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BTL 2022 – The International Tourism Fair

What is BTL?

BTL, which has been hosted at the Lisbon International Fair since 1989 and is organised by the AIP Foundation, is considered the most important event in the field of tourism in Portugal as well as a gathering point for experts. BTL has also been bolstering its participation at international tourism expos.

During the five days of participation in this event, which is considered a must-attend for the global tourism industry, BTL in 2022 promoted the city of Lisbon’s tourism potential and introduced the guest destinations and hosted buyers programme for the next edition of the national hall Tourism, which will be held in Portugal from March 16 to March 20, 2022. BTL has been receiving an increasing number of tourism experts, with the number of international professionals reaching 2,882 and the number of national professionals approaching 33,000.

Product Profiles of Exhibitors

Diverse tourist accommodations, hotels and hotel services, tourist carriers, tour operators, travel agencies, national and international organisations, regional and local tourism organisations, tourist leisure attractions, health tourism, active tourism, nature, adventure, ecological tourism, golf, Portuguese vineyard tourism, and senior tourism are among the exhibit’s highlights.

Why is it Important to Attend BTL 2022?

BTL-The International Tourism Fair is a gathering of professionals involved in the tourism industry and the application of current market trends. Every year in BTL, travel agencies, tour operators, tourism promotion offices from various countries, gastronomy tourism, and business travel products and services gather to present their offerings to the market and the general public.

The event also includes a full schedule of courses, networking opportunities for professionals, and cultural activities open to the general public.

  • It is the largest business platform for one of our economy’s fastest-growing sectors: TOURISM
  • It is the industry’s premier event for the introduction of new products and services.
  • All professionals in the field will have access to space for business and networking, as well as an open stage for debate and discussion.
  • You’re attending an event that accepts foreign bids and helps companies become more international.
  • It is a fair that allows for direct interaction with the final consumer, allowing for the detection of receptivity and direct sales.
  • The fair contains a large section dedicated to professionals, which allows it to expand its network of business partners.

BTL’s key lines of activity are internationalisation, introducing new products and services, and confronting new foreign buyers.

There’s a lot more to offer

  1. Strategic Partner Network
  2. Participating companies were the focus of the communication strategy.
  3. The share price is extremely competitive.
  4. Hosted Program for Buyers
  5. Organizing numerous concurrent events
  6. Professional/general public components are treated fairly.
  7. The presence of the sector’s major players
  8. This is an excellent location for launching new products and marketing efforts.
How to Register for the Event?
  • Professional Visitor

Are you an expert in the tourism industry?

To attend BTL 2022, all BTL Professionals must obtain a Professional ticket title.

BTL values professionals who register on business.fil.pt since they will have access to special ticketing arrangements.

Professional Visitors can register for the event following the below link


  • Public 

This is Portugal’s largest platform for tourism-related relationships.

It allows the general people to choose from a variety of innovative holiday solutions and destinations at very low prices. All of this takes place in a beautiful setting of celebration, colour, and joy, with music and food a constant presence.


Friday, March 18th, from 17:00 to 23:00

Saturday, March 19th, 12:00 p.m. to 23:00 p.m.

Day 20 (Sunday) 12:00 p.m. – 20:00 p.m.

For further information on registration click on the following link given below.


For further information with regard to the event click on the following link.


Additional information

Program for Hosted Buyers

BTL’s Hosted Buyers Program seeks to facilitate the presence of international buyers who have a particular interest in Portugal as a destination.

We encourage the entry of these buyers through this programme by providing special conditions such as discounts on flights, accommodations, transportation, the ability to schedule meetings, participation in the pre-defined Social Program, and surveillance during the event’s visiting days.

Last Thoughts

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