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How can you increase foot traffic to your expo booth displays?

For exhibition events and expos, expo booth displays are an essential marketing tool. Face-to-face meetings at exhibition events give you an advantage over the competition in the digital era, and a well-designed eye-catching show booth is a certain method to start talks. Furthermore, your pop-up displays for expo is a brand expansion. As a result, it should attract potential clients.

Perhaps you’ve attended an exhibition event, paid for the excellent expo exhibit design spaces, put in the effort to set it up, and then… nothing. Your presence is disregarded as though it were unnoticed. What are the chances that this will happen? What’s more important, what can we do about it? Let’s have a look at some expo booth display ideas you may use right now!

In your expo booth displays, bring your items or services to life

If you’re displaying products or services, give them a fresh look! Putting them on a shelf isn’t going to draw in customers or pique your audience’s interest. If your items are all-natural, for example, why not show them in a grass-covered live exhibit to emphasise this? Are you in the business of selling alcoholic beverages? How about a model brewery that demonstrates the brewing process? When it comes to your creative stall design, thinking outside the box can really set you apart from the other businesses fighting for attention at the exhibition event.

Creating an ambiance

Naturally, you want your expo stands to be a gathering spot for people to talk. Adding string lighting or changing the text on display graphics can help create a welcoming atmosphere. Having a lounge area and meeting places can help keep customers at your show booth longer, allowing them to study your items more thoroughly and enhance brand recall. Furthermore, when your customers are seated and relaxed, they are more receptive to what you have to say about your products or services. This is one of the most important expo stands ideas for conversions!

Displays of lighting

Let’s face it: fluorescent strip lights draped high above exhibition events and exhibits rarely thrill. Having lights in your company colours is a simple method to set yourself out from the competition. LED projectors also create eye-catching moving murals and light shows, making them essential exposition equipment. After all, you want your expo booth displays to be more than a sales kiosk – it should be a memorable experience.

Make a name for yourself as a thought leader

Why not try to educate your target audience while you’re trying to sell your products and brand? You become a thinking leader if you provide a learning experience – and where you lead, others will follow. Not only that, but it also acts as social proof, demonstrating that you and your organisation are experts in your field. Product demos and presentations provide quick instances of this. Why not take it a step further? People can educate themselves on their own time in a less stressful setting by visiting fully interactive informational show booths about your products and services.

Know how to use technology

Everyone at the exhibition event will have a smartphone in today’s digital world. Why not make the most of it and offer free Wi-Fi at your show booth? Having a fast internet connection allows employees to send emails and draws people to your show booth. You could even expo them access in exchange for contact information that your sales and marketing teams can use later.

Why not add an augmented reality game or a product display to the mix? Virtual reality and gaming will also contribute to the relaxing and enjoyable ambiance we discussed previously. Furthermore, when newcomers witness a crowd of people having a good time around your stand, they will immediately want to join in. Using cutting-edge technology to accomplish this demonstrates that your company is tech-savvy and as up-to-date and cutting-edge as the items on display. This is one of our most popular display stand concepts!

Simple and enjoyable!

If you want to encourage customer and audience participation, keep things as basic as possible. Strong calls to action, on the other hand, can be quite effective in getting individuals to take a specific action. A free photo booth on your stand could be a wonderful example of this, as might encourage people to hashtag your brand name or even watermarking the photographs. As a result, when your brand is shared on social media, it reaches an altogether new audience while also providing people with a memorable experience connecting with your business.

Be distinct and unforgettable

It’s not going to be enough to set up a table with some pop-up booth banners or roller banners. Bespoke expo stands set your stand apart from the crowd and set you apart from the other exhibitors. You should also think about how you want your show stand to be set up. As a result, avoid placing a table between you and your consumer. Rather than keeping people at bay, you’ll want your show booth to be set up in a way that draws them into your area and your business. We can add and remove pieces of your show stand from venue to venue by using today’s modular solutions to design exhibition event spaces.


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