Ways to Upgrade your Exhibition Design on a Budget

Building creative stall designs are not always about having a new booth for every exhibition. It’s often about making the best of what you have with little upgrades. 

When it comes to small businesses and startup, many companies cannot afford to have a new display altogether, but what they can have is small upgrades that can become a point of attraction for the attendees. 

Here are 7 ways through which you can upgrade your expo exhibit design on a budget.
  • Create New Content

When you’re upgrading your expo fair booth design, why should your content be the same? With time, you might find that the text you use to market your booth is not as effective as it was or you just want a different approach to telling your brand message. 

For that, creating new content, better presentations, refined product explanations are all required to amplify your expo display.

  • Change the Graphics

One of the best ways to upgrade your exhibiting game is by upgrading your exhibition graphics. Not only is it a cheaper way to make your booth seem new it also provides a refreshing visual experience for attendees who know what your stands look like.

This is especially the case if you are exhibiting in more than one show or even participating in the same exhibition in consecutive years. 

The new images not only give a fresh look to the expo booth but also provide the help you put across your brand message in a better way

  • Repaint the Furniture

If your brand has its exhibition stand booth set up in multiple exhibitions, it is obvious that the furniture you use will experience some wear and tear. 

While the damage might not be big, with only little scratches and scruffs, it can affect the shine and overall look of your furniture. This is why it’s a good idea to repaint your furniture after every few shows so that your furniture looks as good as new

Moreover, with the big investment that furniture comes with, it is not possible for a brand to change their furniture every time there’s a couple of scratches. 

  • Rent Out Display Elements

The more exhibitions you attend with the same attendees present, they will get familiar with the expo exhibit design elements of your display. For example, rent out a video wall rather than a single TV screen that plays the brand videos. Or, rent out wall structures that might fit the expo exhibit design theme better, and so on.

Renting the display items is best for those brands that want to have new elements but don’t want to commit to them by purchasing them as they aren’t sure about their effectiveness. This allows the brand to test out the elements and see if the changes are well-received by the public and if it increases their ROI. 

  • Switch the Lighting

The right lighting can completely change the look of your expo fair booth design if done right. So, while the current system may be good, why not switch to better lighting options that make your booth stand out. 

For example, rather than the LED strip light that illuminates the display products, invest in small LED spotlights that highlight only the product. Or, a centrepiece fixture that becomes an eye-catching element for the show booth

  • Change the Booth Layout

When you are a regular participant at exhibitions, you will see the same attendees present at the event. So, there’s a high chance that the attendees present last year are also present this year. Thus, they might be familiar with your messestand design.

So, even if you don’t want to have the budget to switch things in your show booth, what you can do is change the layout. Thus, rather than having the display counters at one corner, you can have pushed them to the centre. Or, you could have the stage placed at the back of the expo display rather than the centre, and so on. 

  • Add Foliage

One of the cheapest ways to upgrade your exhibition stand booth is by adding foliage. This could either be creating a living wall or even having a few impressive show plants to add colour and texture to your expo booth.

The reason why foliage is such a popular upgrading choice is because, one, it is cheaper than all the mentioned options; two, it gives the expo display the eco-friendly touch and thirdly, it acts as a visual stimulation that easily catches the attendees’ attention. 

We hope this article will help you upgrade your expo exhibit design without overspending. 

Upgrading is also a preferred method to change your booth as it helps you build up your design rather than completely changing. Thus, helping you decide which element has helped in improving the ROI.

Tip of the Day: Rather than upgrading all the exhibition elements, you can ask the exhibition stall designers to upgrade only a few elements. This is because changing all the elements would be expensive. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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