A Guide to Content Marketing for your next Exhibition

An exhibition stand is one of the best marketing platforms available, although it is also amongst the most competitive ones. To earn success at an exhibition stand, a lot of things need to go exactly as planned, which includes your pre-show content marketing. Hence, to help you out, here’s our brief guide to creating the correct content for your next expo.

  • Create an Event-Related Signature

You probably send about 50 emails per day. It would be perfect to include your exhibition details in your signature. That way every customer, employee, or stakeholder that you communicate with will have knowledge about the exhibition and will attend it if they are interested. In fact, if the whole organization does it, your event will have a tremendous reach with just a small signature.

  • Start a Buzz with Social Media Content

The Global Digital Report 2019, shows that a whopping 3.484 billion people use social media which is growing at a staggering rate of 9% a year. So, for any marketing efforts, it has become necessary to invest in social media. Long before your show date, try to create a buzz around the event by creating short blogs or graphics about the show which clearly mentions the previous year stats and why should anyone visit your booth. Make sure your brand is present everywhere and it’s easily recognizable even in a crowded show floor. Also, do not forget to have special media zones for generating free, unlimited user-generated content.

  • Write E-Books and White Papers

While the popularity of physical brochures and books are on the decline, digital content is continuing to gain momentum. So, it is important that you have at least one or two ebooks and white papers available at your disposal. It’s not necessary to work really hard on them. You can simply accumulate your popular blog posts and compile them into a book. But do not forget to put the detailed information about your event in it.

  • Create Interesting Video Content

With data getting cheaper and faster around the globe, video is quickly becoming the latest marketing medium. So, make sure you have plenty of video content to use in your displays during the expo. There should be some product demos, informative videos, and maybe even adverts. And the best thing is that you can use all these contents on your social media, before the expo so that attendees recognize your brand instantly when they see it playing on a display.

If you are new to exhibitions or are a seasoned exhibitor, you always need some social media integration into your event marketing plan.

If you have any questions or comments let us know. In the meantime, Happy Exhibiting!
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