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Personalized Elements that Elevate the Attendee Experience in your Expo Fair Booth Design

In the sea of exhibition systems, to the attendees, everything will feel repetitive. With only slight changes in the  expo  booth design, every stand would seem to offer more or less the same thing. So the biggest challenge exhibitors face today is to create show booth display stands that give them an edge over their competitors.

This is why here are 7 personalized elements that elevate the attendee experience in your expo booth design.
  • Personalized Invites

Before the exhibition, while you announce your presence at the event, sent out invitations to attendees that you would like to visit your show booth. You can get the list of the registered attendees from the exhibition organizers or simply reach out via email. 

With such invites, your brand shows that it’s eager to network with the said person. It also increases the chances of the attendee showing up at the booth.

  • Exclusive App for the Booth

Apart from an impressive expo booth design, you need to find ways to keep the attendees engaged with your booth or intrigued about the stand before the exhibition beings. 

To get the attendees interested in your show booth create an exclusive app for it that the attendees can download. By including features like floor map, display products descriptions, shopping options, and much more

  • Disable Friendly Booth

Having an exhibition space design that is accessible to everyone is a must for every exhibitor. This is why you must ask the stand builders to build a disabled-friendly expo booth design. 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is have a ramp instead of a step if you have a raised entrance. For your videos, ensure that there are subtitles for attendees who are hard of hearing. Make sure that the product description is also written in braille and that the al least one of the staff can communicate in sign language. 

  • Refreshments

With the constant walking and talking around the modular stands, the attendees are bound to get hungry. 

So a simple way to get attendees to your exhibition stand booth is by handing out refreshments. While it does not have to be a 4-course meal, some snacks and beverages will do the trick. You can package them in branded packets and boxes so that your brand name gets reinforced. 

Such a thoughtful gesture will help create the impression that your brand cares about the attendees’ well-being. 

  • Thank-you Notes with Giveaways

Handing out giveaways is pretty common for exhibitors. But it’s also common for most of the giveaways to be piled up in a drawer after the show is over. 

So to make your expo booth even more memorable, why not make the promotional item personalized? A great way to do that is by including thank you notes on your promotional items. 

Not only does that add a personal touch to the giveaway, but it also creates the impression that the brand has gone out of its way to make the attendee experience memorable and places he importance on the attendee. 

  • Customized Hashtag

While you are engaging with the attendees at the exhibition, you must also market the event on your brand’s social media. 

A great way to make the event and your expo booth exclusive is by having a customized hashtag that you use for the exhibition posts. Not only you, but you can even ask the attendees can use the hashtag when uploading posts of your exhibition stand booth

This way, your followers can know about the event, the display products, and might even consider visiting your booth for the next event. 

  • Personalized Follow-Up Emails

Now that the exhibition is over, it’s is time for you to begin with your follow-up strategy. Like most brands, you will use email and text messaging to reach out to the leads. 

Just like the personalized pre-exhibition marketing, your follow-up content must also have a personal touch to it to make the attendees feel important and valued. Thus, it increases your chances of turning the leads into sales.

While the body of your message might be the same, you can change the names when you send the message, rather than sticking to words like “attendees”, “buddy”, etc.

We hope this article will be helpful to you in adding some personalized elements to your expo booth design. 

At the end of the day, exhibitions are a place for brands to acquire new customers and network with them. This is why creating a memorable attendee experience is essential if you want attendees to do business with you. 

Tip of the Day: For your giveaways, think out-of-the-box and come up with unique items to hand out. Things like plant seeds, miniature art, exhibition themed keychain, etc., are some options. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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