If you are looking for design flexibility and cost-effective affordability with healthy ROI over the long-term, then your choice should be Modular Stand Design.

There was a time when custom booth design was the flavor. Built with traditional materials, they were difficult to reconfigure, transport, and store. Besides they needed to be discarded at the end of an exhibition show. This made them an uneconomical and unsustainable option.

Exhibitors carved for a different option. Thankfully, their desire was fulfilled with the entry of modular stand design.

A modular stand is designed to be durable, flexible, affordable, and economical in the long run. Made up of different shaped components that can be fixed together to create different designs, it can be self-built easily and swiftly with no requirement for the assistance of a specialist contractor or power tools.


What makes a modular stand design tick is it


A modular stand design comes with flexible design options. Besides, it offers much higher flexibility in the design process that allows it to achieve an impressive visual look and feel.

When compared to earlier versions of modular exhibition stands, today’s modular exhibition stands are much more structurally sound. This means that they can incorporate a wide array of elements and technological features to give it a custom-built look and feel, built to impressive heights. For instance, a modular stand design can have angles, curves, and shapes using frameworks and substrates. Similarly, it can incorporate edge-to-edge graphics and creative lighting to achieve variable heights.

A modular stand design can even incorporate custom elements like LED Screens, Custom Shelving, AV, etc, to form unique visuals.

Overall, the best thing about modular stand design flexibility is it is easily adaptable to any kind of exhibition goals and any combination of floor spaces. A good example to support this theory is that of a client who has a 12sqm floor space at one show and 24sqm floor space at another show. For him, a modular stand design remains the most viable choice as it can be designed in a way that could be reused and repurposed in different configurations for multiple shows. Additionally, damaged parts can be individually replaced without any issue or compromising in any way the integrity of the stand design. The client would just need to change a few graphics or slightly alter the design in the way required for the exhibition show.

The design flexibility of modular stands also allows the exhibitors to think about other features co-related to it on a deeper level. Like for instance, transportation of the stand design. Similarly, you as an exhibitor will be compelled to think how portable the stand needs to be; how and who should maintain it; and how its installation process should be; and so on. When you as an exhibitor think about these aspects, you will work to streamline the different processes from stand design installation to maintenance, portability, packaging, storage, etc. The streamlining process will also compel you to innovate in ways that was never attempted before.


The design flexibility of a modular stand design makes it a compelling choice for any budget. It can be manufactured in all types of configurations to suit any occasion and any exhibition show. This makes it immensely beneficial to exhibitors who need to otherwise figure out what size of the exhibition stand design will suit their needs and budget.

Being compact, it can be easily

Installed and dismantled, packed into a satchel bag and then transported or stored in a storage room. Additionally, the graphic panel and lighting can also be just clipped on.
Shipped and stored. The design and shape of a modular stand design makes it easy to break down the stand display frameworks into small components; and then packed in compact cases. Additionally, it also helps to drastically reduce the costs of drayage and storage.
Reconfigured in a way that will use the available exhibition booth space effectively. This is the reason why many companies prefer it as it can be reconfigured to fit in with different floor sizes at different exhibition shows; and use it again at other exhibition shows in the year

Overall, the entire set-up requires minimal of time when compared to other exhibition stand designs. All of these means you get to earn a significant high return on your investment.

On the other hand, a standard shell scheme stand can be used only once at an exhibition show and then needs to be upgraded to a different exhibition stand design for another exhibition show. Besides, the change will also ensure that there is no consistency in branding. Eventually, you end-up paying more than what your budget can accommodate.A modular stand design in comparison can be adapted to fit in different spaces for different needs at different shows. This way, you will be maximizing the real potential of the modular stand design; and over a period of time, you can extract more out of the modular stand design for different exhibitions, in a cost-effective way.


The extreme design flexibility of a modular stand makes it convenient to be reused for future exhibition shows. It can be easily reconfigured to fit in a different space. Besides, it can also be given a new appearance with mere updation of graphics and the design patterns to fit into the existing stand. When the modular stand design is no longer required, its materials can be recycled. All of these make it a sustainable exhibiting solution.

Another sustainable feature of a modular stand design is its portability. Its components can be broken down into small parts; or it can be folded into small packing crates which later can be transported in own vehicle or a small van. There will be no need for transportation in a large truck or a fork-lift truck which means you can avoid excess of fuel consumption or pollution.

Overall, it creates economies of scale in the sense it can be used and reused again and again in a year. This can be done without in any affecting its appearance or viability. Being far cheaper than an elaborate custom booth design, it is economical. Besides, it can be used over a sustained period of time for the long-term without loss of performance capabilities or requiring any major upgrades, provided it is maintained properly.


A modular stand design is a worthy investment for future exhibiting of your brand.

When you invest in a modular stand design, you invest in a product that offers quality ROI. The fact that it can be reused multiple times in a year at different exhibition venues to promote your brand, while still being able to maintain a consistent look, means you save on money and also efforts.

On the other hand, if you invest in other stand designs, you need to upgrade it for different shows which mean you need to make replacements or repairs. You will be spending more money than what returns you hope to achieve on your investment.

A modular stand design is not just cost-effective but is also a worthy investment for the future, regardless of the exhibition show you are participating in, or products/services you are offering at the exhibition show.

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