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Exhibition Stand Builders

We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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Top Exhibition Stand Builders

As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Best Exhibition Stand Builders

Being one of the top expo booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.


Mere participation in expos or fairs will not fetch you returns that are value for your money. 

You need to make a compelling presence that will leave a lasting impact on the audience including potential customers’ as well as potential partners. 

This is where a well-designed exhibition stand can make all the difference between success and failure. But the problem is a well-designed exhibition stand cannot be created overnight nor is it an easy task. 

To make it happen, you need to work with established and professional exhibition stand builders. This will help to create an exhibition stand that will stand out from the crowd; and make your brand shine at the exhibition show.


Sol GmbH has been in the industry for over a decade now. This makes it one of the most experienced players in the industry that can be relied upon to translate your requirement into reality. 

Additionally, its extensive experience in the industry has allowed it to 

  • Have deep understanding of the industry and stay well-conversant with the nature of the industry, how it works and what makes it work. 
  • Stay conversant with the latest of trends in the industry; what is trending and what has become obsolete. Like for instance, the latest in cutting-edge technologies, materials, lighting techniques, etc. 
  • Acquire a vast network of industry contacts, including prominent vendors, suppliers’, dealers, contractors, etc. This allows it to source the latest of best quality technologies, materials, and other inter-related aspects for building the exhibition stands.

In addition, it also possesses strong expertise in the varied areas of exhibition stand manufacture and making; and can expertly tailor it to your company’s branding and messaging themes. This will help your exhibition stand to be customized to your requirements in a way that will make it a stand out in the crowd at the show. Eventually, your exhibition stand will be able to attract the right audience that matters and grab attention at expos and fairs.


At expos and fais, it is critical to get your offerings, that is, products/services, in front of the target-audience. This way, you will get an opportunity to reach out to them; start conversations and interact with them; build concrete leads; and eventually, facilitate conversions to attract new sales. 

Having been in the industry for long, SOL GmbH understands that every company will have its own unique requirements and as such needs to be provided customized solutions that cater to its specific needs.

Working closely with your team, SOL GmbH team of builders will work to study the nature of your business; and what it stands for and what its purpose is. Then based on the inputs gathered, will develop a custom design that aligns with your brand profile; reflects your company goals, values, offerings; and aspirations of your target audience; and complements your marketing strategy. The whole approach will be to produce an exhibition stand design that creates a lasting impact on the audience.


Aside from high quality solutions, you also stand to benefit from the expert guidance of an established exhibition stand builder like SOL GmbH, throughout the whole of the exhibition project period process.

As a professional stand builder, SOL GmbH can offer precious valued advice with strong support for a hassle-free project experience. 

You stand to benefit from 

  • Assistance and guidance to your team throughout the process from the initial stand design concept and finalization to stand installation and dismantling, transportation, storage, and more. An experienced project manager will closely with your team to ensure proper communication throughout the project phase, thereby keeping them in the loop while allowing them to focus on other matters that demand their attention more.
  • Innovative ideas and insights of experts which will only work to make your presence at the exhibition show a massive success. Like for instance, giving you the right promotional platform that effectively reflects your brand and gives it a unique halo; or helping to select appropriate colors to be infused in the stand design that exactly matches your corporate identity. This will help your brand to get noticed more by potential customers at the show.
  • Working out of the modalities including selecting the right stand size, layout, design and more. This will ensure that the exhibition stand will eventually effectively showcase your brand and offerings. 
  • Guidance on critical logistical issues like electrical and lighting, flooring, etc, pertaining to exhibition stand; and their compliance with local rules and safety standards.

By working with a professional exhibition stand builder like SOL GmbH, you can leverage its proven expertise and knowledge; and thereby get the benefit of cost-effective and visually appealing exhibition stand displays that will not only catch visitors’ attention at the exhibition but will also help to generate concrete quality leads and enhance awareness of your brand.

Investing in the capabilities of SOL GmbH will also help your company to make to make a standout impact at the exhibition and harvest maximum opportunities.


With experienced exhibition stand builders like SOL GmbH, you stand to benefit from valuable guidance in what is called as ‘nuts and bolts’ of exhibition works. Like for instance, making sure your exhibition stand structure meets laid down health and safety standards; and other such guidelines issued by the event organizers.

This in turn will ensure that your exhibition stand is 

  • Built and designed in line with the rules and regulations of the event.
  • Dismantled and re-erected as and when required.
  • Stored the right way along with associated equipment in the right storage space.

This way, you can adhere to the right guidelines and take part in the exhibition with confidence and at the same time, get more time to network with like-minded people connected with your industry and exhibition event.


When you invest in the capabilities of established exhibition stand builders like SOL GmbH, you stand to benefit from their proven expertise and experience to maximize the efficacy of your exhibition stand design thereby guaranteeing rich value for your investment.

Their team will work with your team to 

  • Learn about your company, its goals and objectives; products and services with their benefits; target-audience; and the purpose of your participation in the exhibition. The inputs gathered are used to design an exhibition stand that effectively portrays your brand identity; and disseminates your brand message to the audience. 
  • Ensure that the footprint of your exhibition stand covers every inch of the allocated booth space at the exhibition, beneficially.
  • Ensure your exhibition stand gives your company a professional and impactful presence at the exhibition. This will help to maximize your exhibition stand’s impact at the exhibition and extract maximum returns in the bargain. 

By working closely with your team, SOL GmbH’ team will help to save valuable time and prevent costly mistakes from occurring due to poor quality exhibition stand design.


Established exhibition stand builders like SOL GmbH are known to create versatile exhibition stands that offer multiple uses. A durable multi-purpose stand will give you economies of scale over time and help to save on money and time.

Like for instance, you can get an exhibition stand created with interactive elements that can be later used for other marketing promotional activities like foyer displays, etc. Similarly, you can get a banner stand printed that can later be integrated into your exhibition stand and used as a promotional tool.

SOL GmbH’ team is a close-knit one that works under a single roof to seamlessly handle every project. From stand design concept and design to installation, transportation, logistics, and more, they work the extra mile to deliver tailored solutions to ensure the success of your exhibition stand.

Having been in the industry for over a decade now, SOL GmbH has a complete understanding of the market dynamics and trends; and customer behavior trends. As a result, they can guide your company on how to effectively and properly communicate with your target-audience. This will work to enhance brand awareness; heighten your brand’s visibility across different segments of people; increase likelihood of brand recall; and ultimately, foster healthier business growth.  

Essential Points You Must Know While Hiring A Professional Stand Builder In Europe

One of the essential parts of a successful exhibition or expo participation in Europe is the booth or stand. Your brand’s exposure and the number of prospective clients you attract may benefit from a properly planned and constructed display. It’s essential to engage a skilled stand builder to make your booth noticeable among the crowd.

If you’re in Europe and looking for a professional stand builder, take these factors into account.

1. Knowledge and Proven Track Record:

Experience is crucial while constructing a stand. Find a stand builder that has experience in European show stand design and construction. They should be well-versed in the field, up-to-date on industry trends, and able to conceptualise fresh looks that compliment your brand’s identity.

2. References and Portfolio:

Insist that your stand builder show you examples of their prior work. You may judge their talents and the quality of their work based on this sample. In addition, you should check with previous customers for testimonials. 

Get in touch with professional exhibition stand builders in Europe to find out how they liked working with the stand designer. You may use this as a barometer of their competence, dependability, and popularity among their clientele.

3. Personalization and Ingenuity:

Your booth’s design and layout should accurately represent your business and entice passers-by to learn more. A skilled stand contractor should be able to modify the layout to meet your unique needs. They must go beyond the box and provide novel ideas to make your booth stand out.

4. Abilities in Managing Projects:

Organising the design, construction, logistics, and installation of a stand is just a few of the many responsibilities of a project manager. A professional stand builder should be adept in project management to guarantee everything goes off without a hitch. They should be able to coordinate the project’s logistics, keep to deadlines, and keep you in the loop.

5. High Standards for Construction and Detail:

Consider the quality of the builder’s materials carefully. The display must be robust and long-lasting to survive the wear and tear of an exhibition. Inquire about the building’s construction supplies, as well as any accessible branding possibilities and aesthetic customisations. A reliable stand contractor will work with you to find the ideal combination of price and quality in terms of materials and finishing.

6. Budget Factors to Think About:

Talk about costs with the booth manufacturer in advance. A reliable expert will work with you to develop an effective and affordable stand. They promise to be upfront with their prices and never add on unexpected fees. However, be wary of ridiculously low prices that might indicate the stand’s poor quality.

7. Added Facilities:

Find out whether the stand constructor provides any extras like installation or maintenance. Services such as warehousing, shipping, on-site assistance, dismantling, and storage after the show may be included. Choosing a stand constructor offering these additional options will help you save energy, time, and money.

8. Adherence to Laws and Rules:

There are usually strict rules and restrictions to follow in European exhibitions. Make sure the booth builder is aware of and can follow these rules. Please comply to avoid fines or the removal of your booth from the exhibition.

9. Taking Into Account the Environment:

Today, more than ever, it is crucial to act sustainably. Find out whether the stand company cares about the environment and uses sustainable procedures and materials. Choosing a sustainable stand contractor shows that your company cares about the environment and is in line with consumer ideals.

10. Cooperation and Mutual Understanding:

Clear and consistent communication is the key to a successful collaboration with a stand builder. They should be quick to answer your questions, receptive to suggestions, and diligent in informing you of project progress. Find a standing company that welcomes your input and works to include it in the design.

Why Working with a Professional Stand Builder In Europe Is Crucial to Success?

  • You need a custom display stand if your company uses exhibitions and exhibits as part of its marketing strategy.
  • Working with a bespoke exhibition stand builder is the best way to ensure your booth at the forthcoming event stands out. They have the knowledge, skills, and imagination to help you design a booth that will achieve your promotional goals. 
  • They will manage every aspect of your exhibition booth, from design and construction to logistics and planning.
  • A well-thought-out exhibition stand design is essential to the success of any gathering. It’s the thing that people at the convention will remember and use to find your booth. That’s why choosing an experienced bespoke exhibition stand designer who can create a dynamic and engaging display for your booth is crucial. They will utilise their knowledge and skills to provide a memorable brand experience for your site visitors.
  • Working together is essential when building a unique display for an exhibition. You and your design team need to communicate effectively for them to grasp your brand and marketing objectives. This will allow them to design a booth that perfectly fits your specifications. They plan on using modern tools and supplies to make a stand attractive and sturdy.
  • Working with a bespoke exhibition stand builder might help you stick to your financial plan. They will collaborate with you to come up with a plan that is both cost-effective and effective. The result will be a stand that is inexpensive and unique in design.

A one-stop shop bespoke exhibition stand manufacturer can handle everything from conceptualization to execution. Everything from delivery and set-up to breakdown and storage will be handled professionally. The heavy lifting often associated with setting up a exhibition booth is taken care of for you. They’ll take care of getting the appropriate licences and permissions, too, so you can rest easy knowing everything is done the right way.

SOL GmbH – Leading Exhibition Stand Builder In Europe

SOL GmbH is a well-established large format exhibition company and a complete one-stop shop for end-to-end exhibition solutions that helps to assist various companies across industries in organizing events and exhibitions; and providing proven expertise as a brand consultant.

With HQ in Mumbai, India, and offices in Europe and the USA, SOL GmbH is a complete package of custom stand builders and designers with the ability to create a diverse variety of exhibition and event promotion stands, including innovative stall designs for conventions and conferences, exhibitions and portable stands for brand activation and promotion.

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