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The Top 9 Must Read Creative Exhibition Booth Ideas

Europe is at the centre-stagewhen it comes to exhibition booth designing and fabrication. The industry here is a century old and has some of the best fairgrounds in the world with amazing facilities and support to realize unique and creative exhibition booths

In earlier years, it was the carpenter’s skill that decided how complex a booth design should be, but come in new technologies and sophisticated machines, now, the sky is the limit for creativity in stand designing.

Below we have compiled a list of creative exhibition booth ideas that you can use to draw traffic to your booth and interact with your visitors.


  • Use Video Wall Displays with your Exhibition Stand

Video walls are eye-catching and allow you to display multiple images across various panels. The complete size and brilliance of video walls grab attention towards your exhibition stand and you can truly mesmerize your audiences with quality content. 

You can pull in foot traffic by appealing to the audience via social media feeds and showing them live virtual reality content. Your exhibition design company can help you with ideas to make the most of your show budget.

  • Integrate expo Games into your expo Booth Design

expo visitors love to win prizes and try to score higher than their friends. With a expo game, attendees learn about the product as they compete for the awards. Games can be digital games or old school. As visitors get excited about playing, their interest will attract more crowds. 

Ensure that your attendees can outline how to play within the shortest time possible. The tasks can be signing up for your email list, singing, and dancing, taking pictures, and tagging your business.


  • Invest in Hospitality at Your Exhibition Stand

The best way to bond with people is to share a meal with them. Providing drinks and food gets attention and gives your audience something to do with their hands rather than holding their phones. Indeed, people who get a warm drink like tea, hot chocolate, or coffee from someone feels closer to that person. Therefore, set up a snack shop at your exhibition booth and hand out finger food.


  • Use Gigantic Objects or Product Mock-Ups within your Stand Design

Oversized objects are a source of attraction. For example, displaying the largest Coca-Cola bottle in the world or giant ceremonial checks, or other over-sized objects normally attracts people with wonder.  So, integrating this fascination in your creative exhibition booth is a sure bet to excite your expo audience. 


Making your product gigantic is a great way to increase the attractiveness of the product. Even if your brand is not tangible like in the case of software, these gigantic objects can still work.


  • Offer a Relaxing Environment

Attending a expo requires a lot of planning and energy. It can be tiring to walk the entire fairground meeting clients and visiting booths. A booth design that is warm, welcoming, and furnished with comfortable seating will make your attendees feel relaxed and comfortable. While creative exhibition booths will always attract more eyeballs, but the comfortable ones will get more footfalls, and if you can combine the two, then nothing like it!


  • Provide a Phone Charging Station

Consider this scenario, your bag is heavy, you are tired, and your phone battery is running out. Now imaging coming across a mobile phone charging station. Offering a free charging station in your exhibition booth can attract expo attendees and give them a positive relationship with your product. 

Remember to brand the charging station with your logos and colours. While attendees are waiting for their phones to charge, they will be busy checking out collaterals and other materials and know what your company is offering.


  • Make the Booth more Interactive

The best way to make your expo display more interactive is by giving a demo of your brand. If you are selling chairs, set them up and allow people to try. You could end up with a long queue outside your exhibition stand. The line will attract more visitors since they will want to know what is happening. 

In case your product will take a little longer to demonstrate, then you can schedule a specific demo time. This could collect a big crowd to your expo booth during a specific time.


  • Make your expo Booth Memorable

If possible check out your competitors before the event and see how they have decorated their booth. Then come up with better expo booth ideas. 

Design an extra-tall booth that stretches high above everyone else around you. Make sure your booth can be seen from far, maybe it will attract people to come in to see what is happening. You can also hang an overhead display above your booth or put graphics and logos on the floor in front of your booth.

Selecting a suitable exhibition booth idea for your business and creating engagement, excitement, and motion that bring more people and guarantee good results need to be done wisely.


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