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Amazing Exhibition Stands

We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Top Exhibition Stands

Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

Building amazing exhibition stand can be a tremendous boon for your company or business. The first step to a successful exhibition is to have the best stand design. Read the complete guide on how to come up with an awesome exhibition stand.

Complete Guide to Building Amazing Exhibition Stands during 2021 Exhibition Show

Building an amazing exhibition stand at the show can make a big difference to your overall success during the 2021 exhibition show. Here is a complete guide to amazing exhibition stands.

Research your Options

Once you have your aim and budget set, you can start a detailed exhibition show research. To make the process easier, you can categorize your possible list of shows by country, date, industry, size, or price. Only think about shows that you can afford and do away with those that are above your budget. 

Consider large industry shows and smaller local events. Make sure you learn how each show will contribute to your goals and gather as much information as possible, including previous participants, demographics, attendee numbers, and show statistics. 

Some questions you need to research answers for are: are we familiar with the city and venue? Can we afford this expo? How big is the expo? Who is attending? What industry does it target?

Consider Your Stand’s Location

When you do register to exhibit at a expo, you might be given the option to reserve a stand location. They are normally reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

It is good that you do reserve a spot, though, as you can then try to pick out the best location to showcase your company. Ideally, you are supposed to be somewhere you will get a lot of foot traffic. That way, you are maximizing the number of potential customers who will see your amazing exhibition stands. 

Stand Space

The space of the stand can control the length of your expo design, and it is your budget and aim that will decide the floor size of your stand space.

First, you need to ask yourself why you need particular floor space and wall space in an exhibition.  The most common space for which exhibitors need good explanations to set up an exhibition stand is the meeting room, storage area, lounge area, reception counter, and shelves for product displays.

Ensure you know that a single product display needs lesser space.  Booking your stand in advance or once the current show end, as it provides you with multiple options and a chance to book your floor space at a cheaper rate.

Stand Builders

The whole process of looking for a better expo stand might be overwhelming. This is because there are several exhibition stand designers and all of them are always ready to give reasons why they offer the best stands. 

So what should you look for in an exhibition stand builder? The best builders should be experienced, reputable, and be ready to offer amazing exhibition stands. This is the only way you can be guaranteed a quality, good and original exhibition stand.

Complete a Practice Setup Run

Waiting until the day of the exhibition show to set up your display stand is a bad idea. Ensure you complete at least one practice run on your own or with your staff. You should also do this when the package arrives to make sure that no parts are damaged or missing.

Product Samples

The highlight of your stand should always be the products. Display your products with price tags that are clearly visible so stand attendees don’t a hard time looking for them while making a decision. Make your products as presentable because aesthetics matter.


A consistent brand identity helps people gain confidence in your company and form stronger relationships. If a business does not already have a brand identity, you can look for the best exhibition company to help you with that.

Before building your stand, the designers need to consult with you to determine event objectives and messages they want to pass on. This would help your brand gain awareness and realize the business’s core values, product launch, or any demonstration, keeping the objective to automatically give a positive insight of your brand for passers-by in mind.

The stand will need bold strong graphics to catch visitor’s attention. Amazing exhibition stands should not look too busy so that they can turn away attendees. To make a lasting impression, ensure the stand reflects the company and use stunning and excellent images.

Your exhibition stand is a representation of your brand. Make sure that the time and money you invest in creating it gives the required return by designing an attractive exhibition stand booth.

Happy Exhibition!

Lighting Up the Show: Illuminating Strategies for Amazing Exhibition Stands

Think of exhibitions as a major stage where you can shine. You have a chance to stand out, enthral, and make an impact that lasts on the hearts and minds of individuals who are exploring the crowded halls. Here, we’ll not only walk you through the principles of creating amazing stands, but we’ll also spark your creativity with original ideas.

We’ll look into how perception is affected by light, go into the complex world of colour theory to make sure your brand’s genuine spirit comes through, and show you the fascinating world of interactive lighting. But we won’t stop there; in addition, we’ll offer priceless advice on setup and adaptation from the industry’s greatest masters.

So have a seat as we set out on a trip to illuminate your booth and turn it into a success- and creativity-driven beacon. Bring your brand’s idea to life by learning the magic of “amazing exhibition stands“!

The Psychology of Light: How Different Lighting of Amazing Exhibition Stands Influences Perception

Lights, camera, action! When creating unique stands, lighting is your secret weapon. It’s not just about illuminating your space; it’s about setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. In this section, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of how different lighting influences perception and why it’s crucial for making your expo or fair stand truly amazing.

  • Setting the Mood with Lighting

Imagine walking into an expo or fair, and your first impression is a warm, inviting glow. You instantly feel at ease, right? That’s the magic of setting the right mood with lighting. The kind of lighting you choose can shape how people feel when they approach your stand.

Tip: If you want to create a sense of comfort and relaxation, go for warm, soft lighting. It can make your space feel cosy and welcoming. On the flip side, if you want to energise and excite your audience, bright, dynamic lighting is the way to go. It’ll keep them engaged and excited about what you have to offer.

  • Highlighting Key Points

Think about your favourite celebrity walking down the red carpet. They’re surrounded by flashbulbs, creating a spotlight effect that draws all eyes to them. Now, imagine using the same concept to create a spotlight on your fantastic exhibition stand.

Tip: Strategically placed lights can do wonders in drawing attention to specific areas of your stand. You can use spotlights to illuminate your star products, effectively making them the centre of attention. Why? Because our eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest point in a room. By creating a focal point with lighting, you’re guiding your visitors’ gaze where you want it to go.

  • Creating Depth and Dimension

Light is more than just brightness; it’s about creating depth and dimension. A flat, one-dimensional space doesn’t leave a lasting impression. The use of shadows and contrasts is like adding a dash of spice to your visual recipe.

Tip: Experiment with uplighting and downlighting to add depth and intrigue. For example, uplighting can make your products appear larger than life, while downlighting can create dramatic shadows. Combining both techniques can make your stand feel three-dimensional and captivating.

The bottom line? The psychology of light is all about harnessing the power of illumination to influence how your visitors feel and what they remember. So, as you set up your stand, remember that the proper lighting can transform your space into an unforgettable experience for everyone who walks through.

Colour Theory: Choosing The Right Hues of Amazing Exhibition Stands For Your Brand

Colour is not just a visual element; it’s a powerful communicator of emotions and ideas. In the world of amazing exhibition stands, choosing the right colours can make or break your display. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of colour theory and how it can help you create an unforgettable presence at expos and fairs.

Understanding Colour Psychology

Let’s start by uncovering the magic of colour psychology. Colours are more than just eye candy; they have the power to influence emotions and perceptions. When it comes to fantastic stands, this knowledge is a game-changer.

  • The Power of Red: Picture this: a passionate, dynamic, and energetic brand. If this sounds like your brand, consider incorporating the colour red. It’s bold and grabs attention, making it perfect for attracting expo-goers to your stand.
  • Trust in Blue: For brands that aim to convey trust, reliability, and professionalism, blue is your go-to colour. It’s calming and reassuring, evoking feelings of security. Imagine the sense of trust you can build with potential clients under the cool blue glow of your space.
  • The Warmth of Yellow: If your brand radiates positivity, happiness, and optimism, think about embracing the warmth of yellow. Yellow is like a ray of sunshine and can create a welcoming atmosphere that brightens up your fair or expo booth.
  • Cool and Professional with Gray: Gray may not seem exciting, but it exudes a sense of formality and professionalism. If your brand focuses on sleek, modern, and minimalist vibes, grey can be a fantastic background colour, allowing your products to shine.

Playing with Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is an essential aspect of lighting design. You can think of it as the warmth or coolness of a colour. In the world of lighting, colours are often described as “warm” or “cool.”

  • Warm Colours: These are colours like reds, oranges, and yellows. They create a cosy, inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for brands aiming to make visitors feel at home or evoke a sense of nostalgia.
  • Cool Colours: Blues, purples, and greens are cooler hues. They bring a sense of freshness and professionalism. If your brand wants to be perceived as modern and cutting-edge, cooler colours might be the way to go.

Consider how these colour temperatures can be incorporated into your lighting. Warm lights can make your booth feel like a friendly gathering space, while cool lights can create a futuristic, high-tech vibe.

Balancing Brand Colours: The Symphony of Hues

Your brand has its own colour palette, and it’s essential to integrate these colours harmoniously into your expo stand. Imagine your brand colours as the lead instruments in your orchestra, guiding the overall performance.

  • Dominant Colour: This is your brand’s primary colour, the star of the show. Make it the central theme of your expo stand’s colour scheme.
  • Accent Colors: Complement your dominant colour with a palette of supporting hues. These accents should enhance and amplify your message.
  • Neutral Colours: Think of these as the background music, setting the stage for your brand’s colours to shine. Neutrals like white, grey, and black provide a balanced backdrop.

Remember, an expo stand that is overwhelming with too many colours can be chaotic. Keep your colour palette harmonious and balanced, like a beautifully composed piece of music.

Interactive Lighting: Engaging the Audience through Responsive & Amazing Exhibition Stands

Your journey to creating fantastic stands takes an exciting twist when you embrace the magic of interactive lighting. It’s not just about illuminating your booth; it’s about captivating your audience, telling your story, and leaving them in awe. Let’s dive into the world of interactive lighting and discover how it can elevate your expo or fair presence.

1. The Power of Dynamic Lighting

Imagine your exhibition stand is alive with colours that change, dance, and pulse to the beat of your brand’s rhythm. Dynamic lighting is the secret sauce that adds a touch of magic to your booth. It doesn’t just attract attention; it keeps it. 

With the ability to transform your lighting on the fly, you can create a magnetic draw for curious expo-goers. This dynamism infuses your booth with energy and excitement, making it an unforgettable stop on the expo floor.

2. Interactive Elements: The Gateway to Immersion

Lights that react to the touch move with visitors, or respond to their actions are your passport to the world of immersion. Imagine a wall of lights that changes patterns when touched, inviting people to interact and engage. 

It not only tells your brand’s story but also creates memorable experiences. In an era where digital technology reigns supreme, interactive lighting brings a sense of wonder, evoking emotions and leaving an indelible mark on fair attendees.

3. Bringing Technology Trends to Your Stand

Stay at the cutting edge by incorporating the latest tech trends into your interactive lighting. Holographic displays, 3D projections, and augmented reality can turn your booth into a futuristic spectacle. Interactive lighting is your story’s dynamic narrator. 

It allows you to communicate your brand’s values, history, and vision in a captivating way. These innovations take visitors on an immersive journey where they can explore, learn, and be amazed. Your booth becomes a destination, a place where people not only see your brand but also experience it.

4. Maximising Engagement, Minimising Boredom

At expos and fairs, attendees are bombarded with a sea of visual stimuli. Your stand must stand out, and interactive lighting is the key. As visitors engage with your booth, they become part of your narrative, forging a connection that goes beyond a simple handshake.

It doesn’t just attract attention; it sustains it, ensuring that the people who step into your booth have an experience they’ll rave about. By offering an interactive and visually stimulating environment, you can turn casual passersby into engaged participants.

Let your lighting tell your brand story and turn your space into an unforgettable journey. When you do, you’ll leave your audience in awe and ensure your booth is the one they remember long after the expo or fair has ended. It’s time to illuminate the way to your success!

On-Site Setup of Amazing Exhibition Stands: Tips for Properly Installing and Testing Your Lighting

The day of the expo or fair is fast approaching, and it’s your time to shine! You’ve put so much thought and effort into creating amazing exhibition stands, and now it’s time to make sure your lighting is perfect. Here are some tips to ensure that your lighting not only looks fantastic but also works flawlessly when the doors swing open.

  • Plan and Test in Advance

Preparation is the key to success. As you approach the expo or fair date, make sure you’ve planned and tested your lighting scheme well in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute! You want to avoid being in a mad rush, trying to figure out your lighting setup when you should be greeting visitors.

Start by double-checking all your equipment. Ensure that you have all the necessary bulbs, fixtures, and power sources. It’s a good idea to have spare bulbs and batteries on hand. The last thing you want is to be caught in the dark because of a blown bulb or dead battery.

  • Positioning Lights

Lighting is not just about what you see but also what you don’t see. The positioning of your lights is crucial. You want to create a magical ambience without giving away the secret source of your brilliance. Think about hiding your lights so visitors are drawn to the captivating effects they make, not the light bulbs themselves.

Also, consider the angles. Lights should not cause glare or disrupt the overall look of your stand. Play around with the positioning before the expo or fair to find the perfect balance.

  • Power Management

You want to avoid tripping over cords or worrying about the power sources during your expo or fair. Plan your power needs and have a strategy for managing cords and power sources. Keeping things tidy and well-organised not only makes your stand safer but also ensures that the visual appeal remains intact.

Consider using cable management systems to keep wires out of sight and prevent accidents. The last thing you want is for a visitor to accidentally disconnect your lighting setup. Remember, a well-thought-out power management plan can make the difference between a smooth, fantastic exhibition stand and a chaotic mess of wires and cords.

So, there you have it. Planning, positioning, and power management are the keys to a successful lighting setup on the day of your expo or fair. Make sure to leave these crucial elements to chance; make sure they are part of your comprehensive plan to create a fantastic stand that will dazzle your visitors and make a lasting impression.

Adaptive Lighting Solutions for Amazing Exhibition Stands: Preparing for an Ever-Changing Exhibition Landscape

Creating unique expo stands isn’t just about the here and now; it’s about anticipating the ever-changing expo and fair landscape. To ensure your brilliance shines consistently, you must be ready to adapt to different scenarios and challenges. This section will guide you through the essential elements of adaptive lighting solutions.

Versatile Lighting Options

When it comes to amazing exhibition stands, one size rarely fits all. Different expos and fairs might present you with various booth sizes and layouts. To tackle this, consider versatile lighting solutions that can adapt to any space:

  • Track Lighting: These adjustable fixtures can be moved along a track to illuminate various areas of your stand. You can reposition them to emphasise different products or brand messages.
  • Portable Spotlights: Compact and easy to move, portable spotlights can be positioned strategically to highlight specific elements of your booth. They’re a great choice if you anticipate changes in your booth layout.
  • Multi-Directional Lights: Lights with adjustable heads can be directed precisely where you need them. Whether it’s lighting up a product display or creating ambient illumination, these lights offer flexibility.

Battery-Powered Lights

One of the most common challenges at expos and fairs is access to power outlets. Your dream spot might come with challenging access to electricity, and lugging around extension cords can be a hassle. Here’s where battery-powered lights come to the rescue:

  • Cordless Freedom: Battery-powered lights eliminate the need for cumbersome chords. You can position them wherever you want without worrying about trip hazards or awkward cable management.
  • Quick Setup: Setting up battery-powered lights is a breeze. They’re perfect for those moments when you have limited time for booth preparation. Snap them in place, and you’re ready to impress your audience.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many battery-powered lights are designed to be energy-efficient, so you don’t have to fret about constant battery replacements. Some can last through an entire expo with a single set of batteries.

Lighting Control Systems

The ability to adjust your lighting on the fly is a game-changer when it comes to creating amazing exhibition stands. Lighting control systems offer the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions:

  • Mood Management: Lighting control systems allow you to alter the atmosphere of your booth with a simple touch. Whether it’s shifting from a bright, welcoming ambience during the day to a cosy, intimate feel in the evening, you’re in control.
  • Foot Traffic Flow: As the expo progresses, the flow of visitors can change. Lighting control systems enable you to adjust the lighting to guide the crowd and draw attention to different areas of your stand as needed.
  • Dynamic Effects: If your brand message evolves or you want to create a sense of motion and excitement, these systems can help. You can program dynamic light sequences that mesmerise your audience.


The art of illumination isn’t merely about casting light but crafting experiences that resonate with your audience. Remember, in this world of constant change, adaptability is your ally. Stay open to the latest lighting technologies and seek the guidance of experts who can help your brand shine even brighter.

With SOL GmbH, you can access a world of possibilities that will not only illuminate your exhibition but also leave an indelible mark on your audience. Discover the endless possibilities with SOL GmbH and make your next expo a resounding success!

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