Cutting Costs in Trade Show Shipping

Cutting Costs in Expo Shipping

When you start planning for your messe, you will notice that your entire budget for it consists of a big chunk, known as shipping costs. This usually includes all the expenses you’ll be making for ordering your booth designer, shipping the materials, the various parts and tools, and so forth. Even though this is an obviously important part of your entire procedure, if you’re looking to cut costs in the shipping area,

Here are the top 3 ways to do it: –

  • Ship Everything Together

This is something we all follow while traveling, to pack everything together so that we have all that we need, right there with us. The same applies to when you ship items. Instead of shipping them separately and whimsically, ship everything once and for all. This will not only ensure that everything is bundled together and nothing is lost but will also help you save money.

  • Stick to the UPS Shippable Dimensions

Two factors mainly determine your shipping expenses – dimension and weight. The wisest thing to do here is to abide by the preset UPS shippable dimensions and check which products are lighter. According to UPS, the package can be up to 108” in length or 165” in girth and length. Exceed that and you will have to dish out money for their over maximum limits charges. If you feel your products are too bulky, a great solution is to look for a modular version, which will be lighter and more compact.

  • Think Multi-Purpose Items

Your stall will be your money-maker, hands down. So, you will need to make it innovative, intriguing, something that stands out from the norm. In order to do that, you will need to purchase decor items. The more beautiful it is, the more leads you’ll bring in. Now, this too will demand quite some money. The best thing to do here is to look for items that are multi-purpose, for example, a countertop or table that also comes with a storage unit.

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