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All About Moscow Boat Show 2022

What is the Moscow Boat Show?

Sailing and water sports have become increasingly popular in Russia. Speedboats and yachts, boats and aqua cycles, and participation in water sports contests elicit genuine attention from a huge number of admirers among the Russian and international audiences. As a result, the need for relevant services such as yacht schools, yacht and boat transportation, navigation equipment, regattas, and many other things is growing. For more than a decade, the exhibition of boats and yachts has been regarded as the most important event in the yachting sector by several industry experts and enthusiasts.

The expo is the premier gathering of representatives from the yachting industry, industry professionals, and a large number of enthusiasts of water sports and active trips. Motor and sail yachts, launches, electric boats, offshore vessels, design trimarans, helicopters, diving gear and accessories, inland navigation, dredging, fishing vessels, workboats, naval ships, construction vessels, brokerage, and mega yachts are all included in the project’s scope. Aside from that, visitors will get the option to speak with highly qualified specialists.


To raise information awareness in the industry, to draw major market actors’ attention to pressing issues in the yachting industry, and to promote sailing activities among the general public.

Participating in the Moscow Boat Show is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present a company and its products to a highly focused audience of industry experts. The expo provides the ideal setting for previewing new items, assessing market trends, and forming long-term, financially lucrative collaborations.

Schedule of events

The Moscow Boat Show provides a wealth of options for anybody interested in learning about the most cutting-edge products. They’ll be well-prepared to conduct business in Russia and strike a transaction on the spot. Maintain a visible presence in the marketplace and assure your clients, prospects, and competitors that you will be available to assist them today and tomorrow. This is a promotional opportunity that should not be passed up!

The concept evolved to include more than simply an exhibition as its popularity and success rate grew over the years. These exceptional events drew top exhibitors and guests, giving all attendees the opportunity to expand their expertise and, of course, their sales potential. Business meetings with exhibitors, representatives from the yachting sector, and government officials, as well as round table discussions, seminars, and educational programmes, are all on the agenda.


Distributors of boats and yachts 

The Moscow Boat Show is a great place to hold business meetings and network with other professionals. Experts may get to know a wide selection of domestic and international watercraft, as well as competitive offers from official manufacturers and suppliers of boats and yachts in Russia, learn about innovative industry solutions and services, and facilitate favourable contracts.

Boat and yacht owners and potential purchasers

The show showcases the most interesting aspects of the yachting industry, ranging from innovative design solutions and vessel engineering to the most recent successes and trends in the industry. Everything to make life on the water better, more enjoyable, easier, safer, and more fun can be found at the event. You’ll discover a wide selection of boats, accessories, and equipment for your boat and crew here. There’s something for everyone who appreciates life at sea, including boat owners, boat aficionados, families, fishermen, water enthusiasts, and curious newcomers.

Fans of water sports and professionals in the field

The Moscow Boat Show is a multiformat event that includes a expo display, business gatherings, training courses, and spectacular show programmes. The highly relevant programme helps participants to increase their professional level and stay up to date on industry news. Throughout the year, the show hosts a variety of round tables, seminars, lectures, meetings with government officials, expert lectures, and other activities. The exposition informs visitors about the activities of yacht schools and the calendar of sea regattas. Furthermore, anyone interested can enrol in water sports classes, enrol in a novice skippers’ school for training, and learn a lot about new prospects for active outings on the water.

What Can You Expect From Moscow Boat Show 2022
  • Participation in the project helps to support and improve the company’s image, adds to product and service promotion, and introduces new market players.
  • The Moscow Boat Show attracts around 13,000 visitors each year.
  • Assists in the search for new clients by facilitating effective networking among market competitors and potential customers.
  • Direct talks and the signing of new contracts in a short period of time are made easier.
  • Provides a relaxing environment in which open discourse and experience sharing can take place.
  • Contributes to the activation of interactions between government and business structures.
  • More than 50 events in the business programme are aimed at finding a solution to existing challenges and discussing the possibilities of the yachting sector at the negotiating table.
  • Accompanied by widespread public and specialist media coverage.

How to Register?

For exhibitors, online space application click on https://eng.mosboatshow.ru/boat/exposant/application.php

For further information click on https://eng.mosboatshow.ru/boat/exhibition/


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