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An Exhibition Design Company’s Tips to Create an Effective Exhibition Budget

Exhibitions are an expensive affair for a brand setting up a booth or even hiring an exhibition design company. While big companies don’t mind breaking the bank for such an investment, small companies and startups are the ones who have to make a expo display on a budget. 

For them, exhibiting with the minimum expense is necessary. However, with the endless services needed and other registration fees, documentation and marketing strategies, the cost can easily pile up. 

This is why here are some tips from an exhibition design company that will help you create an effective budget for your booth. 

  • Lay Down your Exhibition Goals

The saying, back to the drawing board is rather apt for scenarios when you don’t have a plan and start making hasty decisions. The same is the case with exhibition planning.

Before you even create a budget for your pop up displays for expo events, you need to have a plan for everything. From what kind of booth to marketing strategies to exhibition services to follow-up strategy. 

All the exhibition elements require you to spend money. Thus creating a plan will help you prevent any unwanted expenses. This way you can allocate the needed amount to the required aspects of your expo stands.

All this planning is especially important for your ROI, which will help you understand if the exhibition was a successful investment or no. 

  • Book the Show Booth Space in Advance

As an exhibitor, it is important that you book the expo booth space as soon as the exhibition is announced. Usually, exhibitions have a first-come-first-serve basis for choosing the booth space. So, the earlier you book a spot, the better options you will have. Moreover, you also more likely to find the best spot for your expo booth

If you delay the booking or wait till the last minute, there’s a high chance that you might have to pay a premium. Also, you might not get the desired booth space and so you might have to change the exhibition display design. This could be an added cost as the exhibition design company would have to start over. 

  • Pay all Due Bills

It goes without saying that when planning your expo exhibit design, you will have to spend a lot. So, there’s going to be a stack of bills you must pay. 

Now while most companies clearly state the amount of money to be paid, there are cases when the cost of the show booth element is more than the estimate due to some hidden charges or overhead fees.

Moreover, it might also happen that in the midst of planning for the exhibition, you might miss a payment. This might be heavy on the pocket as you might have to pay extra as you have the pay the interest or late charges. 

  • Consider the Dimensions of the Booth

The last thing any exhibitor wants is to assemble their expo display that doesn’t fit into the booth space or worse, doesn’t even has the right dimensions to be assembled in the exhibition

Such a mistake can cost you thousands and your investment and efforts would go down the drain. Even you realise the mistake before the event, creating another design will still cost you. 

Thus, be sure to take note of the dimension of the booth and communicate the right information for the exhibition design company.

  • Go Digital

While most exhibitors will opt for brochures and flyers to hand out to the attendees, make things easier for both you and your prospects. 

Rather than spending on heaps of exhibition literature, go digital and create PDFs for the same. This will save you from having to create extra space for storage. Moreover, it becomes easier for the attendees to read up about your brands and their products. 

This has three advantages; one, you don’t spend thousands on the printing material; two, the attendees aren’t given yet another leaflet they won’t read and dump into the trash and third, you’re being environmentally friendly. 

  • Weigh the Booth Before Storage

If you’re exhibiting internationally, you will store your expo booth at the warehouse near the venue before the event. These storage spaces might have a limit for the amount of weight each brand’s crates and boxes. So if the weight of your booth exceeds the limit you might have to pay a fee.

We hope these tips from an exhibition design company will help you build the budget for your booth. Indeed, exhibitions are a great way for brands to meet new customers, increase sale and network with industry professionals. But they are also expensive and so brands must do everything they can to save some money while exhibiting. Follow these tips and you can do the same!

Tip of the Day: While you are booking your booth space and choosing the exhibition design company, don’t forget to book the flight tickets and hotel accommodations. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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