Custom Built Exhibition Stands

If you really want to stand out, though, you should use a custom built exhibition stand. Because there are so many companies at an expo, you must stand out in order to get seen. Some of the benefits of having a custom expo design are as follows:


According to reports, over 80 percent of the visitors possess ample buying capacity. For them, an expo or fair or messe remains the ultimate platform for buying products.

This is an opportunity that is waiting to be tapped.

But, how do you impress them?

A great majority of the exhibitors believe that an eye-catching custom exhibition stand is the best way to impress the visitors and attract a large audience.

What makes a custom exhibition stand such a preferred choice?

A custom exhibition stand can be customized to fit almost any kind of display or event branding requirements like custom work stations, portable change rooms, etc. 

It can cater to any occasion or any requirement. Whether you’re looking to provide the visitors with an interactive experience; or introduce or promote your products/services; or present your brand’s capabilities and skills, a custom exhibition stand remains the perfect choice. 

The stand design can be customized to meet your goals and objectives in any manner you want; or showcase your offerings in the most impactful manner possible, to provide a memorable experience for your target audience.


Expos and fairs are a competitive arena where several exhibitors will be jostling to put up the best display and catch the audience’s eye to attracting them into their fold.

To get the audience on your side, your display needs to make a lasting impression.

This is where a custom exhibition stand helps. By opting for a custom exhibition stand, you gain access to a host of quality benefits that offer nothing less than pure value for your money. 

Here are the reasons that tell you as to why you should opt for a custom exhibition stand.

A custom exhibition stand   


Perhaps the best thing about a custom exhibition stand is it is tailored or customized to reflect your brand, its values, goals, objectives, and aspirations.

The design of a custom exhibition stand aligns perfectly with the identity of your brand; and better still, allows you to infuse it with your brand’s unique logo, graphics, colors, and messaging. 

This will ensure that your custom exhibition stand  

  • Is one-of-a-kind with a unique halo; this makes it a stand out from the competition at an exhibition show and at the same time, reinforce your brand’s unique identity and recognition among the visitors’ at the exhibition show.
  • Captures the attention of anyone walking by your exhibition stand and lure the curious visitors’ to your exhibition stand. 
  • Creates cohesive and visually appealing branding that speaks about the story of your company, thereby making it interesting and captivating for the audience, especially potential customers.  

If continual branding consistency is maintained in the stand’s design, it will generate a memorable brand experience that will not only leave a lasting impression on the audience, but will also make the audience recall it with fond affection and pride.


If you want your brand storytelling to evoke an emotional reaction, a custom exhibition stand should be your choice.

Remember, the audience at an exhibition show generally love to see a good story through a captivating design. A captivating custom exhibition stand design with simple, yet meaningful story will captivate the audience and keep them engrossed.

Whether you’re exhibiting for the first time at the show or are a regular at the show, brand storytelling through a custom exhibition stand design can enhance the way the audience engages with your brand or product. This is what Apple, among the most renowned brands in the world, does at exhibition shows. At every exhibition show, its exhibition stands sports a good-looking design with a user-friendly core brand story. 

Aside from brand storytelling, a custom exhibition stand will best reflect your marketing goals and objectives; and also provide the requisite flexibility to cater to your specific marketing goals and objectives.


The primary purpose of your participation in an exhibition is to create a lasting impression on the audience. For a lasting impression, you need to create a unique and memorable experience.

What makes a custom exhibition stand a good choice is it 

  • Offers the creativity of custom design with the flexibility and value of a modular stand. By flexibility, it is meant that it can be reconfigured to cater to the requirements of varied exhibition spaces.
  • Will give you a unique, eye-catching design that will sync well with the aspirations and preferences of the audience.  
  • Will give you the benefit of being ‘exhibition ready’ every time you intend to use it. This way, you would not need to make many alterations and changes. As a result, it will be more cost-effective over the long term.

A custom exhibition stand with a unique design will also set you apart from the crowd and make your exhibition stand memorable. When elements like captivating visuals, innovative design elements, interactive technologies, and creative lighting and flooring are incorporated into the custom exhibition stand, a custom exhibition stand gets created in a way that will spark curiosity amongst the audience, engage them, and provide them with a unique and memorable experience. 

Working with a professional exhibition stand company will allow you to work with a team of expert stand designers who can get as creative as you like; and produce a custom exhibition stand with finishing touches that will distinguish it from other stands at the show.


An exhibition offers a great platform for promoting your brand and products/services. The best way to do this is through a custom exhibition stand. 

What makes it so in this regard when compared to a modular exhibition stand is it is 

  • Constructed according to your brand and its core messaging. Besides, with a custom exhibition stand, you can also use specific branding through incorporation of different elements of the brand identity like logo, graphics, colors, tagline, and business values.
  • Built specifically to help you achieve your exhibiting goals.  Your exhibiting goals could range from launching a new product to increasing brand awareness, sales, return on investment, and so on. Further, when it is built according to your exhibiting goal, it will get the audience interested in your brand.

Aside from the above, with a custom exhibition stand, you can also build discussion lounges, meeting rooms, and personal spaces. They all will not only help to fulfill the purpose of exhibiting but will also help to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the visitors.


Creating a congenial environment is imperative to draw the visitors to your exhibition stand. To create such an environment, the features and layout of your exhibition stand plays a critical role. 

Now, if your exhibition stand design is too cluttered, then the visitors will find it difficult to navigate through your stand clearly or gain access to key areas of your exhibition stand. This will discourage other visitors from venturing inside your exhibition stand as a result of which your sales will take a hit.

This is where having a custom exhibition stand helps. 

It helps to not only create a congenial and hassle-free environment but will also play a prominent role in making sure that every visitor feels welcome at your exhibition stand and comfortable with the in and around of the environs. When compared to other categories of exhibition stands, it also offers a more friendly and relaxed environment thereby making it easy for your staff to deliver a more impressive sales pitch to the audience. This will help you to increase your chances of attracting more positive leads and achieving greater sales.


It is important to maximize every inch of the allocated space with relevant features. Like for instance, a storage area or a seating area, or product display area. Whether the allocated space is big or small, a custom exhibition stand can be created in a way that optimizes the available space. 

Additionally, it can also be customized as per the dimensions of your allocated booth space or the space you rent for the show. This will make sure that your exhibition stand does not look too crowded or too empty; and instead facilitate greater visitor-flow while improving the overall functionality and visual appeal of your exhibition stand.

For the appropriate custom exhibition stand, get experienced stand designers on board. With their previous experience and knowledge of the industry, they will not only help to design the right custom exhibition stand but will also provide valued advice. A good example herein would be advice on lighting that helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere within your exhibition stand. This will encourage the visitors to stick around your exhibition stand for longer.


In a year, generally many expos and fairs are held. 

If you’re one of those exhibitors who happen to take part in all of them or most of them, a custom exhibition stand would be the best bet.

You cannot afford to have an exhibition stand that needs to be altered completely for every expo show. It is a complex process and besides, it can be expensive.

With a custom exhibition stand, you can avoid such a situation. As it is designed with flexibility in mind, it can  

  • Be built to use the best of the space available. Depending on the kind of your exhibition stand, you can even change the stand dimension, layout, and space.
  • Be easily adapted and modified; and also dismantled and reassembled, to cater to the dimensions and needs of different exhibition spaces and layouts.
  • Include features that can be changed for future events. Modular components can be added or rearranged to accommodate changing product displays. 

Thus, you can use the exhibition stand for multiple events in a year while at the same time saving precious resources and time. On the whole, it is a worthy long-term cost-effective investment for your business.

When compared to a modular exhibition stand, a custom exhibition stand is also a great way to create a flexible exhibition stand for not just a few expos and fairs in a year but also for lasting and performing for a few years and more. They can easily adjust to every brand’s requirement and can be used repeatedly.


The marketplace is flooded with exhibition stand companies galore. Now, when you look to hire the right exhibition stand company to craft the right custom exhibition stand, make sure to hire a source with the capability to build sustainable custom exhibition stands with high-quality materials; professional and high quality finish; and meticulous attention to detail. It should be built to withstand the arduous demands of logistics and transportation; and wear and tear of continual usage, so that it can be reused again.  

Above all, it should also be unique and true to your brand; convey a sense of reliability to the audience thereby enhancing their perception of your company.


There can be no greater platform than expos or fairs for businesses to introduce themselves to a mature audience; connect with them on a one-on-one basis; cultivate them as leads or potential clients; and finally convert them into customers’. Additionally, businesses get the opportunity to earn recognition within their industry and connect with the right partners. 

Despite the influx of digital technologies in the digital age, expos continue to stay popular as they offer a great platform for face-to-face interaction with prospects and cultivate and nurture effective leads. 

According to reports, over 67 percent of the attendees at expos represent a potential customer for businesses. To make the right impression and cultivate their favor, your exhibition stand plays a vital role.

Custom exhibition stands are the way to go. 

What makes a custom exhibition stand the best option is they are exclusive and unique; tend to attract greater attention; and swiftly explain to the audience what your business is all about. Besides, when it is built to purpose, they tend to perform better than generic exhibition stands.


When you talk about the mantra for success at exhibitions, custom exhibition stands are the way to go. So, make sure your custom exhibition stand stands out for all the right reasons.

By opting for a custom exhibition stand, you stand to harvest the following benefits.


When you take part in an exhibition, you need to set-up well-defined goals. You need to identify what you want to extract from the exhibition; how you will set about achieving them; and how you are going to measure them.

Your goals need to be actionable, detailed, realistic, and above all, measurable, something that can be achieved and not something that is unachievable. Like for instance, setting so and so sales target or cultivating so and so new leads. They are realistic goals that can be achieved with proper planning and follow-up,

By investing in a custom exhibition stand, you can boost your exhibition show ROI. A custom exhibition stand will work to not only realize your goals but also to maximize sales opportunities and inform accurately the targeted audience about your offerings and how it can help them

According to industry research, over 54 percent of the attendees at fairs visit them specifically to see new products/services’ while over 83 percent of the visitors’ have the financial wherewithal to purchase or even influence buying decisions. Hence, these events make for a great platform to reach out to the wider audience.

A custom exhibition stand can increase visitor numbers to your booth while boosting their engagement with your product. Better still, if your custom exhibition stand is a knock-out one, it will spur visitor conversations about your business at the exhibition show and beyond.


Your custom exhibition stand will add aesthetic value to your booth.

Think of your exhibition stand aesthetic as a hashtag. It acts as a unifying factor that stitches together the different components of your exhibit like the offerings you display; giveaways you give to visitors’; lead generation activities; and so on. 

Visual clarity works like magic in compelling the audience than banners that are stuffed with text. 

Remember, time is of essence. You must also keep in mind that attendees have short and fleeting attention spans in an event, especially those that are crowded.

Instead of badgering them with a hail of textural information, let your custom exhibition stand do the initial talking.

Custom exhibition stands help create the right impression. 

A well-planned and aesthetic custom exhibition stand will ensure that it 

  • Creates a focal point. An eye-catching, aesthetic stand design will create a singular or even multiple focal point(s). Subsequently, the rest of the décor and layout in the booth will guide in diverting attention to that area. Besides, it will also help to keep the attendees occupied with visual or interactive content. This in turn will allow your booth staff to control the traffic flow and address everyone thereby spreading brand awareness and communicating your sales pitches.
  • Makes people’s eyes pop out amidst the plethora of stands and pop-up displays at the exhibition show. Additionally, it will also help portray what your brand is all about. They can become even more effective when they are consistent with your brand’s message. 

An innovative custom exhibition stand will also speak about the effort and enthusiasm you put into the whole exercise and highlight the value you attach to the exhibit. Besides, the aesthetics incorporated into the exhibition stand will inform the audience how you are in tune with the latest trends and know-how of the exhibition world; and also highlight your understanding of your target market and audience.

Whether it’s the color scheme or overall design or shape, a custom exhibition stand possess great aesthetic value and helps you to extract maximum rewards.


Brand awareness is the primary driver of sales and business revenues. 

Herein, an exhibition presents the perfect platform with opportunity for the audience including potential customers’ to learn about your brand and forge a connection with it.

If your goal is to promote your brand, then a custom exhibition stand makes for the right choice as it is tailored to your specific branding and product needs. Moreover, a custom exhibition stand is more likely to stitch together your brand logo, tagline, and USP in a way that will instantly grab attendees’ attention.

When built by a reputed professional exhibition stand builder, a custom exhibition stand will help you to stay focused on demonstrating to and educating customers’; and answering their queries promptly. This way, you will be able to acquire leads quickly while at the same time significantly lower the cost and effort per lead. Eventually, your custom exhibition stand will leave a long-lasting impression on the audience and make it difficult for them to forget about your brand.


Expos offer the perfect opportunity to generate new leads, entice new clients, and close deals. However, they cannot be achieved without an environment that supports and facilitates business negotiations.

Besides, exhibition stands also need to be organized, with each space being unique and serving a specific purpose. ELSE, you will end-up with an exhibition stand that is all over the place.

This is where having a custom exhibition stand helps. 


  • Lets you design unique spaces, with specific purposes, from meeting space to presentation space, and selling space, all of which are vital for maximizing your brand’s performance at the exhibition show.
  • Lets you decide which spaces you require and how to lay them out inside the exhibition stand to facilitate positive business interactions and negotiations.

Overall, they help to make your business more noticeable in the crowd.


According to industry reports, over 82 percent of exhibition attendees possess high buying capabilities. A great majority of this segment are ready to buy if the solutions are to their liking. 

This is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed.  

Having a custom exhibition stand will help you to capitalize on this opportunity. It will not only provide the visual spectacle but will also provide late-stage information and pushes towards a sale. 

Besides, it helps to

  • Uniquely display your products/services in a way that will naturally stand out among other exhibitors.
  • Highlight the features of a product and present it in the right way possible. A lot of elements can integrate into a perfect product display. Like for instance, proper lighting, information delivery section, integrated displays, etc. With a custom exhibition stand, you stand to get the perfect blend of these features in the right balance. This in turn will help to display your products in a way that it will be hard for the audience to ignore your stand.

Aside from the above, a custom exhibition stand helps to map out customer journey. A custom exhibition stand generally will consider all the aspects that go into the creation of the perfect customer journey, from reception to presentation, to ensure a positive customer experience and customer journey. This is critical for winning over the potential customer’s favor, converting them into customers, and finally closing the business deal.


When it comes to forging relationships with the attendees at expos and fairs, nothing can beat a custom exhibition stand. 

Potential clients or partners generally like to associate with businesses that are committed to design, innovation, and quality. 

When uniquely designed, a custom exhibition stand will display your commitment towards innovation and quality; and build confidence among the audience. This in turn will drive more attendees to make a beeline to your booth; and network and interact with your brand, leading to new relationships and partnerships that can propel your business to greater heights.  


A custom exhibition stand when fabricated with modern techniques last longer than manufactured stands. 

Besides, a custom exhibition stand will also 

  • Enhance your chances of attracting more potential clients to your booth. This in turn will help to cultivate positive leads; achieve a high conversion rate; broaden your customer base; and increase your sales. Eventually, you stand to get a positive ROI.
  • Help you to earn ROI many times over if it is tough enough to withstand the rigors of transportation around the country.

Overall, a custom exhibition stand that lasts for years will become a precious business asset.


A prominent guru of event marketing, Jon Bacon once said that custom exhibition stands are perfect for drawing media attention. 

Custom exhibition stands are generally considered creative and visually appealing. This is what makes them a stand out that gets people talking about them.

When conceived and crafted appropriately, a custom exhibition stand will set the exhibition floor alight and get people to converse about it. This will fuel visitor-traffic to your booth; and even compel them to take pictures about it and upload them to their social media accounts.

Aside from generating buzz, a custom exhibition stand also helps your brand to differentiate from others at the exhibition show, be remembered by the audience, and stay etched in their minds and recalled later. An inspirational custom exhibition stand design will create a positive first impression and quickly become one of the key takeaways from the exhibition show. 

A custom exhibition stand will also create the ‘WOW’ factor and convince the audience at the show that your business is confident and innovative. Whenever they need your kind of products/services, they will instantly think about your business. All of it made possible by your attractive custom exhibition stand.

People think that exhibition stands will consume a huge chunk of an exhibitor’s budget. 

That’s right!!

However, contrary to perceptions, custom exhibition stands are budget-friendly in the long run. Although they can be expensive in the initial stage, they can be hugely beneficial in the long run if they stay durable and maintain their performance level. This will help you to easily control the budget and maintain it within limits. They can be especially beneficial to those who are new to the world of exhibiting.


Now that you have opted for a custom exhibition stand, your next move must be to hire a custom exhibition stand builder or contractor.

Custom exhibition stand builders / contractors usually handle clients’ needs in a holistic manner.

This will give you the opportunity to build and design a custom exhibition stand that is personalized to reflect your brand’s identity and goals. 

With a personalized custom exhibition stand, you also 

  • Get a stand with unique construction, bespoke artwork, strong branding, and limitless options for using it for different aspects like animations, films, interactive games, and virtual worlds.
  • Enjoy the liberty to employ your own style, graphics, colors, and messages to make it a stand out and be remembered for long.
  • Will increase your chances of standing out from the competition.

A custom exhibition stand with strong messaging crafted by a custom exhibition stand builder will strengthen your brand positioning; and showcase your brand identity and brand values in the way you desire.

Advantages of Custom Built Exhibition Stand

1. First impressions are lasting impressions, and you’ll make a lasting first impression.

Is a good first impression important? Psychologists say that a bad first impression is nearly impossible to overcome. What kind of impression you make at expos and other events should be on your mind.

Especially when it comes to a custom built exhibition stand, you shouldn’t leave the first impression on attendees. As much as possible, make your display stand out, wow your viewers, and impress them! Good first impressions will result in a connection or a transaction, whereas unfavourable first impressions could damage your reputation. At an expo, you only have one chance to make a lasting impression.

2. Keep Your Visitors Engaged

Your booth’s visitors will be more engaged as a result of the promotion.

Custom built exhibition stand is designed to entice visitors from all corners of the show floor. Your custom built exhibition stand can help you achieve your goals by showcasing your products in the most visually appealing manner. In some cases, the design you choose can influence the experiences you provide to your customers. A better experience will lead to more involvement. When presenting your message, what format will you choose? Your message will stand out if you use the right colours and graphics. All of a visitor’s reactions to the messaging and appearance are a part of the experience, too. The development of tailored communication is also essential.

3. Your return on investment will be higher if you have a custom built exhibition stand.

Calculating your return on investment for any event can be tough. You can be confident that a custom built exhibition stand that you can use and re-use is a solid investment. Fabric Exhibition Walls – All of our fabric graphics are machine washable at 30 degrees, so you may clean them without having to replace them.

What happens after that has an impact on it as well. By creating something unique, you’ll end up delivering a greater experience than a rental, and you’ll leave a lasting impression that will result in leads. Download Hubspot’s free eBook to discover more about rethinking your marketing for increased ROI.

4. You'll set yourself out from the competition.

No one wants to blend in with the crowd at an expo. Especially when you consider that 84 percent of expo attendees have purchasing power, according to the most recent expo industry numbers. Standing out at an expo is the finest way to interact with your target audience and, more importantly, key decision makers. When it comes to increasing your company’s visibility at an expo, how you position your company is critical. Do you want to look exactly like the display next to you? Clearly not. If you have a custom built exhibition stand, visitors will remember your brand more than your competitors’.

5. You'll distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Custom built exhibition stands will visually establish your brand. If your display is branded from the inside out, attendees will recognise your brand voice and how to interact with you. As a result, your brand’s persona will be more approachable. After all, branding is one of the most effective techniques a business can use to engage with a target audience and increase sales and profits.

As a consumer, you have trusted brands that you love and recommend. As a business, you may create a display that encourages expo attendees to have the same level of trust and connection with your brand as you do.

6. You'll improve the exhibit's operation and effect.

At expos, your booth space may make or break your business, so consider a custom built exhibition stand designed specifically for your brand’s needs. Make sure your exhibit design includes sufficient storage and meeting areas for attendees if you want to make the most of your space. With a personalized design, you can convert functionality into a show-stopper. Allowing a narrower expo footprint to limit your effect is a mistake. Custom expo displays may help you take your business to the next level at exhibitions and events.

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