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Exhibition Stand Builders

We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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Top Exhibition Stand Builders

As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Best Exhibition Stand Builders

Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.



Mere participation in expos or fairs will not fetch you returns that are value for your money. 

You need to make a compelling presence that will leave a lasting impact on the audience including potential customers’ as well as potential partners. 

This is where a well-designed exhibition stand can make all the difference between success and failure. But the problem is a well-designed exhibition stand cannot be created overnight nor is it an easy task. 

To make it happen, you need to work with established and professional exhibition stand builders. This will help to create an exhibition stand that will stand out from the crowd; and make your brand shine at the exhibition show.

When it comes to such exhibition stand builders, there are fewer better names in the market than SOL GmbH.


SOL GmbH is a well-established large format exhibition company and a complete one-stop shop for end-to-end exhibition solutions that helps to assist various companies across industries in organizing events and exhibitions; and providing proven expertise as a brand consultant. 

With HQ in Mumbai, India, and offices in Europe and the USA, SOL GmbH is a complete package of custom stand builders and designers with the ability to create a diverse variety of exhibition and event promotion stands, including innovative stall designs for conventions and conferences, exhibitions and portable stands for brand activation and promotion. 



  • Has over a decade’s experience in a diverse spectrum of exhibition and event activities, including brand promotion and activation.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of services for all kinds of exhibition stands from extremely complex exhibition stand designs to small display kits, in any part of the world. Additionally, the services range also covers services in advertising and digital marketing with a focus on BTL platform for brand development and marketing.
  • Has a global team of over 50 skilled professionals adept in providing a brand experience that will be effective in terms of ROI.
  • Has a client-centric approach when building and designing exhibition stands, whether it’s customized or modular or portable, for conferences and exhibitions.
  • Maintains continual emphasis on the culture of innovation driven by creativity and adaptability. This has helped to produce several one-of-a-kind exhibition stands that make people stop on their tracks.
  • Has maintained a flawless and impeccable track record for over a decade with several prestigious companies across the globe including India as clients. 

With SOL GmbH, you can stay assured of healthy returns on your investment, always. 


When you choose SOL GmbH, you get to extract maximum benefits that come with working with expert exhibition stand builders.



Sol GmbH has been in the industry for over a decade now. This makes it one of the most experienced players in the industry that can be relied upon to translate your requirement into reality. 

Additionally, its extensive experience in the industry has allowed it to 

  • Have deep understanding of the industry and stay well-conversant with the nature of the industry, how it works and what makes it work. 
  • Stay conversant with the latest of trends in the industry; what is trending and what has become obsolete. Like for instance, the latest in cutting-edge technologies, materials, lighting techniques, etc. 
  • Acquire a vast network of industry contacts, including prominent vendors, suppliers’, dealers, contractors, etc. This allows it to source the latest of best quality technologies, materials, and other inter-related aspects for building the exhibition stands.

In addition, it also possesses strong expertise in the varied areas of exhibition stand manufacture and making; and can expertly tailor it to your company’s branding and messaging themes. This will help your exhibition stand to be customized to your requirements in a way that will make it a stand out in the crowd at the show. Eventually, your exhibition stand will be able to attract the right audience that matters and grab attention at expos and fairs.


At expos and fais, it is critical to get your offerings, that is, products/services, in front of the target-audience. This way, you will get an opportunity to reach out to them; start conversations and interact with them; build concrete leads; and eventually, facilitate conversions to attract new sales. 

Having been in the industry for long, SOL GmbH understands that every company will have its own unique requirements and as such needs to be provided customized solutions that cater to its specific needs.

Working closely with your team, SOL GmbH team of builders will work to study the nature of your business; and what it stands for and what its purpose is. Then based on the inputs gathered, will develop a custom design that aligns with your brand profile; reflects your company goals, values, offerings; and aspirations of your target audience; and complements your marketing strategy. The whole approach will be to produce an exhibition stand design that creates a lasting impact on the audience.


Aside from high quality solutions, you also stand to benefit from the expert guidance of an established exhibition stand builder like SOL GmbH, throughout the whole of the exhibition project period process.

As a professional stand builder, SOL GmbH can offer precious valued advice with strong support for a hassle-free project experience. 

You stand to benefit from 

  • Assistance and guidance to your team throughout the process from the initial stand design concept and finalization to stand installation and dismantling, transportation, storage, and more. An experienced project manager will closely with your team to ensure proper communication throughout the project phase, thereby keeping them in the loop while allowing them to focus on other matters that demand their attention more.
  • Innovative ideas and insights of experts which will only work to make your presence at the exhibition show a massive success. Like for instance, giving you the right promotional platform that effectively reflects your brand and gives it a unique halo; or helping to select appropriate colors to be infused in the stand design that exactly matches your corporate identity. This will help your brand to get noticed more by potential customers at the show.
  • Working out of the modalities including selecting the right stand size, layout, design and more. This will ensure that the exhibition stand will eventually effectively showcase your brand and offerings. 
  • Guidance on critical logistical issues like electrical and lighting, flooring, etc, pertaining to exhibition stand; and their compliance with local rules and safety standards.

By working with a professional exhibition stand builder like SOL GmbH, you can leverage its proven expertise and knowledge; and thereby get the benefit of cost-effective and visually appealing exhibition stand displays that will not only catch visitors’ attention at the exhibition but will also help to generate concrete quality leads and enhance awareness of your brand.

Investing in the capabilities of SOL GmbH will also help your company to make to make a standout impact at the exhibition and harvest maximum opportunities.


With experienced exhibition stand builders like SOL GmbH, you stand to benefit from valuable guidance in what is called as ‘nuts and bolts’ of exhibition works. Like for instance, making sure your exhibition stand structure meets laid down health and safety standards; and other such guidelines issued by the event organizers.

This in turn will ensure that your exhibition stand is 

  • Built and designed in line with the rules and regulations of the event.
  • Dismantled and re-erected as and when required.
  • Stored the right way along with associated equipment in the right storage space.

This way, you can adhere to the right guidelines and take part in the exhibition with confidence and at the same time, get more time to network with like-minded people connected with your industry and exhibition event.


When you invest in the capabilities of established exhibition stand builders like SOL GmbH, you stand to benefit from their proven expertise and experience to maximize the efficacy of your exhibition stand design thereby guaranteeing rich value for your investment.

Their team will work with your team to 

  • Learn about your company, its goals and objectives; products and services with their benefits; target-audience; and the purpose of your participation in the exhibition. The inputs gathered are used to design an exhibition stand that effectively portrays your brand identity; and disseminates your brand message to the audience. 
  • Ensure that the footprint of your exhibition stand covers every inch of the allocated booth space at the exhibition, beneficially.
  • Ensure your exhibition stand gives your company a professional and impactful presence at the exhibition. This will help to maximize your exhibition stand’s impact at the exhibition and extract maximum returns in the bargain. 

By working closely with your team, SOL GmbH’ team will help to save valuable time and prevent costly mistakes from occurring due to poor quality exhibition stand design.


Established exhibition stand builders like SOL GmbH are known to create versatile exhibition stands that offer multiple uses. A durable multi-purpose stand will give you economies of scale over time and help to save on money and time.

Like for instance, you can get an exhibition stand created with interactive elements that can be later used for other marketing promotional activities like foyer displays, etc. Similarly, you can get a banner stand printed that can later be integrated into your exhibition stand and used as a promotional tool.

SOL GmbH’ team is a close-knit one that works under a single roof to seamlessly handle every project. From stand design concept and design to installation, transportation, logistics, and more, they work the extra mile to deliver tailored solutions to ensure the success of your exhibition stand.

Having been in the industry for over a decade now, SOL GmbH has a complete understanding of the market dynamics and trends; and customer behavior trends. As a result, they can guide your company on how to effectively and properly communicate with your target-audience. This will work to enhance brand awareness; heighten your brand’s visibility across different segments of people; increase likelihood of brand recall; and ultimately, foster healthier business growth.  


Every year, around 48 percent of all expos worldwide take place in Europe. Add to this, some of the largest exhibition shows in the world are held in Europe, which has more than 500 exhibition venues well-spread across the continent. Top of it all, the expos attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. 

The potential benefits for generating an impact in Europe can be extremely high and beneficial in the long run. 

Now, if you’re looking to participate in an exhibition in Europe, you should know that Europe is a very tough and highly competitive market to crack and make an impression. 

People are extremely choosy with their compliments and are generally hard to please. Besides, the costs can also scale up higher due to logistics, travel, and accommodation. You also have to contend with language, customs, and culture barriers, as each country in Europe has its own unique language, customs, and culture. Furthermore, you also need to familiarize yourself with the local rules, regulations, guidelines, and show etiquettes.

So, how do you navigate through all of these challenges?

The best way to do it is to go with local exhibition stand builders across Europe with strong experience in handling diverse expos in Europe and well-acquainted with the local market and conditions.


Here are the best of tips to keep in mind when looking to select the best of exhibition stand builders in Europe.

The exhibition stand builder should be 


It is true that expertise and skill-sets matter the most when selecting exhibition stand builders.  

However, Europe is a diverse and complex continent with different cultures, traditions, ethicalities’, languages, lifestyles, and thought processes. Hence, it’s important to first look for exhibition stand builders who are familiar with local market conditions.

Hiring exhibition stand builders familiar with local conditions means you hire a source familiar with 


Select an exhibition stand builder who speaks local languages with a local lingo. They will be able to converse with local dealers, suppliers, and facilitators; understand the rules and regulations of local exhibitions; fill-up exhibition-related forms; and finalize all the requisite requirements and arrangements in connection with the exhibition stand for the exhibition. 

ON the other hand, if you select a stand builder who does not speak the local language and is not familiar with the local lingo, you may find it difficult to understand what the local person is saying or trying to convey. As a result, you may not be able to understand what the person is saying as a result of which you could miss out on certain important information. Additionally, you can also find it difficult to explain to the local organizers what you are looking for or what you want; and provide them the appropriate details.


When you are exhibiting in Europe, you need to adhere to the local rules and regulations. Like for instance, the health and safety laws pertaining to the construction of a temporary structure.

Overall, the conditions for exhibiting vary across Europe. Different countries within Europe have different kinds of audiences. To reach out to the local audience, you need to be familiar with the processes and procedures of each country in Europe. 

Selecting an exhibition stand builder familiar with local and national rules and regulations of the country will ensure that your selected choice 

  • Has an understanding of the culture and etiquette of the local event organizers as well as vendors and suppliers. 
  • Has a team that is well-trained with industry-specific concepts; and is in tune with the latest laws and legislations. 
  • Is familiar with what is permitted and what is not in the exhibition and country.
  • Will make it easy for you to comply with the guidelines relating to approvals like custom approvals, etc.
  • Will ensure that collaterals sent from your home country are processed in the right manner. This will help to guarantee a quick transit through customs and import processes across Europe.
  • Will make it easy to facilitate smooth movement of your goods through different countries across Europe.

When everything works out well, you will find it easy to reach out to the audience which can be critical especially if you are trying to launch new products in a new market or trying to gain foothold in a new market that caters to an entirely different segment of audience. 

When you hire local exhibition stand builders, you hire a source that is familiar with everything local in different places in the country. Like for instance, exhibition halls across the country; where they are located, and their size, accommodation capacity, accessibility to local vendors, logistical costs; and so on. They will have complete inside knowledge and contacts as well which will give you access to authentic knowledge about the local conditions.


When you invest your precious money and time in finding the best of exhibition stand builders in Europe, your goal should be to hire the best exhibition stand builder that is a full-service provider.

A full-service provider means an exhibition stand builder that 

  • Offers a comprehensive array of services under one single roof, that is, from exhibition planning to stand manufacture, installation and dismantling, transportation and storage, and so on,
  • Offers expert marketing strategy, based on an understanding of the demographic of the exhibition show’s visitors; and the kind of audience that the exhibition venue and show are likely to attract. Like every other events, an exhibition show too will present lots of opportunities in the form of advertising, sponsorships, competitions, etc, before, during, and after the exhibition show that can be leveraged with proper planning and strategy. This will help you to use appropriate marketing techniques to fuel footfall at your booth; generate strong leads; cultivate new business partnerships, etc. Eventually, you will be able to maximize your ROI (return on investment).
  • Uses online Project Management Tools. In the digital age of easy communication, it is vital that the exhibition stand builder knows how to use online project management tools considering that many people work on a project. An online project management tool will help to centrally store and manage information pertaining to customers, exhibition show, and venue; track design amendments and exhibition stand designs; provide approval and monitor group correspondence; etc; and avoid the loss or misplacement of precious information. 
  • Provides the services of project managers who are multi-lingual. Europe is a diverse continent with different languages, cultures, etc. Although English remains one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe, it is better if the exhibition stand builder offers you the services of a project manager who speaks local language; is well-conversant with the diverse spectrum of European venues and countries; and can communicate with every person in the supply chain. This will help to get things done most efficiently and smoothly in a stress-free manner, thereby ensuring a successful show.
  • Provides production space/warehouse. It is important that the exhibition stand builder provides a convenient quality production space/warehouse space for storing your exhibition stand and other co-related items; and ensuring proper level of control over the stand manufacturing process. This will help to ensure hassle-free stand manufacturing process; and better optimize your budget than your rival exhibitors.
  • Provides 24/7 Technical Support. During the exhibition, sudden issues can crop-up during the show. This can hamper your stand’s performance which in turn can dent your credibility at the exhibition. To prevent such incidents, it is important that the exhibition stand builder provides 24/7 technical support. This will make sure that the technical staff is available on the spot to quickly attend to unforeseen issues, and act with discretion, and without hesitation.

Hiring an exhibition stand builder with a reputation for guaranteeing excellence will not only help you to get the best possible solutions, but will also help you to garner the maximum possible benefits, and maintain a lid on your budget.


In Europe, there are strict laws regarding environmental protection. Violators’ are given exemplary punishment and heavily fined if they are found to flout any of the laws.

Hiring an exhibition stand builder located closely near the exhibition show venue is recommended. 

This will help to 

  • Cut down the amount of distance your exhibition stand needs to travel to and fro the venue. 
  • Reduce the amount of travel to and from hotels. The best hotels are generally located near the exhibition venue. This means you will get quick access to last-minute supplies; get emergency works done; find a place to eat out; and more. 
  • Easily reach major European cities. Most of the exhibition venues provide for quick access from one European city to another. 

All of these will help to cut down environmental pollution and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, it will also allow you to maintain control on your logistics and transportation costs; and keep your expenses well within your budget.


Experience and reputation matter a lot. Hence, when you look to select exhibition stand builders in Europe, consider their


It is always safe to hedge your bets on an exhibition stand builder who has been in the industry for a reasonable period of time; and is well-acquainted with different categories of businesses across industries.  

This will give you the assurance that you are investing in the right source who knows what needs to be done, is doing what is to be done, and can be relied upon to deliver top quality output.


Europe is a quality conscious market. People tend to value products or anything else in terms of high quality and safety.

Hence, ensure that the exhibition stand builder has a reputation for quality. A good example of quality would be the quality of materials used to build the exhibition stand. Your selected choice should be a source that does not compromise on the quality of the exhibition stand; has the benefit of knowing local suppliers and vendors who can provide high-quality raw materials at a reasonable price; and can be trusted upon to make quality exhibition stands that are reasonable priced.  


Portfolio speaks a lot about the works the exhibition stand builder has done and what kind of clients they have worked for. 

Hence, check out their website and look-up their portfolio. This will give you an insight into the kind of exhibition stands they have built in the past; help you understand the level of their creativity; and eventually help you know whether they can deliver the work you ask for.

Aside from portfolio, check their reviews as well. You can 

  • Find them online. This will help you to know what people and clients have to say about them; and how was their experience with the stand builder. 
  • Get to know from interacting with their clients, past and present, in-person. You will come to learn more about what they have to say about the stand builder.

Eventually, the inputs gathered will give you an idea of what to expect from the exhibition stand builder and whether they can be relied upon to undertake your project work.


Pricing is a dicey issue. But eventually it matters, especially if you happen to have a tight budget. Most of them look for a stand builder who can deliver the whole work well within their budget. 

At the same time, it must be understood that the cheapest price option will not always be the best option. The price quoted could be cheap in the initial stage, but can get pricier during the project stage and after it as well. This will eventually end-up inflating your budget.


The process of building of exhibition stand is complex and complicated. It requires huge investment of financial and human resources. Besides, every detail, big or small, that goes into the making of the exhibition stand needs to be looked into and carefully planned.  

Hiring European-based exhibition stand builders closer to the exhibition venues would be the best move.

You get a source that 

  • Understands your business; company’s objectives; and the significance of your exhibition stand at the exhibition and why it needs to make an impact at the exhibition;
  • Can help you to liaison with local event organizers and vendors better and more efficiently;  
  • Can manage your logistics; reduce labor/transportation/shipping costs; and above all, bring down your carbon footprint; 
  • Knows all about the local conditions and is familiar with all things local from rules to culture, etiquette, etc; & 
  • Offers you high-class storage area where you can safely and securely keep your exhibition stand; and be able to reuse them for future shows across Europe. 

Most importantly, you stand to benefit from the knowledge and knowhow of a source that has been in the industry for long and can be relied to provide the best exhibition stand design for the exhibition.

Eventually, you will be able to minimize your costs, and get the benefit of cost-effective solutions for maximum return on your budget.


When you participate in an exhibition show in Europe, it is advisable to opt for experienced local exhibition stand builders with industry-leading exhibition stand design and build team.  

This will ensure maximum return on your investment, with assurance of the highest standard quality, reliability, security, and safety. 

Why It’s Worth Hiring A Professional Exhibition Stand Builder In Europe?

Companies from across the world exhibiting in Europe often ask us whether or not they should hire a European contractor rather than continue working with the same local firm they have used for previous events. 

We’ve compiled a list of seven crucial considerations when choosing a stand-building partner and deciding to exhibit in Europe.



Choosing a design and construction firm that is geographically close to the location will reduce the time and money spent transporting your display stand. Knowing the city of the exhibition location has several benefits, including lowering your carbon footprint. The finest nearby hotels, restaurants, sources of last-minute supplies, emergency graphic design services, and more should all be included.


Identity’s location in the South East of England makes it convenient for the company to visit major European destinations like London and Paris in under two hours. Throughout the UK and Europe, we handle projects at all the major venues, so we are familiar with the ones you’re considering and can answer any questions about exhibiting there. 


It’s helpful to have local contacts who can answer any queries about setting up shop in a location or venue you’re unfamiliar with.



Ideally, you’d choose a co-exhibitor whose project managers can communicate with you in multiple languages. While English is still widely spoken throughout the continent, selecting a partner that can supply you with a project manager who knows the local language if your European portfolio includes venues and nations from across the continent is essential.


Identity recognizes the need for open lines of communication across the supply chain to complete a project successfully. The most effective and least stressful method to get things done is for everyone involved to speak the same language. This makes for a more streamlined production process and a better show overall. 



Health and safety regulations regarding the construction of temporary structures vary widely throughout Europe. Your selected partner must be familiar with the local event planners’ and crucial vendors’ norms and customs. Using a service provider inside the EU can streamline the process of obtaining necessary customs clearances and distributing your products throughout Europe.


Identity has years of expertise in constructing these requirements, and our staff stays current on new regulations via frequent industry-specific training. Many of our customers are based outside of the United States and depend on us to facilitate the smooth importation of any collateral they send from outside.



You can get the most out of your exhibition stand’s marketing budget if you take advantage of every possible promotion opportunity before, during, and after the show. Choose a collaborator familiar with the event’s target audience, the location, and the nature of the performance. Sponsorships, internet marketing, keynote speaking, in-booth technology, direct mail, contests, and much more will all be available to help you make the most of the event.


Technology integration, digital marketing for increased foot traffic, and lead generation during the event are all part of this. Our global clientele takes full advantage of our well-deserved reputation for exceptional service. Our package includes marketing consultation if this is your first time exhibiting in Europe.



Using a European-based contractor to show in Europe is not only the most cost-effective alternative but also helps you manage your carbon footprint and logistics. It is preferable to choose a partner inside the EU and close to the venues to cut down on transportation and labour expenses.


Tip: Make sure your partner of choice has enough space to keep your booth for future events.

Your next European exhibition can be smooth since Identity has 10,000m2 of secure storage space in the UK and additional storage in France and Germany (and beyond the EU) to preserve your stand and collateral in pristine shape until the event.

To ensure your brand is consistent and that you get the most out of your marketing investment, we can help you develop and manage a global campaign that works in tandem with any current design and delivery with other contractors you may have.



When choosing a European partner, it’s essential to look for one with a history of success in the industry and familiarity with the specific nations and events you’ll be visiting. And if they used to work at the same show you’re visiting, all the better; they can fill you in on all the tricks of the expo.



It’s crucial to team up with a exhibition participant using web-based project management software. Centralised storage and management of this data is especially critical in the age of ubiquitous email.


Utilising a web-based project management platform facilitates tracking design changes, providing permission, and keeping tabs on group communication. When there are many individuals contributing to a project, it may be easy for important information to be lost in the shuffle of emails and document modifications.


Essential Points You Must Know While Hiring A Professional Stand Builder In Europe

One of the essential parts of a successful exhibition or expo participation in Europe is the booth or stand. Your brand’s exposure and the number of prospective clients you attract may benefit from a properly planned and constructed display. It’s essential to engage a skilled stand builder to make your booth noticeable among the crowd.


If you’re in Europe and looking for a professional stand builder, take these factors into account.

  • Knowledge and Proven Track Record:


Experience is crucial while constructing a stand. Find a stand builder that has experience in European show stand design and construction. They should be well-versed in the field, up-to-date on industry trends, and able to conceptualise fresh looks that compliment your brand’s identity


  • References and Portfolio:


Insist that your stand builder show you examples of their prior work. You may judge their talents and the quality of their work based on this sample. In addition, you should check with previous customers for testimonials. 

Get in touch with professional exhibition stand builders in Europe to find out how they liked working with the stand designer. You may use this as a barometer of their competence, dependability, and popularity among their clientele.

  • Personalization and Ingenuity:


Your booth’s design and layout should accurately represent your business and entice passers-by to learn more. A skilled stand contractor should be able to modify the layout to meet your unique needs. They must go beyond the box and provide novel ideas to make your booth stand out.


  • Abilities in Managing Projects:


Organising the design, construction, logistics, and installation of a stand is just a few of the many responsibilities of a project manager. A professional stand builder should be adept in project management to guarantee everything goes off without a hitch. They should be able to coordinate the project’s logistics, keep to deadlines, and keep you in the loop.


  • High Standards for Construction and Detail:


Consider the quality of the builder’s materials carefully. The display must be robust and long-lasting to survive the wear and tear of an exhibition. Inquire about the building’s construction supplies, as well as any accessible branding possibilities and aesthetic customisations. A reliable stand contractor will work with you to find the ideal combination of price and quality in terms of materials and finishing.


  • Budget Factors to Think About:


Talk about costs with the booth manufacturer in advance. A reliable expert will work with you to develop an effective and affordable stand. They promise to be upfront with their prices and never add on unexpected fees. However, be wary of ridiculously low prices that might indicate the stand’s poor quality.


  • Added Facilities:

 Find out whether the stand constructor provides any extras like installation or maintenance. Services such as warehousing, shipping, on-site assistance, dismantling, and storage after the show may be included. Choosing a stand constructor offering these additional options will help you save energy, time, and money.

  • Adherence to Laws and Rules:


There are usually strict rules and restrictions to follow in European exhibitions. Make sure the booth builder is aware of and can follow these rules. Please comply to avoid fines or the removal of your booth from the exhibition.


  • Taking Into Account the Environment:


Today, more than ever, it is crucial to act sustainably. Find out whether the stand company cares about the environment and uses sustainable procedures and materials. Choosing a sustainable stand contractor shows that your company cares about the environment and is in line with consumer ideals.


  • Cooperation and Mutual Understanding:


Clear and consistent communication is the key to a successful collaboration with a stand builder. They should be quick to answer your questions, receptive to suggestions, and diligent in informing you of project progress. Find a standing company that welcomes your input and works to include it in the design.

What Criteria Should Be Used to Choose Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe?


Expos and exhibitions are great opportunities to introduce your business to a broader audience in your industry. A exhibition or expo is something with a well-designed display stand. It serves as a visual representation of your business or brand during the event and also psychologically impacts how attendees think of your brand, products, and services.

If you put in the time and effort, visitors to your exhibition will go away with a positive mental impression of your company. You should only work with exhibition stand builders that show a deep familiarity with your project’s goals, your company’s needs, and the significance of your exhibition display to your business. 


Finding the best exhibition company in Europe to handle the exposure process and dynamic synchronisation is crucial for generating favourable results from exhibitions.


  • Analyse Who You’re Serving


If you want to be sure the exhibition stand contractors you’re considering can deliver, asking for references from previous customers is a good idea. You may find exhibition stand contractors that fit your needs by reading internet evaluations and comments about them.


  • Making Sure There Aren’t Any Affiliates Or Subsidiaries

 Suppose you plan on exhibiting it more than once in various venues. Pick a exhibition booth company with connections in the places you want to exhibit. Working with an exhibition stand design firm with branches in many countries may be beneficial in the long run.

  • Verify If They Have Their Production Facilities


You could benefit much from the exhibition stands contractors’ in-house manufacturing unit if they have one. You may be confident that not only will your stand be of high quality, but it will also be delivered promptly.


  • Verify That Your Exhibition Stand Design Firm Provides End-to-End Support

 Choosing a company that can handle all aspects of your exhibition booth is ideal, from planning and design to manufacturing and logistics to setting up and breaking down your display. This can help you save a lot of money and make setting up your exhibit much easier.

  • Technical Support Available Around the Clock


Challenges and complications are inevitable, regardless of the experience level of your exhibition stand contractor or the complexity of your project. Your modular exhibition stands must have access to technical support in case of a problem so that it may be resolved promptly and inconspicuously.


  •  Check out the Location 

If you want to save on transportation costs, your exhibition stand builder should be near the venue. Transportation expenditures can eat into your budget if you don’t plan.


  • Professionals With Years of Experience Building Exhibition Stands


Hiring a professional exhibition stand builder is beneficial because of the expertise they bring to the table. They are well-versed in the conventions of exhibitions and can advise you on whether or not a particular design choice would be practical, such as when and how to implement lighting and other considerations. You are given the most effective stand once all the exhibition specifications have been detailed.

Why Working with a Professional Stand Builder In Europe Is Crucial to Success?

You need a custom display stand if your company uses exhibitions and exhibits as part of its marketing strategy.


Working with a bespoke exhibition stand builder is the best way to ensure your booth at the forthcoming event stands out. They have the knowledge, skills, and imagination to help you design a booth that will achieve your promotional goals. 


They will manage every aspect of your exhibition booth, from design and construction to logistics and planning.


A well-thought-out exhibition stand design is essential to the success of any gathering. It’s the thing that people at the convention will remember and use to find your booth. That’s why choosing an experienced bespoke exhibition stand designer who can create a dynamic and engaging display for your booth is crucial. They will utilise their knowledge and skills to provide a memorable brand experience for your site visitors.


Working together is essential when building a unique display for an exhibition. You and your design team need to communicate effectively for them to grasp your brand and marketing objectives. This will allow them to design a booth that perfectly fits your specifications. They plan on using modern tools and supplies to make a stand attractive and sturdy.


Working with a bespoke exhibition stand builder might help you stick to your financial plan. They will collaborate with you to come up with a plan that is both cost-effective and effective. The result will be a stand that is inexpensive and unique in design.


A one-stop shop bespoke exhibition stand manufacturer can handle everything from conceptualization to execution. Everything from delivery and set-up to breakdown and storage will be handled professionally. The heavy lifting often associated with setting up a exhibition booth is taken care of for you. They’ll take care of getting the appropriate licences and permissions, too, so you can rest easy knowing everything is done the right way.


Collaborating with a bespoke exhibition stand builder is a fantastic chance to produce a unique booth. They will use their knowledge and imagination to make your company and its goods shine. Working with a bespoke exhibition stand builder that can provide the outcomes you need is essential to make an impact at your next event.


A skilled European stand builder is an investment that may make or break your display. Taking into account the factors mentioned above will help you choose a stand constructor with the requisite expertise, imagination, project management abilities, and dedication to excellence. A professional-looking and well-designed booth may do wonders for your brand’s visibility and reputation.


A skilled European exhibition booth builder will also assist with dismantling and reassembling the booth as needed. They need to set up the stand and move and store it. Exposol, for instance, has all of these capabilities and more. We are the next best choice if you need a reliable European Exhibition Stand Builder.

How Exhibition Stand Builders In Europe Leading The Way In Eco-Friendly Stand Construction


Enter the exciting world of expos, where creative thinking flourishes. The eco-friendly revolution, which European exhibition stand builders are pioneering, is emerging within this sea of innovation. These individuals are innovators of change rather than merely builders, creating structures that dazzle the sight and embrace the globe. 

Imagine them as sustainability superheroes with energy-saving technical hammers and capes made of recycled materials. The conventional methods of building stands are being replaced by a more eco-friendly approach where modular designs dance to the beat of reusability, and smart lighting reveals a future driven by conscious decisions. 

In this article, we journeyed through the growing landscapes of environmentally friendly exhibits, where creativity and responsibility converge as exhibition stand builders in Europe set new standards.

The Green Wave: How Sustainability Became a Buzzword with Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe

A new star is blazing in the thriving world of expos, where innovation steals the show: sustainability. Exhibition stand builders in Europe are fervently embracing environmentally friendly practices, causing a significant revolution in the sector. Let’s explore how this green wave suddenly swept in and changed how people view expos.

  • A Sea Change in Mindset

Gone are the days when expos were about dazzling displays and high-tech gadgets. Today, there’s a palpable shift in mindset, a collective awakening to our actions’ impact on the environment. A growing understanding of climate change, resource depletion, and the urgent need for conservation has spurred this awakening. Exhibition stand builders in Europe have caught this wave with open arms.

  • Sustainability as a Guiding Light

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword anymore; it’s a guiding principle. Exhibitors and attendees alike are no longer content with flashy designs that leave a massive ecological footprint. They’re seeking something deeper – an experience that aligns with their values and reflects a commitment to the planet. Enter sustainable stands designed and constructed by forward-thinking builders who recognise the potential for change.

  • The Ripple Effect

This movement towards sustainability isn’t confined to the builders alone. Expo organisers are also stepping up, weaving eco-consciousness into the very fabric of their events. As one element of the expo ecosystem embraces sustainability, others are inspired to follow suit. This holistic shift is turning expos into platforms not just for business promotion but for meaningful conversations about the future of our planet.

  • Beyond the Surface

It’s not just about appearances. The rise of sustainable stands isn’t a mere cosmetic change; it’s a fundamental shift in perspective. Exhibition stand builders in Europe demonstrate that innovative designs and eco-friendliness aren’t mutually exclusive. The message is clear: sustainability can be integrated seamlessly into stunning creations, creating a win-win for both businesses and the environment.

The green wave swept through the expo industry is more than just a trend – it’s a paradigm shift. The rising tide of sustainability has illuminated the path towards a future where expos are not just showcases of innovation but also hubs of conscious consumerism and environmental responsibility.

Environmental Impact of Traditional Stand Construction: The Wake-up Call with Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe

When you enter a bustling expo, the grandeur and creativity of exhibition stands often steal the show. But have you ever considered what lies behind these captivating designs? It’s time for a reality check that exposes the environmental wake-up call that European exhibition stand builders are now addressing.

  • The Unseen Costs of Traditional Construction

Amid the awe-inspiring designs and the energy of expos, a hidden cost lurks beneath the surface. While visually impressive, traditional stand construction comes at a hefty environmental price. Plywood, plastics, and many non-biodegradable materials dominate the creation process. Often discarded after a single use, these materials contribute to landfill waste and a substantial carbon footprint.

  • The Shocking Carbon Footprint

Think about it: every piece of plywood, every plastic sheet, every metal strut – they all add up. The carbon footprint of a single expo can be staggering when you consider the cumulative impact of all the exhibition stand builders in Europe. This impact goes beyond just the event’s duration; it reverberates through the planet’s delicate ecosystems for years.

  • The Plastic Predicament

Once hailed as a marvel of modern manufacturing, plastic has become a colossal problem. It’s hard to fathom that the stunning stands you admire are often constructed using materials that will outlive us all. These plastics take centuries to degrade, posing a grave threat to marine life and the environment.

  • The Dawn of Eco-Consciousness

European exhibition stand builders are embracing a new ethos as the global community wakes up to the stark realities of climate change and environmental degradation. The days of ignoring the environmental toll of their creations are fading. Instead, they’re adopting greener practices, innovative materials, and sustainable designs that embody a more responsible approach.

Embracing Change for a Greener Tomorrow

The environmental wake-up call has spurred a movement for change. Exhibition stand builders in Europe are recognising their pivotal role in reducing the expo industry’s ecological impact. Through innovative materials, modular designs, and energy-efficient solutions, they’re proving that creativity need not come at the cost of the planet.

The Power of Change with Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe: How Sustainable Stands Can Influence Expo Attendees

When you enter an expo, you’re not just entering a space filled with impressive displays and cutting-edge technology. With their eco-friendly designs and forward-thinking ethos, sustainable stands are emerging as potent influencers. Let’s explore how these stands change the game and capture expo-goers’ hearts.

1. A Breath of Fresh Perspective

Imagine walking into an exhibition hall and being greeted by stands adorned with living walls of greenery. It’s not just eye candy; it’s a refreshing reminder of nature’s beauty and a testament to the commitment of exhibition stand builders to a better world. This natural oasis amidst the concrete jungle creates a unique atmosphere that beckons attendees to explore further.

2. Aligning Values: From Consumers to Advocates

Sustainable stands resonate deeply in an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of their choices. Attendees are no longer just looking for products; they seek brands aligning with their values. A sustainable stand tells a story beyond the products or services being showcased – it tells the story of a brand’s commitment to a greener future.

3. Inspiring the Imagination

Sustainable stands often incorporate innovative materials and designs that defy convention. These stands not only showcase the possibilities of eco-friendly construction but also ignite the imagination of attendees. They start conversations and plant seeds of inspiration that can lead to broader changes in how we perceive design, construction, and sustainability.

4. A Message Beyond Words

Actions speak louder than words, and sustainable stands convey a powerful message without saying a thing. Attendees don’t need a sign proclaiming “We Care About the Environment” when standing within a stand constructed from reclaimed materials, powered by renewable energy, and adorned with living plants. This silent communication speaks directly to attendees’ senses, evoking emotions and memories long after the expo ends.

5. Driving the Ripple Effect

The influence of sustainable stands doesn’t end at the expo’s closing day. The impact ripples through attendees’ lives and beyond. People leave the event with more than just a bag of brochures; they leave with a heightened awareness of sustainability’s significance. They share stories about the remarkable stands they encountered, spurring conversations that extend the stands’ influence far beyond the event itself.

Sustainable stands embody a powerful idea: coexist harmoniously with creative design and environmental responsibility. As you navigate the vibrant landscape of expos, keep an eye out for these beacons of change. They’re not just stands but symbols of a movement shaping how we interact with businesses and the world around us.

Building Green: Core Principles of Eco-friendly Stand Construction with Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe

Exhibition stand builders in Europe are setting the bar high when it comes to creating exhibition stands that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. Let’s examine the basic concepts that underlie their environmentally friendly stand design and make them leaders in sustainability without sacrificing innovation or usability.

  • Innovative Materials Selection: From Recycled to Biodegradable

In the world of eco-friendly stand construction, materials matter. Exhibition stand builders are exploring a universe of innovative options. Instead of relying solely on conventional resources, they’re tapping into recycled materials, giving a new lease of life to items that would have otherwise ended up as waste. 

Imagine walking through an expo, surrounded by stands adorned with reclaimed wood, recycled plastics, and even biodegradable alternatives that gracefully return to the earth once their purpose is fulfilled. These materials don’t just reduce the demand for our planet’s resources, but they also send a powerful message about responsible design and construction.

  • Modular Designs: Reusability That Minimises Waste

Exhibition stand builders in Europe have taken a cue from the concept of Lego bricks – designs that can be assembled and disassembled easily. This modular approach doesn’t just make setup and teardown a breeze and offers a potent antidote to the excessive waste generated by traditional, single-use stands. 

Picture a stand that can be rearranged, reshaped, and reused for different events, slashing the need for new construction each time. It doesn’t just save time and money; it significantly reduces the environmental impact, marking a giant leap towards sustainability in the expo industry.

  • Energy Efficiency: Smart Lighting and Technology Integration

Ever marvelled at how a room seems to light up when natural sunlight pours in? Exhibition stand builders harness this magic by incorporating smart lighting systems that mimic nature. These systems adapt to the available natural light, adjusting their glow as the day progresses, all while keeping energy consumption in check. 

Not stopping there, technology integration within stands is undergoing an energy-efficient makeover too. Interactive displays and cutting-edge tech are now designed to operate on minimal power, so while they captivate attendees, they also stay true to the eco-friendly mission.

  • Living Installations: Incorporating Nature for a Refreshing Aesthetic

Picture an exhibition stand that’s not just a feast for the eyes but also for the soul – that’s the magic of living installations. Imagine vertical gardens draped with lush foliage or strategically placed potted plants that infuse the expo environment with nature’s vibrancy. These living installations aren’t just there to provide a refreshing aesthetic, but they also contribute to improved air quality, creating a healthier atmosphere for both attendees and the planet.

The Economic and Brand Benefits of Eco-Friendly Stands with Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe

Exhibition stand builders in Europe aren’t just embracing eco-friendly practices out of goodwill for the planet but also reaping significant economic and branding rewards. Let’s dive into how going green with stand construction can be a smart business move.

  • A Green Investment That Pays Off – While the initial cost of building an eco-friendly stand might seem slightly higher, it’s an investment that pays off in the long run. These stands are designed with reusability in mind, which means they can be repurposed for multiple events. It translates to substantial savings over time, as you won’t have to keep reinvesting in new stands for every exhibition.
  • Cutting Down Energy Costs – Eco-friendly stands are kind to the environment and gentle on your budget. Energy-efficient lighting systems, integrated with smart technology, significantly reduce electricity consumption. It means lower energy bills for you, further enhancing the economic benefits of going green.
  • A Brand’s Green Reputation – In a world where consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, aligning your brand with sustainability can work wonders for your reputation. When exhibition attendees see your commitment to eco-friendly practices, it sends a powerful message that your brand cares about more than just profits.
  • Connecting with Conscious Consumers – Consumers today don’t just buy products – they buy into values. Exhibition stand builders in Europe are tapping into this by creating stands that resonate with the growing population of conscious consumers. By showcasing your dedication to eco-friendliness, you’re attracting attention and forging deeper connections with potential customers who share your values.
  • Standing Out in a Sea of Stands – In a bustling expo, it’s easy for stands to blend into a sea of colours and designs. Its unique design elements, sustainable materials, and commitment to a better world make it a standout attraction. It draws attendees to your stand and keeps them engaged and curious about what your brand has to offer.

So, the benefits of choosing eco-friendly practices for stand construction extend far beyond environmental impact. Exhibition stand builders in Europe are reaping economic gains through reusability and energy savings while also enhancing their brand’s reputation and attracting conscious consumers. 

The Crucial Partnership: Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe as Pioneers for Sustainable Stands

Sustainable expo experiences require coordination between several parties; it is not a single venture. Among them, exhibition organisers play a crucial role as change-bearers. Expo organisers may encourage European display stand designers to include environmental awareness in their designs by embracing and promoting sustainable practices.

  • The Synergy of Vision

Imagine an expo where every stand, from the grandest pavilion to the cosiest booth, is a testament to sustainability. By aligning their event themes and goals with sustainability, planners can set the stage for exhibition stand builders to follow suit. When the vision for a sustainable event is clear, it becomes a shared goal, fostering a sense of unity among all involved.

  • Incentivising Green Innovation

Exhibition planners possess a unique power – the power of choice. By offering incentives or recognition for eco-friendly stand designs, planners can drive competition among builders to push the boundaries of creativity while keeping the environment in mind. These incentives motivate builders and highlight the importance of sustainability to the larger expo community.

  • Education and Awareness

Planners are the narrators of an expo’s story, and this story can be a compelling one that centres on sustainability. Planners can create a ripple effect of awareness by educating attendees about the significance of sustainable stands and their positive environmental impact. It can lead to more conscious decisions from both businesses and visitors, further driving the demand for eco-friendly stands.

  • Collaborative Brainstorming

Innovation takes centre stage when planners and exhibition stand builders come together to brainstorm. Collaborative sessions can spark ingenious ideas for designs that merge sustainability and aesthetics seamlessly. These joint brainstorming sessions foster a sense of camaraderie, where planners and builders become partners in creating a greener expo landscape.

  • Pioneering a Movement

Exhibition planners have the power to pioneer a movement towards sustainable stands. They pave the way for others to follow by showcasing successful examples of eco-friendly designs. These pioneers set a precedent for their specific events and the entire industry, proving that sustainability isn’t a compromise – it’s an enhancement.

In this symphony of transformation, exhibition planners conduct the melody of change while exhibition stand builders compose the harmonies of innovation. As exhibition planners embrace their role as pioneers, they sow the seeds of inspiration that lead to sustainable stands becoming the norm rather than the exception.


A new wave is sweeping over the scene in the exciting world of expos, where creativity and innovation converge, and it’s a wave of green. Sustainability is a buzzword these days, and exhibition stand builders in Europe are at the forefront of this exciting movement. 

Join us as we explore how this movement has grown, the effects of traditional stand-building on the environment, and the enticing potential of sustainable stands. And find the ground-breaking solutions at SOL GmbH for the best environmentally friendly stands.


How An Experienced Exhibition Stand Builder can Help Grow Your Business​

Your exhibition stand is among the most important investments you make while participating in the show. So, you should be very careful about which exhibition stand builders you choose. Your 3d exhibition stand design is the most important aspect of the booth. If your booth design is not unique and compelling, you won’t attract many new visitors.

Not only is it the first thing the visitor notes, but a well-planned stand can also help you attract more crowds and increase brand recall value. So it is vital that you entrust the executing, planning, and designing of your display to a competent exhibition stand builder.  

1. Your Exhibition Stands will be Customized for you

When you rent qualified exhibition stand builders, to help you, they will provide you with multiple selections for the same. They normally understand what your requirements and needs are and therefore help you customize the stand as per your needs. The exhibition stand builder companies offer you solutions that are brand relevant and fit within your requirements in terms of space as well as budgets.

2. Experienced exhibition stand builder

An experienced exhibition stand builder can help you create an engaging and effective display that will attract visitors and help to generate leads and sales. They will work with you to understand your objectives and goals for the event and develop a concept for the stand that will effectively communicate your desired message and attract your target audience. They will also use their expertise in visual design, layout, and flow to create a visually appealing and engaging display that will draw visitors in.

3. Exhibition Stand Builders Know How to Communicate the Brand Message Perfectly

Communicating your brand message is very important to go through an exhibition stand. That’s why you need professional help. A qualified exhibition stand design and builder will build your stand in a way that represents your company, its goals and its objectives. It communicates the brand message appropriately across to everyone at the exhibition. Eventually this can help in creating awareness and help in building your brand reputation in the market. If you hire a team on carpenters they will not understand anything beyond the physical requirements like meeting rooms, materials etc. On the other hand if you hire an agency they will first understand your brand and then transcend the brand message into your stand space.

4. Technology

An experienced exhibition stand builder can help you use technology to enhance the visitor experience and make the stand more engaging. They will be able to advise you on the use of interactive displays and other technology to make your stand more interactive and engaging. This will help you stand out from your competition and attract more visitors to your stand.

5. Build Your Exhibition Stand as per Your Aim

The builders will work on the completed exhibition stand and build it from the scratch as per your aim. The stands from builders are designed using high-quality materials that give professional fitness to your stand. Whether the stand required is small or big, every stand gets special attention and meets the standard quality. A well finished and well designed booth gives visitors the subconscious feeling of a company being professional and quality conscious. This feeling is attributed to the people and products of the company as well.

6. Unique and memorable brand experience

An experienced exhibition stand builder can also help you create a unique and memorable brand experience. They will be able to create a stand that reflects your brand and helps to communicate your brand message to visitors. They will also be able to create a stand that is consistent with your overall marketing strategy and helps to build your brand reputation.

7. Share the Relevant Design Ideas

Once you share your aspirations and aim, the exhibition stand builders will then take over the reins and start working on the design. And don’t worry if you have a last minute change during this phase or even have a change of plan. The professional builders are accommodating enough to change the plan as per your needs. And they are brave enough to take up new challenges; therefore you need not worry about that.

8. Project Management

Professional builders understand the detail needed in executing and planning an exhibition booth for your show. To make things hassle-free and seamless for you, you need a dedicated project manager by your side. This individual remains your point of interaction during all the phases, from idea development to fixings. Whether it’s the organization between you and the supervisor, organizer or handling paperwork, the project manager will be your key person throughout the show. Your exhibition stand builders and project manager will ensure that your show goes as planned.

Selecting the Best Exhibition Stand Builders

These days, exhibition stands are mostly designed by the professional stand builders. Therefore, selecting the best one is a difficult task. The following are the parameters which help you find the best exhibition stand builders.

  • Check the Reliability Standard and the Quality

Quality and reliability is the key thing you needed to put focus on when hiring an exhibition stand builder. The best way to succeed is by checking the track record and checking the work they deliver. Know whether the materials that they are using are strong or not. Ensure that your contractor gives you an assurance that the stand is reliable.

  • Test cost Efficiency Approach Standards

You should have a certain budget to go on with when planning to take part in a expo fair or in an exhibition. Something won’t do is overspend on your exhibition stand. The skilled and well-trained exhibition stand builder will always stay within your budget. Your time, rent location, high-cost staff and the cost of your exhibition booth can go beyond your budget if not done well.  Make sure that the rental fees that you are planning to complete are all-inclusive and there is no extra cost involved.

Whether you need a modular, custom, or outdoor exhibition stand, or even a large two-tiered system, attending an event and investing in a team of exhibition stand builders could be one of the best and prime moves you make for you and your brand. Ensure that you do it right!

If you have any questions then get in touch with us.

In conclusion, an experienced exhibition stand builder can help grow your business in several ways. They can help you create an engaging and effective display that will attract visitors and help to generate leads and sales. They can help you make the most of your investment in the expo, and use technology to enhance the visitor experience and make the stand more engaging. They can also help you create a functional space that is easy to navigate, create a unique and memorable brand experience, and save money and time.

Happy Exhibiting!

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