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Anuga FoodTec 2022: Everything You Need To Know About

What is Anuga FoodTec? 

The leading international expo for the food and beverage sector is Anuga FoodTec (official subtitle: “International Supplier Fair for the Food and Beverage Industry”). It encompasses all aspects of food production, including process technology, filling and packaging technology, packaging materials, ingredients, and food safety, as well as any food-related advances. Food processing, food packaging, safety and analytics, digitalisation, automation, intralogistics, environment and energy, science and pioneering are the eight product groups that makeup Anuga FoodTec.

The fair is held in Cologne every three years, with the next one scheduled for 2022. The Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V. (German Agricultural Society) is the conceptual sponsor of the event, which is organised by Koelnmesse. (DLG).

Where is Anuga FoodTec 2022 Being Held?

In 2022, Anuga FoodTec will be fully prepared to ensure your safety! The full collection of measures can help you. For a safe and successful expo experience – both inside the halls and outside Cologne.

Anuga FoodTec will welcome you in Cologne or online from April 26 to 29, 2022, with the latest solutions, fascinating technology, and sustainable inspirations for your success.

Who participates in Anuga FoodTec 2022?

The visitor’s target group includes all sectors of the food and beverage industry (management and employees involved in research and development, design, manufacturing/production, quality control and maintenance, purchasing, labour, logistics, sales and marketing), large-scale butchers and bakeries, food trade and other decision-makers from the food industry, and the pet-food industry.

What can you expect from Anuga FoodTec 2022?

Across the whole value chain, solutions

The Anuga FoodTec exhibitors have the answer to every inquiry and the solution to every problem.

The exhibitors present the whole range of products available globally for the manufacturing, filling, packing, and storage of food and drinks, ranging from the most basic to the most complex machinery and systems.

And it keeps growing: more exhibitors, guests, and solutions – all on even more show space!

  • Food Processing – Prevent unscheduled downtime, identify trouble cases, and analyze data: The food and beverage business is facing significant difficulties. Systems must increasingly be efficient, dependable, flexible, and intelligent, while also meeting hygienic design criteria.

The exhibitors at Anuga FoodTec provide technological solutions for the advancement of food and beverage manufacturing. This gives you a whole new set of competitive advantages.

  • Filling and Packaging – Filling and packing procedures that are both efficient and cost-effective necessitate a high level of automation while also placing the greatest expectations on the machines’ and systems’ functioning safety. 

The food and beverage industry is looking for development partners at Anuga FoodTec to improve filling and packing processes, save money, and ensure quality.

  • Digitalisation – The food and beverage sector is marked by great cost sensitivity and mass manufacturing, while inventive packaging, a growing range of tastes, and rising consumer expectations are increasingly shaping the market. The food and beverage business now has a plethora of new chances to meet these demands and client preferences, as well as to personalise products, thanks to digitalization.

Anuga FoodTec gives the solutions and demonstrates how SMEs and multinationals can create concrete digital transformations and how processes may be interconnected.

  • Automation – Food and beverage businesses are confronted with significant hurdles, and they must now sort out and handle ever more complicated operations in parallel. At the same time, they must deal with ever-shorter product cycles and a growing variety of versions.

Innovative automation systems, flexible robotics, and sophisticated image processing systems can reach high levels of efficiency, adaptability, and cost efficiency while meeting all expectations. Everything to do with automation can be found by food and beverage firms.

  • Intralogistics – The food and beverage industry’s productivity expectations are steadily increasing. The intralogistics divisions of the companies are being challenged by a rising diversity of products and frequent new packing techniques. For the optimization of internal material flows – from procurement to production to dispatch – intelligent, flexible, and scalable solutions are required. Handling must be cost-effective.

The exhibitors at Anuga FoodTec will demonstrate essential intralogistics technologies and solutions. Transfer of knowledge from one source to another.

  • Safety and Analytics – At Anuga FoodTec, suppliers of food safety concepts and solutions, as well as laboratory and analysis technology, will demonstrate the most up-to-date procedures on the market and how high product safety may be ensured despite progressively faster production processes.
  • Environment and Energy – The company’s own understanding of numerous technologies serves as the foundation for implementing energy efficiency and environmental protection initiatives. This information is provided by Anuga FoodTec in a comprehensive, industry-specific, and needs-based manner.
  • Science and Pioneering – Researchers, developers, technicians, and investors network at Anuga FoodTec’s cross-industry research and technology region. At the greatest level, a competent sharing of experiences.
How to Register?

Click on the given link to register as an exhibitor.

Click on the given link to register for digital presence

Trade visitors can buy tickets using the given link.


Anuga FoodTec is the only event across industries of all sectors pertaining to the food industry. The fair offers customized solutions for efficient resource utilization of energy, water and food during production. Exhibitors can present their products through the exhibition areas Food Ingredients and Food Analytics.


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