Benefits of AR and VR in your Exhibition Display

With technology seamlessly being integrated into exhibition , it is becoming increasingly a norm for brands to use it in their exhibition booth display. One such popular piece of technology used by brands are AR and VR. 

But while integrating AR and VR isn’t something big companies worry about, for startups and small businesses this can easily drive up their exhibiting cost. So, is it worth the extra few bucks?

Here are some benefits of AR and VR in your exhibition display at an upcoming exhibition. 

  • Increases Booth Traffic

As an exhibitor, your primary goal is to have an exhibit that attracts attendees. So what better way than to install a giant screen attached to your AR and VR set. Apart from the attendees that will initially visit your exhibition, the ones outside your booth will see and hear all the commotion. This will ultimately pique their interest and you will have attendees lining up at your exhibit. 

  • Increases Engagement Rate

Apart from actually trying out the technology, the attendees will interact with the exhibition staff. So, unlike simply looking at the display products, the attendees get to try the product first-hand.

Thus, with the live demonstration, sales pitch and the queries that the staff will answer the attendees will continue to interact with the brand. This way the brand message is reinforced in the attendees’ mind. Thus, using this opportunity, the staff can easily collect their contact details and turn them into leads.

  • Highlights your Products

An AR and VR set an offshoot of the live product demonstrations that allow the attendees to try the product first-hand.

Since the attendees put on the gear to use the device, they are completely immersed in trying out the product without any distractions. Moreover, the ones watching the screen also are focused on the products working.

This paired with the exhibition stand booth staff’s sales pitch that highlights the product benefits easily draws all the attention to the product.

  • Understand Attendee Response Before Actual Launch

Despite product launches at exhibitions being a popular choice among many exhibitors, you can always use the modular stands for demonstration only purposes and have the launch day later. 

This way you can do some last-minute testing and get attendees’ opinions. Thus, helping you make some tweakings and launching a better version of the product that meets the customer demands.  

In addition, it also saves you the beta testing costs as you get direct feedback from the attendees, the ones who will finally use your product.

  • Increase Sales

After an exhibition gets over, attendees tend to forget those expo stands that didn’t stand out to them. But they more likely to remember an exhibition stand booth that was engaging and memorable. 

So, when it comes to your brand, they using an AR and VR set, they are trying the product first-hand. This becomes a visual and physical stimulation for the attendees that they are more likely to remember. 

So, when you follow up on the leads after the exhibition trade fairs, there’s a high chance that they remember your brand. Thus, increasing your chances of turning those leads into sales. 

  • The Highlight of the Booth

With the exhibition stall designers installing a giant screen in the exhibition space design, both the stand and the product are hard to miss. Thus, AR and VR become the main attraction of your exhibit. 

The noise and chatter that comes along will make the other attendees curious about the trade booth and have them visiting it to try out the product. 

  • Allows the Attendees to Try Out the Product

While most trade display booths have their products on shelves and counter for the attendees to see, with an AR and VR you have an edge over your competitors. 

How so? Simple. Unlike their display products that the attendees can only view, you are allowing the attendees to try the product first-hand. Thus, helping them decide if they want to purchase the product or not. 

Although it’s stimulation, the attendees get a first-hand experience of how the product works, its benefits and what sets it apart from other brands offering the same thing. 

We hope this article will be helpful to you in deciding whether or not you need AR and VR in your trade display. 

Despite being a serious investment for some brands, if done correctly, these can easily make your show booth break through the clutter of exhibits. 

Remember, as an exhibitor, your main goal isn’t just to gain leads and turn them into sales. You also need to create an immersive and memorable attendee experience if you want to increase your sales. 

Tip of the Day: While marketing your expo stands make sure to mention AR and VR as it instantly piques the interest of your audience. Thus, they will rush to your booth at the event.

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stands for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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