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6 Benefits of Exhibiting in Europe as an International Company

While it is rather common for companies to focus on exhibiting in their home country. It is also important that you as a brand must venture our and set up an expo stands in other countries to tap into new markets, audience and much more. 

Europe has emerged as a popular exhibition choice for many countries given the availability of a new target market, target audience and higher potential. For these very reasons, you will find that many international companies set up an expo stand in these exhibitions. 

Here are 6 reasons why having an exhibition stall in European exhibitions can be beneficial for your brand.

  • Less Competition

Compared to your country in Europe, the competition in your industry might be less, especially direct competitors. So before you register yourself in a expo stands , research if the competitors in your country exhibit there. The chances of it are less. Thus, as a brand, you can bring something new to the table and create a niche in the continent.

For example, as a pottery brand, you might use a certain style or technique in your creations that cannot be found in Europe. So, when such a product is introduced in your expo stands , the competition of selling it less as there aren’t people or relatively lesser people who can match the quality.

  • Vast Market

Companies participate in exhibitions to meet new customers and expand their target market. But when you set up an expo stands in a new continent altogether, you can tap into a new market with that exhibition.

Not only do you connect with new customers, but you will also come across a brand you have not heard about. Moreover, it also is a great opportunity to meet other business professionals and industry experts who work in Europe. 

Thus, with the new customers and potential leads, you can enter the European market and expand your business.

  • Global Potential

Exhibiting in Europe puts you on a global pedestal as you not only connect with customers from Europe but also from other continents too. Thus, it provides you with a global potential of expanding your business.

So, your expo stands  becomes a direct link to various customer and business professionals. Moreover, it also gives you exposure to a global market which gives you a perspective of where your brand stands.

  • Better Ideas

Sometimes the best ways to get better for your brand is to get a new perspective. Exhibiting in Europe will give you a chance to set up your modular display stands but also give a fresh perspective of what different companies bring to the table. This will help you gain insight into what you can do to make your brand better.

With customers, you might come across a certain demand that people have or a challenge that they might face. 

Putting your brand in the global market context will help you understand if you can better your brand, if there are any changes to be made in the products and services, find new business opportunities, potential collaborative projects with other companies, and much more.

For example, you are a kitchen appliances company selling ovens. In your home country, your customers only need a few settings in the oven. However, you might realize that for your oven to sell in Europe or even internationally, you need a new feature. This might help you upgrade your product to meet the demands.

  • Reduced Costs

Many exhibitions venues are owned by government bodies rather than private company. This makes exhibiting in Europe cheaper. 

How so? The answer is simple. Since most of these venues are owned by the government, they are properly certified and audited. This makes their registration fee, storage fee, and other exhibition-related fees much lesser than privately owned venues. 

  • It’s Workcation!

It’s a workcation! Yes, you are working around the stand expo but you still have a chance to explore the city you’re in when the exhibition is over. Since the exhibitions last for a few days, it is safe to say that you will be staying in the city for quite some time. 

So, if you have the chance, take the time, immerse yourself in the culture, and enjoy what the city has to offer. It is truly a much-needed break after organizing and running the exhibition stand booth.

We hope this article helped you understand the benefits of exhibiting in Europe as an international company. While it may feel intimidating to exhibit on an international scale, it is a great opportunity to expand your business and find a new market. 

Tip of the Day: Apart from having your expo display stands set up, exhibiting in Europe also provides you with the opportunity to attend international conferences, talks, debates and even attend a special speech from an industry expert.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next expo stands , get in touch with us.

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