Show-Stopping Art Elements to Incorporate into your Expo Booth

It cannot be denied that when walking around in an exhibition, the first that that catches an attendee’s attention is the fair booth designs. More importantly, what unique displays they have that sets them apart from other expo fair stands.

To have an edge over the other exhibitors, you must have a show-stopping display item that instantly grabs attention. While some choose presentations, live entertainment, cafes and much more. So, become a treat to the eye by having artistic elements in your expo booth.

Here are 7 art elements you can incorporate into your expo booth for an upcoming exhibition. 
  • Sculptures

Adding a sculpture to your expo booth might seem like an absurd idea to some or even an expensive one. But they can catch the attention of attendees in a flash. 

However, rather than a simple structure, dazzle up your stand by extending your options by having a stained-glass structure that colours the booth when the lights hit it. Or even a life-size statue of your brand mascot, or an aminal related to your brand. 

  • Structures Made Out of Products

A simple way to explain this would be the way stores stack up their products to resemble an object. For example, a coffee company arranges their packed products to look like a tree. Or, they have suspended the product from a tree sculpture to emphasize the “organic” aspect of the product. 

Such an artistic structure brings forth two benefits. Firstly, the structure instantly catches the attendees’ attention and has people entering your custom-built exhibition stands. Secondly, you can display your products to attendee far away from your expo booth, thus saving unnecessary space for banners. 

  • Centrepiece Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the messestand design as they brighten up the booth and highlight the important elements. 

So, why not take it one step further and have the light fixture become the attraction of your convention booth along with the other elements. 

Since the attendees far away from the show booth cannot see the exhibit and the displays, an overhead lighting fixture is a great way to make your booth known. 

How so? The answer is simple. When attendees are looking to visit a booth, they first see what’s the most impressive aspect of the booth. Given that they only see an elaborate centrepiece lighting fixture, they will want to know what you are displaying. Thus, there’s a crowd outside the booth

  • Entrance Designs 

An important, yet often overlooked aspect of the fair booth designs is the entrance. Rather than sticking to the usual arcs, up your entrance game by asking the exhibition booth design company to design a creative entryway.

So, rather than it looking like an entryway, ask the designer to make an art structure through which the attendees have to go through to get inside the expo booth. 

You can use strings to make an intricate structure, living archways, flower entryways, intricate metal structures and much more. 

So, as the attendees walk past your stand, the designer entryway will instantly catch their eye. 

  • Night Sky Hologram

What’s more beautiful than a starry night? Create the illusion of the night with holograms to have attendees jaws drop. Since most stands don’t have a ceiling or even if they do, it’s usually a simple coloured one, why not give the attendees something to look up to. 

  • Moving Overhead Structures

An increasing popular structure is a suspended moving structure. Now, while the attendees expect there to be videos, product demonstrations and other such moving phenomenons, they wouldn’t expect an overhead structure to move.

If an attendee is looking towards your exhibition space design, the moving structure would easily catch their attention. Thus, it would make them curious about what your brand is exhibiting. 

  • Terrarium

Create a zen atmosphere with a terrarium in your expo booth. With the different textures and vivid colours, a terrarium will be the perfect attraction for your messestand design. Apart from the visual stimulation, it also is a unique experience that you can provide your attendees. 

Place them near the seating area or even at the back of the convention booth, so that the attendees have to walk past the staff and the display products to get to the terrarium. As the attendees are admiring the setup, your staff can approach them. 

We hope this article will help you include some art elements in your expo booth for the next show. 

With each exhibitor trying to outdo the other, it’s becoming tougher and tougher for both brands and the exhibition stand designers to come up with exhibition space designs that leave the attendees awestruck. 

So, rather than doing the usual, try to include these art elements in your expo fair stands and you will certainly have a crowd lining up outside your booth.

Tip of the Day: While choosing the art element, make sure that it ties in with your show booth and its themes. Otherwise, it can easily look like an eye-sore, something that doesn’t really belong in the booth.


If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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