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Heimtextil – International Expo Fair for Home and Contract Textiles

What is Heimtextil?

The international expo exhibition for home and contract textiles, Heimtextil, takes place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and attracts over 2,700 exhibitors and 67,000 expo visitors.

The exhibition acts as a commercial and information platform for manufacturers, merchants, and designers from all over the world over four days 

On the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds, international exhibitors present their products to a large expo audience. Heimtextil is the year’s first marketing and ordering event, showcasing new homes and contract textiles. Heimtextil covers the whole home and household textiles portfolio from across the world by showcasing bed, bath, and table linens, as well as floor and window coverings, upholstery, and sun protection systems.

Where and When is Heimtextil 2022 Being Held?

Heimtextil will run from June 21 to 24, 2022, parallel to the expo fair duo Techtextil and Texprocess, as a one-time summer special in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Exhibitors and purchasers will also benefit from the three international expo fair formats’ unique synergistic benefits.

Who Attends Heimtextil 2022?

The expo brings together suppliers and buyers from various target groups as a significant meeting point for the textile sector. Specialist topic areas make it easier for producers and customers with specific needs to connect, as well as provide a variety of instructive forms. Interior design, architecture, hospitality, sustainability, and small-scale retail supply are among the themes of interest.

With its complete assessment of current and forthcoming market trends, Heimtextil 2022 will once again be a must-attend event for retailers, wholesalers, architects and interior decorators, and numerous other professionals working in the interior fabrics sector. Participants will get the opportunity to meet with promising newcomers and start-ups in addition to well-known businesses.

What Can You Expect From Heimtextil? 

Heimtextil was created to depict the fast-paced nature of the textile industry. The business’s requirements and constraints, as well as potential solutions, are presented. These include issues such as sustainability and water management, microplastics, recycling, and so on.

Not only is Heimtextil the largest event in its area, but it also kicks off the business year with new trends and ideas for all things textile. The participants will subsequently have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge to their projects. Guided tours, networking opportunities, and presentations enhance the home and contract textiles exhibition experience.

What’s new this year at Heimtextil 2022?

The organisers make a concerted effort to attract and support young talent and start-ups. For the approaching Heimtextil 2022, their presence is projected to grow. The same can be said of the attendees’ internationality, which hit an all-time high at the most recent event.

The trends for 2022/23 presented by Heimtextil

“Next Horizons” is Heimtextil’s design projection for the new season 2022/23, which has been examined by international trend experts and is jam-packed with useful inspiration and exciting information. The new trend themes place a strong emphasis on resource conservation and sustainability.

Techtextil/Texprocess creates synergy effects through parallelism

National and international buyers will be able to experience global trends and innovations along with large parts of the textile value chain bundled in one place for the first time thanks to the parallelism of the three expo fairs – starting with fibres and yarns, functional textiles, textile technologies, production and finishing processes, to the end product for textile interiors and recycling – for the first time.

 “The proximity of Techtextil and Texprocess gives Heimtextil buyers interesting new insights on breakthrough functionality of technical fabrics, nonwovens, and processing technologies for the home textiles market. We offer additional incentives for national and international customers to attend Heimtextil’s re-launch in the summer by leveraging these synergies”Schmidt goes on to explain.

The simultaneous presence of retailers, interior designers, textile engineers, architects, research and development material experts, as well as machine and technology specialists, will provide exhibitors at all three exhibitions with a unique opportunity to establish business contacts in completely new constellations through cross-networking.

Texprocess / Techtextil

Technical textiles, functional garment textiles, and textile technologies are all covered by Techtextil. The world’s largest exhibition showcases the most cutting-edge uses of high-tech fabrics to make things lighter, more functional, and more sustainable. Simultaneously, at Texprocess, worldwide exhibitors demonstrate the most up-to-date machinery, equipment, processes, and services for garment manufacture, textiles, and flexible materials. The world’s largest expo event demonstrates how technological textiles, clothing fabrics, and flexible materials may be produced more effectively and responsibly. Both exhibitions will be augmented by additional digital services for exhibitors and visitors as hybrid events. The Heimtextil Summer Special will be a one-of-a-kind physical experience.

How to Register?

Exhibitors can click on the following link to register for Heimtextil 2022 Event –

For more information click on the following link


Heimtextil is the most important global event for interior textiles, design, and trends in the business. It kicks off the upcoming season with new goods and trends, providing essential impulses to both exhibiting firms and professional visitors from all over the world.

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