6 Unique Advantages of Custom Exhibition Stands

Custom exhibition stands are tailored to meet specific needs. The purpose of having an exhibition stand is to attract more customers and generate more leads so as to promote business. By opting for a customised booth design, you are the boss for design.

Some advantages of custom exhibition stands are discussed below: 

  • Custom Booths Are Perfect for Brand Building!

These stands are designed with your brand at the heart. Graphics, Style, colors and messaging—they can all be used to make your stand unique and outstanding. Custom exhibition stalls are designed with creative flair and integrated branding approach that help you stand out on the crowded expo floor.

Imagine a booth by google – you will surely think of colourful, vibrant and tech savvy. Imagine a booth made by mercedes – you will think of sophistication, boldness and beauty. The google imagery is very different from that of Mercedes and that difference can be easily achieved through custom exhibition stand designing. 

  • Custom Booths are Tailored to Meet Your Exhibition Goals 

A custom expo booth is tailored to help you in meeting the main expo aim. There are different aims from which you can choose as you prepare for your event. You can aim to gain a certain amount of sales, leads, and increase brand awareness. 

For example you might be building a booth at a particular fair so that you have maximum personal meetings with potential customers. You can design your booth in such a way that you have a lot of private meeting rooms, separate lounges and discussion areas such that this objective is met. 

Or your aim might be to launch your brand via an exhibition. You can create a custom booth design with a large rigging of your brand name. Your booth should be a reflection of your brand imagery. An eye catching design with unique branding will surely help create the buzz that you want to generate to launch your brand. 

  • Custom Booths Need Not Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

It is a misconception that customized booths are expensive and ‘one-time-use’. Customised booths now-a-days are built with eco-friendly materials like 100% recyclable carpets, fabric graphics and re-usable counters, furniture and systems. Infact, if you take the time to decide your expo calendar then you can actually re-use the same custom booth across various locations. This will do justice to your exhibition booth spend as well as give you the exact look and feel that you desire. 

  • Custom Exhibition Stands Come With Comprehensive All-Inclusive Costs

The main advantage when you choose a custom exhibition stand is that it contains everything. The stand will include the design and build, along with the lighting, any multimedia displays you require and more. Unlike traditional booths and stands, where you would require buying everything separately, with these stands you are quoted one cost for everything.

  • Custom Exhibition Stands Are Flexible

Custom exhibition stands can be built to use optimal space. Depending on the booth you book, its layout, dimension and space, you can design your display according to your show aims. You have the flexibility to use the display, space and map visitors’ journey for better visibility and economics. You can also include features that can be changed for future events. Therefore, a custom exhibition booth is a better investment for your business.

You can make changes between shows to ensure you cater to each show with ease. The designer will work alongside you identifying your unique requirements and come up with a design where changes can be made. So you can appeal to your audiences at every show you attend.

  • Custom Stands Perfectly Display Your Brand Individuality

Being realized during a expo event is all about communicating and taking up your company’s personality. If you appear and act like the competitors and attendees at the show will not know how your brand can serve the needs of customers better. You can stand out from your competitors by showcasing your creativity and separate qualities to have a higher chance of capturing their attention.

Custom displays are ideal for embracing your brand’s individuality as they let you contain the creative aspects that differentiate your company from the others taking part in the show.

 So the next time you are planning for an exhibition, consider developing a customised exhibition stand and see the difference it makes on your company’s image, your staff at the stand as well as the customers who are attending the show. If you want to see some customised designs then look at our portfolio section. If you have any queries then let us know via the contact us page. 

Thank you for reading! Happy Exhibiting! 

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