Staff Etiquette: Non-Verbal Cues that your Staff Must Follow in the Next Expo Fair and Exhibition

Indeed, the best exhibition stands are not known only known for their designs and display products, it’s the staff etiquette that plays an essential role in making the expo display successful

So, it’s rightly said that if your staff cannot keep attendees in your booth, your fancy designs won’t be able to either. After all, the interaction between the staff and the attendees determines how well-prepped the brand is to grow their business. 

Here are some non-verbal cues that your staff must follow in the upcoming expo fair and exhibition.
  • Smile When Interacting With Attendees

It goes without saying that when attendees enter or leave your show booth, you must greet/bid them with a smile. 

Such a non-verbal gesture might not seem much but in hindsight, it shows how interested you are in building a relationship with them and selling your products. The same goes for attendees who will take a look around your expo booth and leave. 

  • Leaning Towards the Attendees

In the expo display, when you are talking to an attendee, be aware of the way you standing. If you are leaning away from them, it shows a sense of reluctance and ignorance to the attendee’s time and queries. Thus, it may come across as uninterested and rude.

So, whenever you are interacting with the attendees, you must lean towards them, or angle your body to do the same. That way not only does it subconsciously tell the attendee you are interested in doing business with them but also shows you are giving them full attention.

  • Good Posture

It cannot be stressed enough how much a good posture can affect the way attendees perceive your staff and expo stands. While you may have the most creative exhibition stall design, all the effort is a waste if your staff doesn’t appear someone confident enough to even hold a good posture. 

Think about it, if you were to enter a booth where there are two attendees. One standing upright without leaning on anything, while the other is slouching, standing against a counter. Whom would you approach? Obviously, the former not only does the person seem confident they also giving an impression of being ready to attend a visitor.

  • Facing the Attendees During Demonstrations

When the staff is demonstrating the products at the expo fair and exhibition, they must not keep their back to the audience. This is because when they are facing away from the attendees, they aren’t maintaining eye contact to decipher if the attendees understand or not. 

Moreover, there isn’t any connection that is being made between staff and the attendees. Thus, the presentation comes across as unprofessional and as good as a video. 

  • Standing Still While Talking

Now that an attendee has entered your exhibition stand booth and is interacting with your staff, what’s one thing that the staff could do to distract them? It’s the staff shifting where they stand, moving restlessly. 

Your staff must not keep turning elsewhere or shifting as it gives the impression that they are not interested in what the attendee has to say. Moreover, it makes the attendee lose focus on what they want to say. This can result in them leaving the show booth altogether.

  • A Firm Handshake

When greeting an attendee or any important client, make sure the staff have a firm handshake. But that does not mean they almost crush the person’s hand or leave them bruised. This can come across as a subtle form of aggression and may cost you a prospect. 

Rather, the staff must stick to shaking the attendee or clients hand once or twice and let go. Moreover, they must remember to maintain eye contact when they shake their hand. 

  • Looking at the Attendees When Talking to Them

As mentioned before, if you keep turning away from the attendee, you giving the impression that you are not interested in making business with them. The same goes for when you have to maintain eye contact. 

Whether you are simply talking, demonstrating a product or even when the attendee enters the display for expo, you must always look at them when you are talking.

  • Keeping a Pleasant Expression

Keeping a pleasant expression is essential for the staff as it makes you look friendly and approachable. Moreover, it gives the impression that you are eager to interact with attendee and answer their questions. Even if the attendee simply glances around and leave, never show annoyance on your face.

The same goes for when an attendee in the exhibition stand booth might be rude or just might do something that ticks you off, don’t lose the pleasant expression. If you do, this might reflect negatively on other attendees inside the expo booth. 

We hope this article will help you train your staff for the upcoming expo fair and exhibition. 

So, to have a successful expo fair and exhibition, ensure that your staff follow these non-verbal cues.

Tip of the Day: Make sure you train the staff to be wary of these non-verbal cues when you have practice runs for the expo fair and exhibition.


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