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ITB Berlin: The World Famous Travel Expo

What is ITB Berlin?

ITB Berlin 2022 is widely regarded as the industry’s most important exhibition. Each edition attracts a large number of expo visitors, market leaders, and decision-makers, making it the industry’s most important B2B meeting place. Around 160 000 people are scheduled to attend, with 10,000 foreign exhibitors from 60 nations. Every March stands to advertise the countries of the world, signalling the start of the summer vacation season. Every year, over 180,000 tourists come to be inspired and informed about their next dream vacation.

Where is ITB Berlin Being Held? 

The upcoming event was scheduled to take place at the Messe Berlin from March 9th to 13th 

Why was ITB Berlin 2022 Cancelled?

The ITB Berlin 2022 in-person edition will not take place as scheduled. Messe Berlin is unable to provide its exhibitors and partners with the essential planning certainty with the holding of an in-person ITB Berlin in early March due to the recent developments and related directives as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. The present pandemic crisis, as well as stricter travel restrictions and constraints on the number of people who can attend huge events, prompted 

Messe Berlin to take this move.

Why was ITB Berlin 2022 not postponed?

Naturally, the prospect of deferring ITB Berlin till the summer was considered. However, following consultation with the partners, it was decided to keep the early March dates. These are crucial for the travel sector, as the summer months are the busiest for tourism and travel. ITB Berlin’s yearly dates were picked with care because most clients do business in or around March. As a result, ITB Berlin’s digital features are being emphasised during the ITB Berlin Convention and Digital Business Day. Everything is being done to support a travel industry that has been heavily damaged by the epidemic, and a number of extra services and events in virtual and in-person forms are being planned for 2022.

Who participates in ITB Berlin 2022?

The ITB in Berlin is the most important event in the travel business, with 160,000m2 dedicated to the entire world. In 2022, when the world’s largest travel exhibition was scheduled to take place in the capital city, more than 160,000 tourists are expected. Länder, tour operators, transportation firms, hotels, and a variety of other tourism businesses were supposed to assemble in the Funkturm’s exhibition halls from March 9 to 13 to present the latest travel trends. The ITB offers a lot to commercial and private visitors, whether it’s for networking with industry partners or getting ideas for the next vacation. Every year, one country also showcases its home country as an ITB partner country.

What can you expect from ITB Berlin? 

Book World, Business Travel Days, Cruises, Cultural Tourism, Economy Accommodation, eTravel World, Adventure & Responsible Tourism, ITB Mobile Travel Services, Training and Employment (Career Center), Travel Technology, Trends & Events, Wellness, Youth Travel are the thematically ordered market segments that help visitors and exhibitors navigate the wide product range of ITB Berlin.

The schedule for ITB Berlin 2022 is diverse, including a variety of conferences, talks, and forums. This facilitates professional networking and provides excellent prospects for contracting and business advancement. Furthermore, a significant portion of future trendsetting technologies in the following categories will be showcased:

  • Wellness
  • Youth Travel
  • Economy Accommodation
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Cruises and Much More. 

This wide range of social events, as well as the creative solution, ensures a high success rate for all participants.

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The International Tourism Exchange, or ITB is the largest tourism exhibition in the world. It is one of the most major events in the tourism business, with over 10,000 exhibitors. Trade visitors and private interested parties can discover information and inspiration at the stands, which cover more than 160,000 square metres. In the exhibition rooms at the Radio Tower, all-important industry participants show themselves as part of the ITB. Many people interested in travel are attracted to elaborately created information stands on countries, locations, hotels, and tourist associations. Specialist suppliers, such as tour operators, booking systems, and transportation companies, will also be present.

However, in 2022, the organisers will continue to provide the sector with a high level of technically fascinating content and new business prospects through digital products such as congress streaming and the Digital Business Day, as well as new regional travel events throughout the year. The tourism business, particularly in these times, requires guidance, interchange, and inspiration.

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