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10 effective ways to save on costs in an exhibition

Know about the efficient ways to cut down on costs for your exhibition stand booth

Selecting the correct exhibition event to attend will create a huge difference to your success level along with the qualified leads and sales.

  • Right Planning

Right planning is the most vital cost-cutting tip. Planning saves on high-priced instant charges. Create a timeline of key dates and activities. Schedule due dates before a month so that you mostly meet your deadlines.

Hiring an exhibition stall design company can also help you create a fair booth design that stays within your budget.

  • Promotional Materials Production

Plan all of your pre-show promotional items at a similar time to save lots of printing expenses instead of printing multiple times throughout the year.

  • Rent a Booth

Choose one such creative booth design that saves lots of storage, logistics costs, and overall expenditure, that would help to adapt from simple to critical areas by adding or removing elements as per requirement or need.

  • expo Booth Graphics

Design and ready your graphics earlier than time to avoid overtime or rush charges. Have somebody control your copy to avoid amendment charges.

  • Show Packing

Create a “show box” containing handy things that are typically not obtainable at the show. tape, velcro, scissors, swiss army knife, pens, paper, extension cords, and additional lightweight bulbs. Bear in mind to re-stock the box once every show.

Also, keep this box behind the exhibition stand to maintain the stall design’s look.

  • Information Booklet

Print enough information literature to distribute to qualified lead prospects by providing them with brochures or pdf. If you print them in bulk, the total cost will come down. 

  • Transportation

When shopping for a show, research how you’ll ship it. Light-weight sturdy systems save on shipping and drayage. Keep a correct record of the actual weight, contents, and range of containers. Specify the burden on your bill of cargo. Consolidate materials in one tub or shrink-wrap individual things onto one pallet. Don’t stint on shipping containers. Re-doing broken graphics is often high-priced.

  • Travel

Check for reduced rates or special deals with the airlines for 10 individuals or additional traveling to and from a similar town. Book early and raise hotels for any specials or company rates. Explore Sat night stay-over rates, an additional night at the edifice could also be but the additional transportation. Use field shuttles rather than taxis.

  • Show services

Pre-order show services a minimum of 10-30 days before the show. This includes electrical, phones, cleaning services, etc. The ground value is commonly 10-20% higher. Order additional electrical power than required therefore you don’t risk an electrical breakdown which might lead to some fees or charges. 

  • Set up schedule

Setting up a schedule that avoids weekends and has overtime hours. Make sure your exhibition stand staff have enough breaks but also that the stand expo does not look too empty.

 If you need help planning and executing an innovative booth design at the next expo, get in touch with us.

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