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Latest Exhibition Booth Trends You Must Know About

A expo display design goes a long way in determining just how successful your exhibition stall was since it is the very first thing a customer will see, even from far away. 

If the expo display stands appear to be interesting or catchy, attendees will be drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Thus, make sure you include your exhibition stand’s expenses in the show budget as it will be quite a profitable investment. 

Many exhibitors today agree that spending on their expo stand to make it attractive and popping has led to bringing in more customers. So, why don’t you opt for the same?

Here are some of the latest trends for exhibition stand design that you can try out:
  • Tech Reigns Supreme

In today’s world, technology undoubtedly reigns supreme, so why not use it to your advantage? Stuff like virtual reality and augmented reality are doing wonders in increasing customer engagement. Incorporating touch-screen displays, 3D projections, and interactive presentations can help you attract your prospective customers and others too. 

  • Immersive Customer Experiences

More and more exhibitors are starting to include immersive experiences in their designs for exhibition booth stand displays for the customers. Wouldn’t you want to visit a show booth design that has more to offer than just sights and sounds? A great way of doing this is through a pop-up booth style that is much more visceral. 

  • More Comfort, Less Formal

Customers these days tend to visit a expo stand that is more laid-back, offering a homely feel. You can opt for such a booth with fabric walls, comfortable couches, armchairs, etc. This also gives an inviting impression which a customer will surely love.

  • Shine Bright like a Diamond 

Lighting is everything, so brighten up the display stand design. The more people will be drawn to it. Hanging chandeliers, backlights, track lights, luxury lightings, etc. are great ways to attract an audience.

Since a exhibition booth stand’s display is the first thing any attendee sees before approaching the staff, creating a lasting impression matters a lot. So, follow these trends and you will surely see an increase in the footfall to your exhibition booth. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next expo, get in touch with us.

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