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Hannover Messe: Everything You Need to Know About

What is Hannover Messe?

The Hannover Messe is one of the world’s major expos dedicated to the advancement of the industry. It is hosted on the Hanover Fairground in Hanover, Germany, and is organized by Deutsche Messe AG. There are usually over 6,500 exhibitors and 250,000 visitors.

Building automation and technology, coating materials, air compressors, gas compressors, environmental technology, factory equipment, compressed air technology, micro-actuator systems, motors, scheduling software, refrigeration technology, robotics, and additive manufacturing systems are all included in the company’s product portfolio.

Where is Hannover Messe 2022 Being Held?

The Hannover Messe will be held in Hanover for five days, from Monday, April 25th to Friday, April 29th, 2022.

The Hannover Messe is the world’s largest technology expo, bringing together leading international expos (Industrial Automation, MDA, Energy, Digital Factory, Comvac, Industrial Supply, and Research & Technology) in one location. As a result, the exhibition has a distinctive theme and product range, and it reflects the topics of these prominent expos, which overlap in particular, the entire industrial value chain, from individual components to intelligent factories. The motto of the Hanover Fair reflects this as well: “The world of technology comes to Hanover.” Exhibitors have the opportunity to fully use their company’s and products’ market potential as well as create business across industries. Furthermore, previous trends and fresh innovations are extensively debated in a variety of forums. 

Who Attends Hannover Messe 2022?

In 2022, Hannover Messe is expected to have up to 6,000 exhibitors, presenting cutting-edge innovations in manufacturing, automation and motion drives, digital ecosystems, energy solutions, and international expo. By bringing together all major industrial sectors, the exhibition transforms into an unparalleled meeting place for investors and decision-makers. More than a third of expo visitors are from countries other than Germany, and they typically have clear economic goals and substantial purchasing power.

Companies specialising in industrial IT, R&D, integrated automation, energy systems and processes, and other fields are welcome to attend the event. Professionals from more than 20 different industries use their products. New talent is promoted at events like Young Engineers Day and the Young Tech Enterprise for startups. Women who have leadership positions or strive to do so attend the WoMenPower conference. Top professionals and political figures are also drawn to Hannover Messe.

What can you expect from Hannover Messe 2022? 

HANNOVER MESSE 2022 focuses on industrial transformation, which is fueled by two megatrends: industrial digitization and CO2 emissions reduction.

Digitization encompasses a wide range of topics, including networking, data analytics, the Internet of Things, platforms, artificial intelligence, and IT security. Companies that wish to stay competitive in the global market must use digitalization to create, manufacture, and sell products more quickly and efficiently. Electrical engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, software and IT businesses will demonstrate how the automation and digitization of entire production and business processes can be successful in Hanover.

Industry can respond appropriately to expanding political and societal discussions regarding environmental protection thanks to innovative solutions. Firms in the energy sector, among others, will demonstrate how industrial companies can drastically reduce their energy use and CO2 emissions at the Hannover Messe. Industry makes a substantial contribution to achieving national and international climate goals with these future technologies.

“Hannover Messe brings the future of the industry to life with the key topic Industrial Transformation and the integration of the physical expo with innovative digital products,” says Köckler. This means that in April 2022, we’ll finally be able to ‘travel back to the future in terms of industrial production.”

The 4D’s

Dr Gunther Kegel, CEO of Pepperl+Fuchs and head of the Hannover Messe Supervisory Board, emphasised the importance of face-to-face expo contact over virtual events. Dr Kegel talked about the four D’s that he uses to define industry challenges:

  • Digitalization

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, which have been a major subject at Hannover Messe for more than ten years, are continuing discussions of digital applications and new business models enabled by technological advancements. It’s worth noting that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved into a powerful machine learning technology that will propel the industry in new directions across a wide range of industries.

  • Decarbonization

 “To overcome these decarbonization issues, we must decarbonize our business and supply products to our customers.” Dr Kegel explained that in a synchronised system, this will necessitate renewables and substantially higher energy efficiency and that new solutions will be demonstrated at Hannover Messe 2022.

  • Deglobalization

“How can we maintain resilient supply chains such as chip suppliers when trading areas are decoupling?” Dr Kegel enquired. “Protectionism and de-globalization are no substitutes for progress in industry and society.”

  • Demographics

“The scarcity of professional personnel is hitting business quite hard,” Dr Kegel remarked, “and the Covid epidemic has compounded these concerns.” “We are encouraging young people to pursue studies in mathematics, engineering, natural sciences, and technology, which is a continuous process that necessitates industry participation.”


Visitors: From mid-February 2022, you can purchase your ticket online or activate it using a ticket code.

For further information and registrations, you can visit


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