Milliken PU Tech Exhibition

Experiential Marketing For American Chemical Company, Milliken

Life is all about creating a difference.

Tom Brokaw, a renowned American journalist once said “It’s easy to make a buck.

It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” In today’s highly competitive world, being unique and different is what it takes to get the edge over your competitors.

PU Tech is the largest event in South Asia where more than 300 brands come in together to participate in this triennial event. At such a big expo for any brand to stand out, it requires quite an amount of creativity. SOL India conceptualized an activity to aid Milliken’s brand recall and reinforce their brand promise “Nobody understands colours as we do”.

Milliken had an exhibition stall size of 24 sq.m. and at such a large expo in magnitude, it’s easier to miss out on such a small exhibition booth design. So, our main challenge in this event was not the size of the stall but to leave a mark so that even after people visit more than 40 amazing exhibition booth design, the name MILLIKEN stays at the top of our minds.

We took one of the marketing communication points and made an entire exhibition booth design experience around it.

Nobody understands colours as we do! Our main aim was to a creative exhibition booth design with coloured crafted objects which were appealing and attractive for the visitors. This helped us in sending the brand idea to the attendees easily.

We implemented the art of origami and psychology to push the brand idea to the attendees’ minds. We created small origami objects and placed them inside a bowl and the rule was to let the guests pick up a colour of their choice.

The main catch lied in this part. Once they were allowed to pick up an object of a definite colour, it would unfold the psychology behind that colour. If a person chooses the colour yellow, then the human traits behind choosing the colour yellow were written over it and below was the message “Nobody understands colours as we do”.

They were asked to take the origami pieces back home as memorabilia. Back in the office they stuck it at their desks and learned the simple origami folds and every time they did it, they saw the name Milliken on it and in this way Milliken became a part of their lives.

This is how we get connected to people’s lives. Maybe having a small space with an aim to make a big impact is a tough challenge but this is SOL’s way of saying  “Challenge Accepted”.

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