Questions to Ask Yourself After an Expo Exhibition

As a brand, after a expo booth displays, your job doesn’t end with turning the leads into sales. You need to analyze and questions aspects of your exhibit to understand if there were any problems, what went well and what could be improved. 

This is especially important for your future shows as you might end up repeating the same mistakes, thus, costing you time and money. Moreover, it might end up affecting your ROI.

So, here are some questions every exhibitor must ask themselves after a expo exhibition.
  • How Much was the Total Cost for the Booth?

Although the cost of the booth is already fixed upon by the exhibition design agency, there might be some overhead chargers, hidden costs and other unexpected expenses that may have driven up the show booth’s cost. So, you need to take into account those expenses to find out if you went over budget with the exhibit cost. 

  • How was the Staff’s Performance?

At the exhibition, your staff are the representatives of the brand. So, their performance on the exhibition floor will tell us how effective they were in roping in attendees. 

This will tell us if the team needs any improvement to perform better, how good they were delivering the pitch, were there any issues among the team, and whose performance was the strongest and weakest and so on.

  • Was There an Increase in Sales?

Companies participate in a expo exhibition with the goal to increases their sales. So apart from marketing the products and services to existing customers, the aim is to gain new customers. Thus, increasing your sales. 

So, calculating the sales will tell you how effective was the exhibition in bringing in new customers. If not, it opens up the question of why not and how. 

  • Were There Any Aspects of the Show Need Improvement?

While the expo exhibition as a whole might have been successful, there might be certain elements that may have caused problems. Whether it was lack of staff, sales pitch, modular stand design, presentation and so on. Thus, helping you have an even more effective exhibition next time.

  • How Beneficial was the Exhibition Company?

When you hire an exhibition design company, you must evaluate their performance and services. This is not only essential to give them the required feedback but also to understand if they were able to meet your expectations and demands. Moreover, it also helps in understanding if anything was lacking from their side that negatively affected your exhibiting experience.

  • Was the Brand Message Effectively Communicated?

One of the biggest challenges for any brand is to set up a expo booth that effectively communicates its brand message. 

The reason why this is an important question to ask is that it shows how clear was your messaging. This helps you evaluate your marketing strategies, sales pitch and overall presentation of the brand.

  • Was the Staff Knowledgeable about the Brand, its Products and Services?

In the exhibition stand booth, while a creative design will attract attendees, your staff will make them stay. This is why they must be knowledgeable about the brand, its products and services.

Lackthereof, not only comes across and unprepared and unprofessional, but it also ruins the attendee experience for those who might be genuinely interested in your brand.

  • Were There any Elements That the Attendees Didn’t Like?

While your convention booth might have everything it needs for a successful event, there might be some elements that the attendees didn’t like. It could be anything, from lighting to product demonstration or even lack of a certain element. This is why it is essential to evaluate the attendees’ opinion to conclude if that was the general consensus that needs to be improved or implemented for a better experience.

  • How Effective was the Sales Pitch?

The one thing that turns attendees into leads and then into sales is the sales pitch. In the show booth displays, the more effective is your sales pitch the more leads you will get. 

So you need to evaluate if the script covered everything necessary, from the benefits to the understandability of the pitch. Many sales pitches fall short as they fail to captivate the audience or even effectively communicate the required information.

  • How Many Leads Turned into Sales?

Your modular stands have failed to meet their purpose the moment the leads don’t turn into sales. But there are many factors that affect this conversion, from the pitch to frequency for follow-up, and much more. This will also tell you if the attendees were actually interested in doing business with your brand.

We hope this article will be helpful to you for the upcoming expo exhibition. While you may have a seemingly successful exhibition, you need to evaluate the performance of every aspect to know what worked and what didn’t. Thus, helping you perform better at the next event. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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