message is delivered with clarity and impact?

5. Harmony in Negative Space: Balancing Act

Negative space isn’t just about creating empty pockets; it’s about achieving a delicate equilibrium. Imagine a standee with too much negative space – it might feel sparse and disconnected. On the other hand, too little negative space can lead to visual chaos. Strive for a harmonious balance, allowing your elements to coexist and creating a visually appealing composition. Experiment with different ratios of positive to negative space until you find the sweet spot that resonates with your brand and captivates your audience. Note: How can you strike the perfect balance between elements and negative space to achieve a harmonious design that captures attention without overwhelming it?

6. Negative Space as an Active Element: Shaping Perception

Challenge the traditional notion of negative space as a passive backdrop. Instead, treat it as an active player in your design strategy. Negative space can shape perception, directing focus and influencing how your audience interprets your message. Consider negative space as the director’s spotlight, illuminating the leading actor (your core message) while dimming the unnecessary background noise. This intentional use of negative space turns it into a powerful tool for shaping the narrative of your exhibition standee. Note: In the design theatre, how can you choreograph negative space to actively guide the viewer’s gaze and influence their perception of your brand?

7. Cohesive Storytelling: Unifying Elements with Negative Space

Your standee is not a mere collection of graphics; it’s a storytelling platform. Use negative space as the glue that binds different elements into a cohesive narrative. Each blank area should serve a purpose, connecting the visual dots and contributing to the overarching story. Think of negative space as the punctuation marks in your visual sentence. Commas for pauses, periods for conclusions – each strategically placed to enhance the readability and flow of your exhibition story. Note: How can you use negative space to weave a seamless narrative, ensuring that every element contributes to the cohesive storytelling of your brand?

8. Iterative Design: Embracing Evolution

Design is a journey, not a destination. Like your brand, your expo and fair standee should evolve and adapt over time. Embrace the concept of iterative design, where negative space becomes the playground for continuous refinement. Allow for flexibility in your design, enabling easy adjustments to negative space based on feedback, changing trends, or evolving brand strategies. An iterative approach ensures that your standee remains fresh and relevant, standing the test of time in the dynamic exhibitions landscape. Note: How can you incorporate iterative design principles into your approach, using negative space as a tool for continuous improvement and adaptation? So, the magic of negative space lies in its ability to elevate your standee from a mere display to a visual symphony. Embrace simplicity, strategically guide your audience’s gaze, play with colours, and let your fonts dance on the canvas of negative space. Stay tuned for more insights as we continue our journey into the intricacies of turning your expo standee from mundane to marvellous.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Ambition and Strategic Planning

In this section, we unravel the dynamic dance between unyielding ambition and strategic planning, where your exhibition standee transforms into a ship guided by a unique value proposition, navigates with the compass of audience connection, and hoists the sails of technological innovation. Join us as we chart the course to expo success!

  • Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition

Imagine your expo stand as a star in the vast night sky of the business world. It needs its own constellation – a unique value proposition to shine truly. Without a distinct offering that sets your brand apart, Ambition is like a lone star lost in the celestial expanse. Craft a value proposition that captures attention and guides your expo presence with purpose.

  • Illuminate Your Uniqueness

Your exhibition stand is not just a physical space; it’s a canvas for telling your brand story. What makes your products or services exceptional? Is it an innovative feature, a commitment to sustainability, or an unbeatable price point? Illuminate these aspects to create a beacon that attracts curious attendees like moths to a flame.

  • Align Ambition with Authenticity

Ambition without authenticity is like a comet with a short-lived tail. Ensure that your expo stand authentically represents your brand values. If you want to be a leader in eco-friendly solutions, let your booth materials and practices reflect this commitment. Authenticity builds trust, and trust is the currency of long-lasting relationships.

  • The Compass Guiding Expo Engagement

A fair stand without a keen understanding of its audience is like a ship navigating without a compass. You must know who is sailing into your booth to make waves at the fair. Conduct thorough research to unveil your target audience’s demographics, preferences, and pain points. Armed with this knowledge, tailor your expo strategy to resonate with them.

  • Map Out Attendee Personas

Think of your target audience as characters in an adventure novel. Create detailed personas outlining their challenges, desires, and preferences. It allows you to customise your expo messaging and engagement strategies, ensuring each attendee feels like the protagonist of their brand journey.

  • Speak Their Language

Just as a sailor must speak the language of the sea, your expo messaging should resonate with your audience. Avoid industry jargon and corporate-speak; instead, communicate in a way that is relatable and accessible. Whether through compelling visuals or straightforward language, speak the language of your audience to forge a connection.

  • Leveraging Top Technology for Engagement

Technology can be your exhibition stand’s secret weapon in a world where attention spans are shorter than ever. Imagine your booth as a digital oasis in the midst of a traditional fair. Embrace technology not for its own sake but as a means to enhance engagement and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

  • Create Interactive Experiences

Transform your exhibition stand into an interactive playground. Utilise touch-screen displays, augmented reality, or virtual reality experiences that captivate and entertain. Whether it’s a virtual tour of your production process or a gamified product demonstration, interactive experiences make your booth memorable.

  • Facilitate Seamless Connectivity

Ensure that your expo stand is a hub of seamless communication. Implement QR codes for easy access to digital content, set up charging stations for attendees to power up their devices, and leverage social media platforms to extend the reach of your expo presence. Your exhibition stand should be no exception in a world where everyone is connected.

  • Honesty in Marketing Claims

Ambition should never compromise integrity. Ensure that your exhibition stand’s marketing claims and promises are honest and achievable. Misleading attendees may provide short-term gains but can tarnish your brand reputation in the long run. Ambition and transparency build credibility – an invaluable asset in the competitive expo landscape. Let your expo stand as a vessel that not only withstands the currents of competition but also charts a course for new horizons. The fair is your ocean of opportunity – navigate it with ambition, guided by the strategic planning that ensures your stand shines brightest in the crowded celestial display of business.

The Value of Creating Visuals That Are Compatible with Multiple Systems

Each event it attends is a new destination, and each display system is a different language. Now, picture this versatile traveller seamlessly blending in, conversing fluently with every audience it encounters. This magic happens when your visuals are compatible with multiple systems – a value that extends far beyond mere adaptability.

– Unlocking the Language of Versatility:

In the dynamic world of exhibitions, adaptability is the universal language that bridges the gap between traditional banners and cutting-edge digital displays. Your standee, armed with visuals designed for compatibility, becomes a polyglot, effortlessly translating its message across various mediums. The question arises: Why limit your narrative to a single dialect when your brand can speak the language of versatility? Crafting visuals that transcend the boundaries of display systems unlocks a world of possibilities, ensuring your message resonates regardless of the stage it graces.

– Dynamic Content: A Dance of Light and Motion:

In the era of digital dominance, static displays are akin to a silent movie in a world of surround sound. Dynamic content, on the other hand, is the lively choreography that captivates the audience’s attention. Imagine your standee as a performer on a digital stage, waltzing through the screens with motion graphics, interactive elements, and a compelling storyline. Ask yourself: Is your brand ready to dance in the spotlight? Dynamic content adds a modern touch and engages the audience in an evolving narrative. The difference between a static painting and a vibrant masterpiece leaves an indelible impression.

– Enhanced Visibility Across Platforms:

In the sprawling landscape of an exhibition, your standee faces an uphill battle for visibility. Visuals tailored for compatibility are the beacon that guides wandering eyes to your booth. Think of it as a lighthouse, cutting through the visual noise and directing attention to your brand. Consider this: A well-crafted visual can be the North Star for attendees navigating the exhibition sea, whether on a traditional banner or a digital screen. Compatibility ensures that your brand remains visible, regardless of the medium, creating a magnetic pull that draws visitors to explore what you offer.

– Future-Proofing Your Brand:

In the swiftly evolving tech-centric world, tomorrow’s display systems are a mystery waiting to unfold. Crafting visuals with an eye on compatibility is akin to future-proofing your brand against the unknown. Your standee becomes a resilient time traveller, seamlessly adapting to the ever-changing exhibition landscape. Think of it as investing in a timeless wardrobe rather than fleeting fashion trends. Visual compatibility ensures your brand remains relevant, regardless of technological shifts or design preferences. It’s an insurance policy against obsolescence, keeping your brand ahead of the curve.

– Seamless Integration of Brand Storytelling:

Your brand has a story to tell – a narrative that goes beyond products and services. Visuals designed for compatibility are the storyteller’s tools, seamlessly integrating your brand narrative into the visual fabric of different systems. Imagine your standee as a novel with chapters unfolding on various platforms. Compatibility ensures a smooth transition between these chapters, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for your audience. It’s the difference between a fragmented narrative and a captivating story that unfolds seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression.

Cross-Platform Engagement:

Exhibitions are not solitary islands but interconnected ecosystems where cross-platform engagement is the influence currency. Visual compatibility transforms your standee into a social butterfly, engaging with attendees across diverse mediums effortlessly. Consider this: Your brand is a conversation starter, and every platform is a different room in the exhibition mansion. Compatibility ensures that your standee can mingle in each room, sparking conversations and building connections. It’s the art of being present and engaged on every platform, maximising your brand’s reach and impact. So, the value of creating visuals compatible with multiple systems extends beyond adaptability; it is a strategic investment in the language of versatility, consistency, dynamism, and adaptability. Your standee, designed to converse with different display systems fluently, becomes a storytelling polyglot, resonating with audiences across various mediums.


You need more than just your exhibition standee to be a background at an exhibition; it must be the main attraction. Your business may create a compelling story that connects with each visitor by utilising negative space and ensuring it works with various systems. Congratulations, it is now your moment to shine on the stage of the show.  Use these tips to turn the ordinary into the remarkable and see how your brand becomes the talk of the town. Partner with SOL GmbH, your doorway to creative exhibition solutions, for a smooth transfer from idea to creation.

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