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Our 100 man years of experience condenced into most useful Trade Show Tips for successful exhibiting in the Europe

An experienced exhibition design agency in Europe will their way around shows there and can help you cut exhibition costs. Here is how:

  1. Providing Show Services With Booth Building

Apart from creating your modular stands, stall design companies also provide show services. These include electricity in expo show stands, rigging booth banners and AVs, manpower for booth staff like a hostess, water for sanitation and water stations, compressed air for displaying or storage purposes etc.

  1. Booth Elements Built for Office and Showroom 

While you may have rented your pop up displays for trade show, rent out, some exhibition booth constructions companies allow you to buy the booth elements like customised furniture, product display stands for exhibition, booth banners, etc. This way an element built for 4 days is used for the next3 years. Thus reusing the booth elements helps you cut costs. 

  1. Creating a Hybrid Stand of Modular Structure and Customized Booth

An experienced exhibition design agency will combine a modular structure with a customized booth design to make it more cost-effective. Modular structures are lightweight and reusable making them cheaper than customized ones. For example, if a client requests, we use a modular structure for the pantry while the rest of the event booth design is customized. This reduces structure, fabrication, labour and show services cost. Nonetheless, the quality of the pop up exhibition displays is top-notch.

When exhibition in exhibition fairs, it is essential to choose a messestandbauer company that understands your exhibition needs and provide the best solution for your design stall with your exhibition budget. Here are 4 tips to help you find an exhibition design agency that will add value to your brand.

  1. Choose an experienced exhibition design agency

You need an experienced exhibition booth stand design agency to navigate through the rules and regulations, especially if you’re a first-time exhibitor. Apart from knowing the  fair and exhibition, they must also come up with several booth display design ideas, understand the installation complexity and have comprehensive knowledge about the exhibition’s material laws.

  1. Choose an agency with the design edge

In Europe, all the modular exhibition systems look different from the others because Europe prefers custom modular exhibition stands. So we suggest that you choose a stall design company that build creative exhibition stands. Thus, by hiring professionals for your conception de stand d exposition your booth can stand out amongst the crowd.

  1. Choose a booth design company that’s near the fairground

For a complex structure like a double-decker or custom built stands, you need attention and backup planning. Given the unique build, many things can go wrong like glass panels breaking, exhibition graphics falling short, need for light fixtures, etc. Moreover, these are things that aren’t easily available at the last minute. So choosing a booth design company close to the fairground will help you with these last-minute requirements.

  1. Choose an agency that provides onsite services

Many exhibit construction companies only install the exhibiting design booth and leave. We believe that onsite support is crucial for all modular display stands. So always check if the exhibition design agency provides onsite in case anything breaks, can’t be found, or if you just need extra assistance. So instead of you running around, they handle these things.

  1. Let the light in!

An attractive exhibition booth stand is well lit. This is because proper lighting makes the 3d exhibition stall design look more inviting as they can see the displays. It makes the employees feel motivated to do their job. A dimly lit expo show stand design looks sleepy, thus, being avoided by visitors; a well-lit booth. To cust costs, while being eco-friendly and elegant we suggest LED lighting for your event booth design.

  1. Go green, literally!

Investing in live planters, living walls of foliage and flowers for your booth stand design can create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. This will make the attendees comfortable and relaxed. If your fair booth design is small opt for a unique flower arrangement at your reception desk.

  1. Keep calm and smile!

Don’t forget that you set up these amazing exhibition stands for the attendees. You can’t expect the prospects to turn into leads if the exhibition booth design staff aren’t properly trained. Hire those employees that are friendly, approachable and interested in solving the attendees’ queries. Being able to listen without interrupting and give practical solutions is essential. 

  1. Simplicity is the new sophistication!

Keep your design stall simple, open and inviting as people tend to avoid portable displays that are too cluttered with displays and crowded. Along the same lines, your exhibition graphics design must also effectively convey the message using impactful images and minimal text.

  1. The way to a client’s mind, is through their stomach!

Hospitality is a bonus that gives you an edge over other modular stands. With a hospitality counter serving finger foods and beverages, you will surely attract attendees. Thus, as the attendees stay in your booth stand design, use this opportunity to converse with them about the brand. 

You invested in buying the best exhibition booth stand space, creating the best stand feria diseño and even got your best people onto the booth. Why? So that all this money and effort will open doors for your future business. Here are 7 ways to turn your prospects into your clients.

  1. Greet your guests with a smile. Your messestand is for business transactions, however, your approach towards your customers should not be transactional but open and friendly. This gives the impression that you’re interested in building a relationship rather than just selling products.
  1. Be genuinely interested in your guest’s queries. The genuine interest here means that you must listen to the attendee without interrupting. Listening attentively assures that speaker that they are being understood and valued. So value his/her query and listen to them with your full attention.
  1. Resolve the query with the correct information. Once you listen and understand the prospect in your modular stands, try to give them the information on the spot instead of directing them to a website or telling them to get in touch after the exhibition. While relaying the information, be concise and if you need assistance, try to get it right away.
  1. Make your guest comfortable. Have them seated before diving into business. Then offer them a beverage or snack. Now that they feel relaxed and comfortable, begin the business talk.
  1. Invest in unique giveaways. You probably know that giveaways are also called memorabilia, and indeed for the right reason. They help people remember who gave it, its significance and so on. So always give something unique which will help your prospect remember you and your brand days after the show.
  1. Set the follow-up date. After your interaction with an attendee in the diseño de stand ask for their contact details and make note of when you can contact them to further the conversation. Thus, making them feel valued which will most likely be reciprocated.
  1. Do not push your products too much. Accept that your brand and products can’t be the perfect solution for everyone, so avoid pushing a sale when you know it’s not helpful. If your product is genuinely fit for the customer then seal the deal. But it’s not the ideal solution for his/her requirement to recommend other options/brands. This shows that you are honest in doing business and while you might lose a prospect, they might come around for another product in the future.

1. Highlight your brand USP

Why are you different from the 1000 other modular exhibition systems on the show floor that have set up their portable displays? This is one of the questions in the attendees’ who walk into your show stands. So ensure that you have weaved this answer into the scripts that you have prepared for the people who are manning your portable display stands.

2. Understand the products on display very well

Everyone in your conception de stand d exposition should know about the new product or the popular products that you are exhibiting. People walking into the 3d exhibition stall design are curious about the product. Thus, your staff must have complete knowledge about the product and its relevance to the customers.

3. Communicate the company’s focus on quality

While not all the attendees might not be brand conscious, they are quality conscious. If you have a sub-par quality product in your show booth displays, remember that the attendees will tell at least 100 people about it. So your conference display stands’ staff need to focus on the product quality, benefits, processes, and so on.

4. Give examples of happy customers

Happiness is contagious. Everyone wants to associate and work with happy people. So, as a tactic, try to weave a narrative about a happy customer and how well you served them over time. This will show credibility, dependability and give confidence to your prospect about your company.

With over 4000 messestand design companies in Germany alone, the number of messestandbauer companies in Europe is off the charts! This gives exhibitors countless options to choose from. However, selecting the right one from all these stand building companies in the task. So, here are tips to help you choose from the various options.

  1. Formulate a budget for your booth

Be it large pavilions or a small 9sqm stall design, having a well-defined budget is necessary as it decides how much you will spend on the modular stands rental, marketing campaigns, technology, travelling, giveaways, etc. To formulate the right budget it is having a proper understanding of the industry and the exhibition is crucial.     

  1. Understand your product 

For product demonstrations at the trade fair booth design, select a stall design company that understands the product and creates 3d exhibition stall design accordingly. Select between curved and straight-lined exhibit rental options or even go for custom modular exhibition stands based on your display products, not the other way around. 

  1. Understand rigging and location of the exhibition stand booth 

Rigging gives your 3d exhibition stall design an edge making it look taller and more elegant. In terms of branding the visibility increases while from a production lens, lighting fixtures can be suspended to illuminate your amazing exhibition stands. However, it’s only possible in exhibiting with high ceilings and pre-rig points. Thus, it is essential to check the rigging possibilities with the show organiser before buying any related structures. 

  1. Understanding the structures available in the market

With your budget, product and exhibition design space layout you can now choose from the several rental options in the market. Be it a custom-built stand or modular stands or one of the portable design stands, or fabric exhibition stands!

  1. Make the choice: Rent or Buy

Despite the renting options, you can always buy them from the rental exhibition design agency that makes them. However, you won’t exclusive rights to the conception de stand d exposition, but can still use it as your own. 

So if you’re participating in several shows at once or a year, it’s beneficial to buy the structure and have the booth design company set it up at the events. They might charge you a fee for the installation. But looking at the bigger picture, you will be able to cut costs.

Your exhibition graphics enhance the appearance of your stand de feria. Apart from adding to the aesthetic of the conception se stand d exposition, they also play a huge role in relaying information about the brand, its products and services. Here are 5 tips for designing exhibition graphics.

1. Size does matter. Ensure that your exhibition graphics are large enough to be viewed from far away. You can use a wall-to-wall structure to display the booth banners. Large fabric graphics that adorn the length and breadth of your messestand design are a popular trend today as they are sophisticated and look better than the conventional vertical banner booths.

2. Have a balance of content. Don’t overload the exhibition graphics, covering every inch of the canvas with information. Rather go for simple, short and crispy text and images. A powerful punchline is enough to drive home the brand name and the products on display, thus, attracting attendees.

3. Place your modular stands graphics facing areas with the most crowd to attract attention. An effective graphic relays the essential information with minimal text and images. So to get attendees to visit your event booth design, place them correctly within your show booth displays.

4. Illuminate the graphics! Backlit graphics are now a preferred option for many exhibitors as the light is built-in, unlike the arm lights and tarpaulin prints. Thus, not only illuminating the graphic equally but also looking more neat and clean.

5. Remember that your rigging is an opportunity to display your booth banners and AVs. So, apart from the wall exhibition graphics use rigging to attract attendees that are far away. You should design using logos and other important messages.

  1. Keep the headline and message very crisp

Your exhibition graphics aren’t brochures, they don’t need a product list, or material specifications, or technical information. Rather, address problems and suggest that you have a solution.  So make it human-centric instead of product-centric.

  1. Focus on the font size

Many exhibitors are under the impression that the exhibition graphics are for the attendees inside their modular stands. But, they are not. Booth banners are for attendees inside your displays for expo show to arouse curiosity and urge them to come inside the portable design stands. So ensure that your exhibition graphics can be read from 12-15 feet away.

  1. Use eye-catching and pleasing images

Whether you are selling skincare or tea, your exhibition graphics shouldn’t reflect those. Rather go for images with which an attendee can relate. Also choose those images that are positive pleasant, happy and vibrant.

  1. Hire an expert graphic designer to design the graphics

Just like to look for professionals when hiring a booth design company, booth staff, etc., you must hire professional graphic designers for your modular display stands graphics. This is because a professional will understand your brand and make graphics accordingly. 

  1. Always follow your brand manual

Every brand has particular imagery, colour scheme, font, etc, associated with it. This is to maintain consistency across all platforms and communication. Similarly, your expo show stands must follow the brand guidelines to create the exhibition graphics.

Once you have selected an exhibition design agency, you must trust them to deliver the requested messestand. Nonetheless, it’s essential to keep track and be updated during all the production stages. This is why exhibition stand companies must answer these questions that will for you to understand your exhibition booth design better.

  1. Booth stand design details which include height, materials, booth dimensions, types of exhibition graphics used and samples/sketches/photos of important elements and so on.

  2. Exhibition graphics file detailing everything about the graphics from the resolution to print media specifications, etc.

  3. Logo file detailing dimensions of logos, designs, placement and so on.  

  4. Display product dimensions and details.

  5. List all the exhibition furniture with the necessary details.

  6. Complete pantry plan with all storage and F&B details.

  7. Complete lighting plan with details on units of fixtures, their power consumption, etc.

  8. Production and handover are scheduled for the portable display stands.

  9. Dismantling plan and schedule.

  10. Contact details of production manager and client service representative onsite. 

From all the available and customized stand feria diseño that exhibition booth manufacturers create for you, at the exhibition trade fairs you can only have one show booth per event. So what l elements or parameters distinguish an innovative exhibition stands from its less attractive counterparts?

1. A creative messestand design is open, and welcoming rather than closed-in.

2. Adequate exhibition graphics that are simple and easy to understand.

3. Have enough exhibition design space to carry out product demonstrations.

4. Have an effective lighting plan with LED light fixtures for your 3d exhibition stall design.

5. Place the reception desk facing the busiest aisle of your conference display stands to attract attendees and immediately solve their queries.

6. For a good F&B service ensure that the designated area is open, comfortable, and encourages people to sit and relax.

7. Ensure that the pantry space is big enough to fit all the storage items, boxes, bags, etc.

8. Lastly your portable design stands to comply with your brand guidelines and the exhibition rules and regulations.

For a small 3d exhibition stall design, it’s difficult to outshine bigger modular exhibition systems. So how does one increase or maximise the space with a small expo show display design? Simple, use dynamic content By using dynamic content you can display several exhibition graphics within the same space. Here are 5 benefits of dynamic LED content for you.

1. Makes the Show Booth Lively
With the constant changes in the graphic, your conference display stands become visually stimulating and lively. This can be achieved by having multiple graphics play back-to-back to create eye-catching content.

2. Create an environment for the products
A large-format LED screen playing your product will grab the attendees’ attention, showing the products in their environment is a better way for attendees to understand the product. For example, for a natural product or natural ingredient in your product use nature imagery to drive home the “natural” element. This environment always adds to the product value.

3. Break the language barrier
Imagery-based exhibition graphics are the best way to create and communicate dynamic content as it transcends beyond the language barrier making it understandable for everyone. Your traditional exhibition graphics have texts in a certain language(s) that makes it harder for attendees who don’t understand to make sense of it.

4. Visible from far away
An LED video wall of the same height as your exhibition booth stand or rigged above the portable displays not only attracts the attention of attendees near the booth but also of those far away.

5. Give your company a Technology Savvy Look
While LED walls are commonly used by many exhibitors, they still haven’t been used by most of them. So to gain an edge over your competition, create a large dynamic wall. It will give the company a modern look and show that you’re in tune with the latest technology.

  1. Start with defining the quantity:

Make a checklist of the quantity of furniture you will need for the exhibition booth stand. While making the list remember that it should correspond with the estimated attendees so that you don’t fall short. 

  1. Select between furniture options:

Your stall design company will provide you with a furniture catalogue to choose from. Opt for sleek and comfortable furniture, rather than heavy and bulky ones. Bulky furniture will eat up your exhibition design space and is more expensive to buy and transport. Opt for cushioned and stackable furniture.

  1. Use couches for waiting areas:

As attendees wait outside meeting rooms convert the space into a lounge with couches. Couches ensure that your client is comfortably seated while awaiting the meeting and shows that you prioritize every attendee.

  1. Use only good quality furniture:

Avoid furniture that is chipped, torn or shabby. Thus, even simple furniture is a great choice as long as it’s good quality furniture. If you have shabby furniture in your trade show stands, the attendees will subconsciously associate that their quality with your product’s.

  1. Deciding table diameter:

It is best to use high tables at your modular stands for quick meetings. So rent out some medium diameter tables for the open discussion areas they have enough space for 2 people to keep their laptops and notebooks along with a beverage. Lastly, opt for opaque tabletops over transparent glass ones as women feel more comfortable with these.

A seasoned exhibitor knows which exhibition fairs are important as each event has something different to offer the brands exhibiting. Nonetheless, it is essential to build on your brand image to increase brand exposure and recall value in the industry.

For companies attending several exhibition fairs and setting up many modular stands, it is most economically viable to rent or even buy modular display stands that fit all the exhibition spaces. Essentially the structure is the same, while the exhibition graphics change as per the requirements of the client.

So if you are looking for a modular stand design for your repeat exhibitions then:

  1. Try to book a similar exhibition space design in terms of size and side openings for all your exhibitions. This way you won’t need new exhibition systems for every show and save you significant costs.

  2. Consider buying the conception de stand from your rental booth design company so that they will just charge you for storage and installation.

3. If you are not buying new diseño de stands and prefer renting them with a bulk deal for multiple shows at the same time. This can save you up to 30% of costs as compared to single show deals.

As an exhibitor, you might be looking for parameters on which you can shortlist and potentially finalise the right booth design company for your next trade fair and exhibition. Here are a few points you can consider. 

  1. Define the budget 

Your budget will define what scale of exhibition design agency you can contract. If you have a big budget for a small space look for exhibition stand design companies that offer customised work. If you have a limited budget and want to put up a sophisticated and simple booth then you can look for a rental exhibition stall design company that offers innovative exhibition stands for rent.

  1. Global agency and a local agency

When it comes to having creative exhibition stands hire a global agency that deals with over 400 modular stands every month. Or opt for a local agency that builds 10-15 amazing exhibition stands every month. However, large companies lack the personal touch in designing the show booth displays as they play in volumes. Rather, they have simple standard structures redesign and use regularly. So, for that personal attention and custom modular exhibition stands opt for a mid-sized experienced agency.

  1. Do secondary research on the company

Look for stand building companies close to the venue as it makes the transportation and other last minute-changes easier. When you study these exhibition stand companies you should primarily look for 2 things on their website:

  1. Portfolio: It shows how well they have executed complex booths for previous clients and highlights their quality of execution
  2. Designing capabilities: To see if they provide something unique for each booth stand design to stand out from the rest.
  1. Talk to a senior person within the company

Do not skip this last step. You need to talk to a representative of the company who can provide you confidence, assurance and all necessary details about their booth building capabilities. It will give you clarity about their processes, methods, communication, services, people, and most importantly delivery.

Customized modular exhibition stands are complex made-to-order structures and thus need utmost supervision with a keen. On the other hand, rental modular stands are standard foolproof structures that don’t require stringent supervision. 

So, If you are making customized modular exhibition stands these 10 tips will help you get the best quality from your custom exhibition booth manufacturer.

  1. Be involved from day 1: By providing the correct brief till the production stage, you must be updated regularly. Providing the correct brief and feedback is an essential step to getting the custom-built stands’ design right.

  2. Treat your service provider as a team: The booth design company is building the exhibit for you and so work with them as a team rather than bossing over them. Trust their booth building capabilities and policies and your exhibition vision will be brought to life.

  3. Ensure that you give timely approvals: The exhibition booth builders can’t move ahead with the production if you don’t provide timely approvals, be it big or small. On receiving the approval, the material acquisition begins, planning and production start. Try to give approvals on time so that there are no delays.

  4. Give your exhibition graphics designs in the correct format and resolution, on time. This gives the professionals enough time to print, test and make necessary amends.
  5. Trust the booth design company in terms of production details. You may be a seasoned exhibitor exhibiting at 10 shows every year, but your stall design company has more experience in terms of booth building.

  6. Do not give last-minute changes as it means the whole production schedule needs to be altered. Thus, causing stress among the production team. Take time to give the approvals but let that be the final decision.

  7. Make the payments on time as the booth design company needs them to acquire material and build your booth. 

  8. Onsite time is critical for your exhibition design agency, so let them do their job and don’t interrupt them. They are on schedule to create the whole event booth design in a matter of days. Avoid interrupting them unnecessarily so that they don’t miss any crucial aspects.

  9. Don’t pressurize the onsite stall design company to work faster. Many exhibitors panic when they compare the set-up progress with the exhibiting neighbours, thus confusing the production team. Trust the team as they know what they are doing. Moreover, pushing them to hurry up will only make things complicated, impacting the overall finishing of the booth.

  10. Give objective and constructive feedback to your exhibition booth design company. You will be consulted and asked for feedback during all the stages from the design to the sample stage to the production stage. Ensure that your feedback is objective and solution-oriented. 
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