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We are an exhibition design agency in Europe that provides customized and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

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Creative Exhibition Stand Design

As a one of best expo booth design companies in Europe, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibit stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diseño De Exposiciones
Exhibition Construction Company

Being one of the top show booth design companies in Spain, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular displays and portable exhibits.

Every exhibition, like every brand, is unique, and your Exhibition booth stand design should reflect this. There are, nevertheless, a few standard boxes that every design should check. The most effective exhibition booth stand designs are eye-catching, entice visitors, and generate conversation.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Excellent Exhibition Booth Stand?

Whether it’s cooperating with an agency, specifier, or end-user, we’ve accumulated a lot of experience working on some incredible exhibition spaces over the years.

Our Modular System may be utilised to construct custom, aesthetically exciting stands that are simple to modify and install.

Here are some helpful hints for making your exhibition booth stand a success.


Always give your team a heads-up. Never allow someone to come to your booth without knowing why they’re there and what your main points are for that particular event.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but a few important elements about your business and the items / services you’re selling can go a long way.


Set goals for yourself. Otherwise, how will you know if it was a success?

These goals can be anything from the number of visits to the booth to the number of leads scanned to the number of orders completed – just have something to compare it to, or you’ll struggle to persuade people in charge of the purse strings that it was all worth it.

Follow-up actions

Follow up with folks who have kindly allowed you to scan their documents or handed over their business card or query. If they want information, provide it as soon as possible.

If you don’t hear back after the first, second, third, or fourth attempts, DON’T GIVE UP!! 80% of prospects say “no” four times before saying “yes.” The most common blunder made by exhibitors is failing to recognise the gold dust they bring home with them and allowing leads to go cold, or losing them in transit from the exhibition to the office…

Techniques of engagement

Consider thinking beyond the box. Visitors may be hesitant to stop at exhibition booth stand for fear of being trapped with a salesperson who will not let them go or speak freely.

BEFORE YOU SPEAK, LISTEN! If your dazzling grin doesn’t win them over right away, give them the option to engage with you. Games, seating places, food & drink, and genuinely unique venues provide visitors with a respite from the other exhibitors, providing the ideal time for a dialogue…

Choosing the best location for your exhibition booth stand and deciding what to do with it

Exhibit in a specific location and select a place that is appropriate for both your budget and your target audience, then make the most of it. To attract attention, use visuals that stand out from the crowd, lighting to enhance product displays, and (probably most significantly) don’t overcrowd the booth with your own personnel!

Modular Systems can generate incredible designs that adapt to the size of your show space. Curved stands with fabric or solid infill panels can be used in conjunction with illuminated signage to attract visitors’ attention.


It’s all about who you choose to represent you on your stand. Select them carefully. People who know everything there is to know about the company and can naturally engage visitors (without the sales pitch!) are essential.

Items that are given away as gifts.

This may appear to be a no-brainer, but always double-check your sources! You’d be amazed how many obsolete brochures with out-of-date information and inappropriate subject matter are brought to events. Even better, if you have the ability, create something unique for the audience you’ll be targeting during the show.

Everyone enjoys a good freebie. The majority end up in the bottom of the exposition hall trashcan or with guests’ children. Give them a gift that they’ll want to keep and use again and again. Something they can put on their desks or that will be beneficial to them. Consider your visitor profiles and what they like, and personalise it if you’re seeing someone special who has been pre-arranged. Going above and above has a significant influence.

Make the most of your available area

When it comes to stand space, less is absolutely more!

Passers-by will be repelled rather than enticed to come over if the space is overcrowded with furniture.Getting this balance right could mean the difference between a positive and negative ROI for your stand, so think about it carefully.

Consider how much room you’ll need to interact with visitors.Will you require a desk or a counter to record their information as a lead?

Do you intend to meet with existing clients for an extended length of time? In addition to the area you’ll need to accept leads and sell, you’ll need to consider the amount of room you’ll need for clients to examine or engage with your products if you’re showcasing a lot of them. Will your guests require seating, and will you require privacy?

You should also think about how visitors will flow through your booth; blocking important access points with tables or displays may prevent customers from talking to your personnel.

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