Is your business taking part in an upcoming exhibition event or a trade show? 

If it is, then you need to make a proper decision regarding your exhibition stand. 

Remember, if you want your business to stand out at the trade show, then finding the right fit stand contractors should be your immediate priority.

However, choosing stand contractors of the best category is no easy task.  There will be hundreds of stand contractors offering their services in the market. But then remember, that no two stand contractors will offer the same range of services at a competitive price.

This is where you need to play your cards well in finding the right fit.


Choosing stand contractors can be a nerve-wracking task, especially when considering the fact that there are several stand contractors out there in the field.

However, finding the right fit that caters to your requirements may not be all that difficult.

All you need to do is to look for a stand contractor who


Today’s exhibitors want maximum value for their money. They want their exhibition booth and stand to be more visible easily that can be seen even from afar.  

Hiring the best of stand contractors will give you access to a source with immense knowledge, skill-sets, and understanding of exhibitions and trade shows. You get a source that knows what kind of stands will best fit your requirements at the show. Their understanding of different types of exhibition stands will help you to select the best exhibition stand that will best fit your business at the exhibition.

Like for instance, if you are not able to afford a custom stand, then they will recommend standard show stand which offers a lot of flexibility; and can be easily redesigned and tailored to fit into any space you are allocated at the exhibition show, and also, any kind of budget you may have. Also, being modular, they can be easily assembled, disassembled, and operated at a lesser cost when compared to traditional or custom stands.

Since, as an exhibitor you will need to move quickly from one trade show to another, the right fit stand contractor will also help you to select from a variety of stand styles; and customize the modular stand to fit in with your requirements at the show. Additionally, they will also be able to move and set-up anything, of any size and complexity.


Choosing stand contractors of the right kind will help you to get connected with the biggest players in the market. This will in turn help you to gain more attention and win healthy respect from your competitors in the market.

Aside from acquiring healthy connections, you also stand to get the benefit of a source that can design and build a unique and customized stand on a budget; and at the same time, ensure that it can be designed and saved for later use in other trade shows. 

Another aspect that you need to be aware is that today’s audience is specific about the environment and would appreciate if exhibitors use eco-friendly exhibition stands. A best fit stand contractor will also know how to build and design an economically viable and environment-friendly exhibition stand that is portable and reusable. The contractor will also know that in today’s age of recycling, dumping products can be hazardous for the environment besides being a waste of money and time for exhibitors.

With such a stand contractor, you also stand to get the benefit of immediate transportation as part of their service.


Ideally, your exhibition stand contractor should offer the complete range of services under one single roof. 

The services should start at the design stage. The contractor’s design team will study your needs and accordingly come up with a one-of-a-kind and tailored made stand concept which can be made adaptable and edited to your requirements. The design team will also ensure that your stand is created and prepared to meet the requirements of logistics and installation 

Aside from the usual gamut of services, such a stand contractor will also provide additional services. Like for instance, the services of extra staff to man your exhibition booth; or in-house storage room if you are short on exhibition booth space.

Whether your requirement is a custom or modular or portable or outdoor exhibition stand, the best fit exhibition stand contractor will be readily positioned to meet it, well within your budget.


Don’t be too hasty in your selection of stand contractors. Instead, be watchful and make sure that the best of stand contractors chosen does not


There are some exhibition stand contractors who execute only a part of the work and sub-contract the work of actual stand build to another firm or sub-contractors. This can have an impact on the final price of the stand and also affect the quality of the stand.

As an exhibitor, you would probably like to make last minute changes to your stand. This can become a problem if your project work is being handled by more than one source.

The final price could shoot up to 30 percent or more than what you would have paid to a exhibition stand contractor who designs, builds, and installs the stand with own workforce. Likewise, the quality of the stand could also offer. There can be a question mark about the ability of sub-contractors to build your stand that is of high quality; and completed before deadline date.

To stay safe, opt for a stand contractor with the requisite skill-sets to design and build your stand in-house. This will help you to save on money, efforts, and time.


Often, exhibitors tend to make the mistake of opting for an exhibition stand contractor who quotes the cheapest rate. Stay away from contractors who offer cheaper price than their rivals. They tend to find ways to increase the costs once you ink the contract with them.

You could later find yourself in a situation where minor or small changes can go wrong resulting in disproportionate cost increases and extra charges. There could even be a situation when the whole contact can get halted midway. This will compel you to look for an alternative source. As a result of this, you will have to cope with future hire costs that will inflate your budget.

You could be paying a lower stand price in the initial stage, but in the long term you will end-up paying several times more in rectifying the flaws and even face a possible scenario of abandoning the whole project. 

Even if you have succeeded in getting a stand, it could be a stand that is of dubious quality.

Hence, read the fine print in the contract before signing it. Find out if it makes a mention of extra costs; and if so how much you will have to pay for stand alterations and variations, later.

In addition to the above, the stand contractor you choose must be a professional with a professional qualification or has an accreditation that is acknowledged in the events industry. They give you the assurance that you are hiring someone who is really a professional and can be relied upon to competently handle your stand project work. Besides, it will also assure you that the stand contractor is someone who is known to adhere to international standards quality; and is financially sound. 

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