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Show Booth Zen: Steps to Creating a Welcoming Setting for Attendees

Indeed, brands set up modular exhibition design for various reasons and each exhibitor has their own set of goals to accomplish at the exhibition. While some want to tap into a new demographic, others want to increase their sales, while others want to launch a new product. 

Despite this, there’s one goal that needs to be fulfilled no matter what. And that is creating a show booth design that elevates the attendee experience. Moreover, you need to create a welcoming show booth that attracts the attendees. 

Here are 6 steps you need to follow to create a welcoming setting in your show booth for the next show.
  • Creating the Experience

Just like every other expo booth planning, creating a welcoming setting needs some planning too. However, rather than focusing on the elements alone, the stall design company will look at the concept and choose elements accordingly. 

Let us take an example of you wanting to create a zen and au natural setting for your modular exhibition design. So, for that, you will need to create a setting that is visually appealing and stimulating. This way, not only will the attendees in the expo booth feel relaxed, but the attendees far away from the booth also become intrigued about your brand.

  • Video Wall with Calming Scenery

With all the booth walls at an exhibition, a wall with a video being displayed on it is sure to catch the attention of attendees. However, with only a few seconds to spare, the attendees will look for an exhibit that intrigues them. 

So, ditch the usual brand videos that you use for your exhibition booth design and create something calming like scenery. Now, you may think that why would people stop to look at the video wall if it’s not informative. But that’s the idea!

Rather than overloading the attendees with more information, you are providing them with something that looks appealing. So, even if they just watch the video, your staff can approach them and talk about the brand or even invite them to take a seat and chat. 

  • Soft Music

With the constant chatter and noise that the attendees hear in all the convention booth displays, there is a high chance that some of them may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed with the idea of entering another show booth to be bombarded with questions and rehearsed scripts.

So, creating a space where the above is not the case increases the chances of the attendees paying attention to what your staff will say when they approach them. 

  • Complementing Furniture

When creating an exhibition booth design, the furniture choice is usually overlooked. Most companies keep it as a last-minute purchase and make do with whatever is available. 

In a subtle way, the furniture choice shows how much thought your brand has put into creating a booth that is welcoming and comfortable for the attendees. After all, no one wants to sit on rock solid or awkward chairs. 

Choose furniture that complements your booth and makes the attendees feel like taking a seat. Once, they’ve taken a seat, they’ll be more comfortable and likely to listen to your staff and learn about your products. 

  • Lighting

The most subtle yet powerful element of any stand is the lighting. It can quite literally have a crowd lining up at your booth or leave it deserted. 

While most exhibitors opt for bright lighting, it can often be too bright and strain the eyes. However, a rather dimly lit booth won’t attract any attention. So, the idea is to use softer tones of the same bright lighting so that the attendees don’t temporarily lose their eyesight looking at your products.

  • Writing the Exhibition Script Based on Booth

Now that you created a zen setting and the attendees are looking forward to the next thing, the last thing you want is for your convention booth staff to say the wrong thing and jarringly shift the attendees’ focus. 

When creating such an elevated experience for the attendees, every aspect of the modular exhibition systems needs to be similar. Similarly, the loose script you make for the staff to use when talking to the attendees must be similar to the concept. 

Start by asking a simple question that doesn’t require them to think too much but enough to get them hooked. You can then use the setting to offshoot into the brand and product details. 

We hope this article will help you create a welcoming atmosphere in your show booth for the attendees. 

So, rather than focusing on getting the best of each exhibition booth design element, stick to creating a concept for your convention booth displays and choose the right elements to enhance them.  If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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