Crowd Management Tactics for Display for Expo

So you played your cards right and now have a big crowd in your modular stands. But are you prepared to manage the crowd? 

Whether it is a large convention booth or even a customized one, if you don’t have a crowd management plan, all your efforts will go down the drain. Why so?

Firstly, with a big unmanaged crowd, the attendees outside the exhibition stand booth might look at the chaos and steer away from the exhibit. Secondly, it will lead to confusion and frustration not only among the attendees but also the staff. Thereby, hampering the memorable exhibition experience the attendees wished for. 

So what can companies do to manage a crowd while also feeling overwhelmed? Simple! Use some crowd management tactics. 

Here are some crowd management tactics that will help you have an organized experience at your display for expos.

  • Pre-Show Registrations

If the attendees have to register for something in your expo stands, it’s best to open the registrations before the event. How does that help? They will register nonetheless.

Well, if they are your portable display stands while registering they will be simply standing inside and registering. Is that bad? In most cases no. But when there are more and more people in your booth that waiting while they register it can cause problems.

First, they will take up the majority of the exhibition space design making it difficult for other attendees to move about. Secondly, the idea of having to wait before the attendees can indulge in your display for expos can make some people leave.

  • Booth Host

Chaos isn’t bad as long as it is organized. How do you achieve that? Instead of having all the staff try to work their way around the crowd in their own way, have a host in your fabric exhibition stands. 

A host can easily guide the crowd do different sections of the pop up exhibition displays without creating a chaotic environment. Not only that, it makes your company seem more professional and organized. 

The host will then become the go-to person for all queries and will be the one also asking the attendees to move so that other attendees can also experience the booth.

  • Waiting Rooms or Lounge Areas

With elaborate fair booth designs comes an elaborate exhibition experience. Be it presentations, live product demonstrations, or even meetings with clients.

Given that these are some rather exciting prospects to look forward to, you wouldn’t want your attendees and clients to feel frustrated before the event, especially if they are waiting.

Make sure that you have a waiting room or even a lounge area for people to sit and relax, rather than have them standing. When they’re sitting, it’s easier to decipher who’s present and what needs to be done. 

Also, it shows that you care about the attendees and clients and want them to be in a comfortable environment. 

  • Displays 

Now that you have a crowd and only a handful of people to attend them, it’s important to make sure that all the attendees are given importance and shown that their time is valuable. 

So, while your staff is attending to say the 30 or 40 attendees, instead of leaving the attendees unattended, set up some displays like video walls playing brand and product videos, interactive displays and so on. 

How is that effective? The benefit is two-fold. Not only are the attendees not left unattended, but they are also engaging with the brand and what the portable displays have to offer. Furthermore, they are also getting an idea about the brand and what it sells.

  • Effective Booth Layout

One of the main reasons why your display for expos may seem crowded is the booth layout. When planning your booth design, keep in mind where you want the attendees to go and how will they gather there without blocking others way. 

For example, if you have your product displays at the front of the booth, the entryway can easily get blocked or might make it harder for other attendees to make their way around. So, it’s best to keep the products at the back for easy entry and exit.

We hope this article will help you manage the crowd flocking in your display for expos. Although it may feel like an inconvenience with so many people huddled in an exhibition stand booth, it actually a sign of how well your booth is doing. With these tactics in mind, you can easily manage a crowd and have a successful exhibition. 

Tip of the Day: In case the crowd does get out of control or overwhelm your staff, have a backup plan. This might be anything from switching up the way you deal with the attendees to requesting the attendees to move to a different area in the booth.  

If you need assistance in building creative exhibition stands for upcoming exhibition events, look no further. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details.

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