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How to Use your Stand Expo Theme Outside the Event to Promote your Brand

Marketing your brand never really ends, especially when you are exhibiting at an upcoming event. Although you have your marketing strategies for inside the exhibition stand booth, promoting your brand and the booth outside the event is equally important for your business.

So what if we tell you that you can market your exhibition stand booth without having to go out of your way to create a strategy?

Here are 5 ways you can use your stand expo’s theme to market your business outside the exhibition event. 
  • Themed Promotional Items

If there’s one thing people love that’s free things. So why not give out promotional items; more so, why not incorporate your stand expo’s theme into the promotional items. This will not only make the item more interesting but also memorable. Moreover, it also creates the impression that your brand has put thought into the smallest details. 

Instead of a plain-looking promotional item with your brand logo, why not jazz it up with your theme’s design. For example, if you have a tropical theme, why not have the pen drive with some trees and exotic birds or a bottle with flowers and leaves and so on. 

  • Expo Stand Literature 

Since attendees visit multiple expo exhibition stand booth it is hard to remember every single one. This is why brands give out brochures, leaflets, booklets and other literature for the attendees to remember the brand. 

So, instead of using the normal literature that you would hand out, why not create customized designs for booth displays. So, if you have a space themes booth, you can have cool tone colours and space graphics. 

  • Blogs Posts

Blogs are one of the best ways to inform the audience about the brand as they allow you to go into detail about everything. So, you can have some exhibition exclusive themes that you can use for the blog’s graphics. 

This will be something different from what the audiences are used to and builds curiosity in them to find out what’s new. 

For example, if you use your theme for the blog and talk about, say, the new line of products launched, it may intrigue the audience to find out more about products and the exhibition. If they are impressed with it, you might see an increase in sales. 

  • Emails Marketing

A popular choice of marketing your exhibition stand booth for an upcoming exhibition is email marketing. A good way to intrigue the attendees about your expo booth design is by giving them a sneak peek of the exhibition stand booth’s theme. 

So, instead of using the usual email template, you can use the graphics related to the theme. Also, you can get even more innovative and create content related to your stand’s theme. This would include using puns, witty one-liners, and vocabulary related to the theme.

For example, if you have a beach theme, you can have a beach graphic with content using puns and related vocabulary.

  • Themed Social Media Posts

The best thing about social media is that it allows your brand to connect with the followers in a slightly less formal manner. With an exhibition around the corner, it goes without saying that there will be some posts related to it. So, to create a sense of exclusive content, use the theme to make content for your social media. 

  • Graphics: A simple way is to create a set series of graphics that will be used for the content in the social media posts. 
  • Videos: While posting videos and other sneak peeks of the exhibition, film the video related to the theme. For example, for a beach theme, you could post videos with a beach setting to announce your participation. 
  • Posts: Get creative with your posts and create an exclusive template inside which the exhibition posts can be made. You can also add small countdown themed posts that becomes a reminder for the attendees.
  • Blog Post Links: Using the same graphics for the blog posts, you can promote the brand and the stand expo

We hope this article will be helpful while planning your stand expo’s promotional strategies. Incorporating your themes into various channels of communication and items related to your exhibition stall is a great way to provide a refreshing change to the attendees who expect a  standard marketing strategy. 

Tip of the Day: Your theme doesn’t necessarily have to be vivid. The stand expo theme’s colours or even related graphics related will be enough to drive home the idea. For example, if you are giving out sample products, you can use exclusive exhibition theme packaging that could be recycled and used again. So, when the attendees use the packaging again, they are reminded of your brand. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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