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Quirky Ideas to Make your Exhibition Display Design Look More Open

Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, attendees to judge your expo display design before entering it. With one quick look at the modular stand design, the attendees know how well-prepared the brand is for the event.

This has a lot to do with the layout of the show booth. Think about it, would you enter a booth that is cramped and congested or one that gives you ample space to move around. Obviously the former. But with so many expo design elements, it’s hard to omit anyone.

So, here are 7 ways to make your expo display design look bigger and more open.
  • Ditch the Walls

If your expo booth isn’t surrounded by walls or other show booth displays, avoid including walls that restrict cut off the view to the rest of the exhibition. 

By keeping an open layout, there is not prominent obstruction that suggests that this is where the expo display ends. With no walls, the obstruction is removed and so if an attendee were to see you from far away they might assume that the booth is big as they will see other attendees walking near it. 

Even if you can’t ditch the walls, choose low-level walls or even materials like glass, strings, architectural designs, etc., that create the illusion of there not being a wall.

  • Push the Counters Inside the Booth

While some might assume it to clutter the exhibition space design, it does make the booth seem bigger. This because the crowd then moves inside the exhibition stand booth rather than staying at the perimeter. With the former, the booth allows the other attendees to what the brand has to offer.

If the layout was as the latter, it poses two problems. One, it clutters the entrance and the perimeter making it hard for attendees outside the stand to know about the exhibit. Secondly, it makes it seem as if the booth ends there. 

  • Light up the Perimeter

It’s a simple idea. When the light is focused solely on the inside of the booth display design, it only highlights the inner part. This often leaves the outer perimeter looking dim. 

When you illuminate the outside of the expo booth, it extends the light and makes the booth look bigger. Moreover, it doesn’t leave the framework or walls, making tying in the exhibit’s illumination. 

  • Keep the Entry Wide

It cannot be stressed enough how important is it to have a wide entryway. The more open the entrance is the more can the attendees see the inside of the modular stands. This way the booth looks more open and bigger from the outside.

So, avoid having walls or any counter near the entrance that might make the entrance look smaller. Moreover, it also provides better access to the attendees as they wouldn’t have to walk to one part of the booth to enter the exhibit. 

  • Create a Floor Plan

Rather than simply placing the display counters, information desks, stages, etc., you must devise a floor plan to strategically place each element. In doing so, not only is the exhibition space design being used properly, but you are also able to highlight the important aspects of the show booth.

  • Keep the Private Conference Room in the Back 

Your conference rooms should ideally be in the back of the exhibition display design. This not only gives more space to the attendees but also makes it easier to see the show booth displays from a distance. 

With a conference room placed at the front, it obstructs the view, even from one side, and this might cost you leads and decrease the footfall at your exhibit. 

  • Choose Sleek Furniture

Even if you have a large exhibit space, if there’s one that will easily take up space in your exhibition stand booth, it’s bulky furniture. 

Sleek finish furniture, on the other hand, does the same job but make the stand look bigger as it takes up lesser space. Along with this, the materials used is also lesser, thus, the view to the other part of the exhibit is not cut off.

We hope this article will help you in creating an exhibition display design that looks bigger and more open. 

With small exhibits, apart from being smart about what to display, you also need to use the limited space in such a way that it has ample space for the attendees and staff to move around. So, the idea is to create an illusion of space in a small booth so that attendees are attracted to it. 

Tip of the Day: Make sure that none of your storage boxes and containers is kept inside the exhibition stand booth. Not only will it make the booth look untidy, but it will also take up unnecessary space, making it hard to move around for both the attendees and the staff.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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