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Fun Themes you can Incorporate into your Convention Booth

If there’s one that catches attendees’ eyes that the beautiful and creative exhibition stall design. But that’s not ground-breaking news for you. Every exhibitor adorns their convention booth with countless design elements to attract attendees. 

But the trick is to have them for your exhibition booth design that ties in every element of your exhibit. Thus, the stand is a hit!

Here is a list of some fun themes you can incorporate into your convention booth. 

  • Theatre

A rather effective and eye-catching theme would be theatre. From dramatic lighting to even customized promotional items, the theatre there is a winner. 

Incorporating, curtains and framework with built-in bulbs can add to the theatrical effect. Swap the regular furniture for theatre seats to give the space an authentic feel. 

When it comes to lighting, golden lights, especially spotlights can work perfectly to create the impression of being in an actual theatre. 

The theatre theme is perfect for those modular display stands that have presentations and product demonstrations. The seats could be arranged facing the small stage. You could even hand out product brochures to attendees setting for the demonstration.

For your promotional items, a small bag of popcorn and the exhibition literature resembling a ticket could tie in the whole theatrical theme.  

  • Vintage Restaurant

A vintage restaurant theme is perfect for food and beverage companies, looking to break through the usual booth stand design. They can create some dishes and drinks for attendees to sample without having to create a separate counter. 

With metallic and glossy pastel textures, the shiny show booth will definitely stand out. So, to enhance the textures, having an overhead neon logo with the brand’s name can work really well in grabbing attention. 

Like most vintage restaurants, the furniture needs to be sleek and not too bulky. Another piece of furniture you can include display counters to showcase the products. This could also work for a cafe space. 

Your staff can have a particular uniform that they can wear to make it seem as if they work there. 

  • Forest

Go green at the next exhibition with a forest theme. The foliage doesn’t have to be real but it does come across as soothing to the eye for attendees who have been wandering around under harsh lighting. 

With an expanse of foliage covering the booth walls, opt for a cooler colour scheme for the convention booth. In the same line of thought, keep the lighting cool tones too, with LED lights.

The theme can be an absolute hit with the calming atmosphere it creates. Moreover, it works great for brands who want to market their products as natural or even highlight the natural ingredients used. 

  • Beach

A rather popular choice among many exhibitors is the beach theme. This theme works best for water sports companies, cosmetic brands, and food and beverage brands as they can easily tie in the theme with the products and brand message. 

Having surfboards lined up at the entrance are an instant attention grabber. Add some fake palm trees. For the booth wall, the beach scenery works well in brightening up the convention booth with its light colours. 

Choose lighter colours to enhance the theme. Speaking of light, the furniture must not be too fabric as it stands as a mismatched item in the theme. Opt for straw or lounge chairs that are cool-toned and give the exhibit a sleek look. 

Your promotional items could include shell jewellery and Hawaiian shirts.

  • Season

Since many exhibitions occur annually, or bi-annually, at best, you have some idea of what the season it would be then. So why not incorporate that into your theme. 

From your show booth’s colour palette to the proportional item, you can ask the exhibition design agency to create a booth that matches the season. 

For instance, for summer, beach, tropical, picnic themes would do best with a light colour scheme. While for autumn, having pumpkin patches, crate boxes and dried foliage for decor can do wonders in creating a warm environment.

  • Futuristic

An absolute winner theme for an exhibition stand booth, especially for software and gaming companies. This theme incorporates technology into it, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right medium of communication. 

With a dark colour palette and neon lights, the expo booth can instantly be a game-changer at the exhibition. Opt for dark tones with neon accents to make the stand seem something out of a sci-fi movie. 

In addition, having AR and VR seals the deal of the convention booth being futuristic and will surely have attendees lining up outside your exhibit. 

We hope this article was beneficial in getting some ideas for the theme of your convention booth for the upcoming exhibition. 

Tip of the Day: Incorporate the exhibition theme into your marketing strategy. Moreover, ensure that the theme is incorporated into the social media posts of the modular display stands. 

If you need help planning and executing creative convention booth for your next expo, get in touch with us.
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