Tips to Get Noticed in a Crowd Trade Show

Tips to get noticed in a crowded Expo

A messe is one of the biggest opportunities for an exhibition company to establish their identity, to showcase their services, and to build connections. Automatically, tons of companies hop on the bandwagon, and thus, expo stands are becoming more and more crowded with each passing year. 

Though crowded expos are good for the attendees and customers who have a keen eye for good deals, and a competitive playground for exhibitors.

As a result, it becomes very difficult to stand out amongst the sea of companies, but here are a few tips that can help your expo stand:
  • Start your Marketing Before the Show

Why wait for the event to start? Gather your team and start your marketing a few weeks or a month ahead of the big day. 

Make phone calls, send email blasts, make social media posts on various platforms, and let your company’s exhibition stand’s presence be known, emphasizing why visiting it will be worthwhile. 

Keep everyone updated, and try to find out the particulars of your expo stand space, as this will help you to plan. 

  • Social Proof 

Just attracting and inviting attendees to your exhibition stall won’t cut it. You will have to give them rock-solid reasons to invest their time, effort, and money in doing business with you. The best thing to do here is to present some social proof, such as customer testimonials, reviews, case studies, etc. 

Show off some of your awards, present a list of your well-known clients, media publications where your company or products have been showcased. These provide customers with a surety that you are the real deal and helps you to stand out amidst the same old crowd of “all talk and no show”.

  • Offer Activities 

Many exhibitors will choose custom built exhibition stands, or will have the same old displays, products, sales pitches, demos, and trying-to-sell-my-company dialogues. Why not step it up a notch and offer interactive activities? Offer a game, engage them in a giveaway, or a product demo. Give the attendees something out of the norm and you will stand out immediately.

With so many exhibitors in a expo stands, it’s hard to get the attendees’ attention. Flashy booth event design is not enough to intrigue people. Follow these tips and you will surely capture attendee’s attention.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next expo stands, get in touch with us.

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