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3 Benefits That Expo Booth Design Companies Bring to The Table

Are you having an upcoming exhibition or expo in 2021? If yes, then you might be aware that your exhibition booth design is something that you must start working on months before the show to have a remarkable impact on the visitors. So, to make sure that your expo booth succeeds, and attracts more customers, you should hire one of the many experienced expo booth design companies.

Key benefits that expo booth design companies bring to the table.

  •         They will Turn your Ideas to Life

A well-organized expos booth design companies will take into account the crowd dynamics and view angles and will pay attention to detail, so visitors from anywhere on the show floor can get to know about your company. 

It can be very challenging to build and design a custom expo booth on your own. When searching for expo booth design companies, you will want to hire a company that offers all-inclusive services. They will also take care of the design, build, regulations, renderings, safety, and accessibility requirements. They also stay up to date on industry trends in order to develop your ideas into a distinctive finished product and accomplish your booth objectives.

This, in turn, frees up your team to focus on the customers and bring the business in, instead of focusing on arranging for last-minute supplies for the exhibition booth.

  •         They will help you save money

If you want to design your exhibition booth without passing your budget limit, then the best idea is to hire an experienced expo booth design company. If you build your exhibition stand yourself, you might have to start afresh which might cost you more because costs will be higher, thus, resulting in a surge in building price.

Booth designers and fabricators have good connections with material suppliers, and they buy everything in bulk. Therefore, they get these items at a reduced rate. Also, the exhibition booth contractor knows many tricks they can use to reduce the cost of construction without compromising the quality.  

For example, if you have an exhibition booth design in mind but a limited budget, professional booth builders are able to create the same model utilizing lightweight and cost-effective techniques.

Also, they will take care of logistics and show services costs. Shipment of your product must be carefully organized, especially if you are exhibiting internationally. . Exhibitors need to beware of extra costs related to shipments outside the dates and times specified within exhibitor kits and storage charges. 

Direct to show delivery may result in additional wait time costs for unscheduled move-ins and move-outs.  Expo booth design companies eliminate those risks by offering logistical consulting and preparing services with one goal in mind, to avoid unexpected expenses passed to the exhibitor.

For small companies with limited experience and funds, taking part in a expo as an exhibitor can be an overwhelming prospect. From logistics to registration, the costs can add up quickly, making even a small occasion an expensive investment. 

There is also the time factor that many minor companies cannot account for. Preparing for a expo is not just costly from a financial viewpoint, it also needs a great time investment for manufacturing, exhibit design, preparation, and logistics. While exhibit booth rentals do not eliminate the time factor, they do extensively reduce the amount of work involved.

Renting a expo booth significantly lowers your budget, helping you get in the door and onto the event floor with a lower budget. Renting can be the difference between being able to take part in a expo and having to forego the event.

  •       They give you the freedom to customize your stand

Hiring a professional booth builder gives you the power to create a booth distinctive to your business. If you opt for building your booth yourself, you can only make a modular booth from an existing system that you might have purchased before. 

However, a expo booth design company can make a customized booth for you from scratch every time you exhibit. For maximum impact, this booth can be integrated with technology. For example, you can have interactive screens, LED display walls, monitors, iPad stands, lighting, etc., which allow you to provide a truly unique experience for your attendees. 

It would be too expensive to buy all of this equipment outright, so in this case, hiring would be a better option.

Preparing for an exhibition can feel intimidating, particularly as a first-timer. By using expo booth design companies you ensure that you have a cushion of support and experience backing you at all times.

If you are looking to exhibit across Europe then do get in touch with us and we can demonstrate to you how we can add value to your exhibition experience.

Happy Exhibiting!

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