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Innovative Marketing Ideas for your Expo Fair Stands

As an exhibitor, your job to market and promote your expo fair stands begins way before the actual event. 

To increase your footfall, you can’t only depend on an attractive expo fair booth design. If the attendees don’t even know you are participating in the exhibition, how will they find your exhibition stand booth? Moreover, it’s a lost opportunity to increase your outreach and have more attendees visit the booth. 

Here are some innovative marketing ideas for your expo fair stands you need at an upcoming exhibition.
  • Virtual Event

One of the best ways to familiarize the attendees with the brand and what they can expect from the show booth is by holding a virtual event. This also allows the staff to familiarize themselves and understand how the attendees are responding to their plans.

With live streams, webinars, and Q and A sessions, you can interact with the attendees and answer their questions about the event, brand. You can also give them exclusive sneak peeks of the booth and that they can expect at the event. 

  • Create an Exhibition App

Get the attention of your attendees before the exhibition starts by launching an exclusive app for your expo fair stands. Allow the attendees to access the app before the event begins. You can even have sneak peeks of the expo fair booth design. Thus, makes the attendees curious about the exhibit.

Moreover, you can also have videos on the products that allow the attendees to know about the display products before the exhibit event begins. This way, you are not only striking the intrigue cord but you are also allowing them to choose which product will be the best for them.

Another way to keep the attendees interested is by having quizzes, games, lucky draws, and contests that allow the attendees to earn gifts or points they can use later. 

With aesthetically pleasing graphics and text, you can extend the show booth theme to their phones. 

  • Personalized Invites

If there’s one thing attendees want to experience at an exhibition stand booth, it’s feeling valued and important. However, with all the modular exhibition systems aiming to do the same, it’s difficult for a brand to stand out. 

So, instead of waiting till the day of the exhibition, why not make the attendees feel appreciated and valued before the event?

Apart from the usual registration emails, reminders and promotional content that you will email the attendees, do some research and create personalized emails for the attendees. 

Now, this doesn’t have to be for all the attendees, but there will be a few whom you want to see in your expo booth. So, network and create a relationship with your attendees before the event. This way not only is your brand name reinforced in their minds, but the attendees also will feel appreciated that you highlighted the things that are common between your brand and them. 

  • Post About the Booth

One of the easiest ways to market your expo display is by posting consistently about it on your social media. With the right hashtags, proper photos you can easily increase your engagement rate.

Moreover, this way you aren’t just telling your customers about your modular stands, but you are also increasing your outreach to a wider audience which might consist of your target audience and people who want to try out your brand.

  • Let an Expert Take Over Your Social Media

Along the lines of the previous point, rather than simply posting about your convention booth displays, why not have an expert take over your social media and guide the audience through the exhibit stand and what it has to offer. 

Of course, you don’t have to pinpoint every detail, but mentioning the important elements that stir curiosity among the audience. 

This makes your brand stand out as it humanized the company and spotlights the people and amount of effort it takes to build the stand. 

  • Product Launch

Customers are always on the lookout for new products and services that makes their lives easy. Needless to say, new products are something that definitely that interests the attendees. After all, they are attending the event with the goal of doing business.

Take this opportunity to use the exhibition and your expo fair stands for a product launch. This will have the attendees intrigued about the product and what it has to offer. Moreover, unlike other expo stands, that will feature their existing products and services, you will be able to offer something new and refreshing. 

We hope this article will help you formulate some interesting marketing ideas for your expo fair stands.

Your expo booth is an extension of your brand that is selling products and services. So just like you would promote any other shop or element of your brand, your modular exhibition systems also need to be marketed if you want to have a crowd at your exhibit.

Tip of the Day: A good way to market the exhibition stand booth is by adding a countdown clock or doing countdown posts. These not only become reminders for the audience but also act as a collective series of posts with the 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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