If you are looking for a way to create a unique brand marketing impact, then look no further than custom-built exhibition standees

In general, a standee refers to a large self-standing display that is predominantly used for promoting products/services, as well as brands. They can be anything from 3D displays with moving parts and lights to self-standing posters. Besides, their portable nature also gives them an added advantage and makes them an attractive advertising tool.

A custom-built exhibition standee with a unique standee design will play a key role in influencing visitors at a trade show; and at the same time, create a robust brand impression. You can also have them in a shape and size of your liking that best fits your advertising campaign; and promotes your brand successfully.


Custom-built exhibition standees are a unique way to market a brand. 

Their USP lies in the fact they can be used in any environment as they are tailored to suit the theme of the trade show.

Aside from this, they also help to


According to an industry research study, around 54 percent of the visitors to a trade show come specifically to see new products and services, while around 83 percent possess the financial budget to purchase or influence buying decisions.

That is why, trade shows are considered as the best opportunity to showcase products/services and reach out to the right audience.

There is no better way to catch the attention of trade show visitors than with custom-built exhibition standees. They not only put your brand’s profile the right way in front of the audience but also go a long way to help boost ROI. Besides they maximize sales opportunities and clearly inform the audience at the show about the importance and value of your products/services.

All of these will help to increase the number of visitors to your booth while boosting their engagement with your products/services. Eventually, custom-built exhibition standees also help to fuel conversations about your brand beyond the trade show event.


Brand awareness is critical to drive sales. Trade shows and exhibitions offer unique brand marketing opportunities’ for your brand to meet and engage with customers as well as prospective customers. Besides, visitors look to interact with your products that make your business unique.

This is where custom-built exhibition standees can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy, when compared to branding design and interactive displays. Today’s custom-built exhibition standees when compared to earlier era ones, are interactive. They help the visitors to engage with your products/services; and better still, they directly engage your demographic audience as well.

Besides, custom-built exhibition standees are designed and produced bespoke to your brand. Thus, a unique experience can be tailored to reflect your brand profile at the trade show; and additionally, they can also be tailored to your product requirements. Your brand logo, tagline, and business value can all be tied in a way that will grab eyeballs and keep the audience engrossed for long. Also, your banding and message can be integrated from the ground-up, into the standee space above. This will help to leverage a unique brand marketing opportunity and maximize your return on investment.


A unique standee design that displays your brand in a graceful manner helps to create a lasting impression on the audiences’ minds. Like for instance, a standee design with moving graphics and LEDs; they create an instant impression that will linger in visitors’ minds for a long time.

Recruiting the expertise of a professional standee designer will help a lot in this regard. They know what kind of colors, graphics, and shapes needs to be chosen for your standee design; and how to make the most out of them. They also understand that an eye-catching standee design can enhance the chances of your brand’s presence at the trade show being spotted easily and quickly. Additionally, it will also give them an idea about your business and convey the desired message in an impactful way.

Upon seeing the standee design, a visitor will also make a quick decision of whether or not to visit your booth stall. All of these can ensure immediate payoffs as well as a rise in your customer count. The greater the numbers of footfall in your booth stall, the more they will help to boost your sales.

Custom-built exhibition standees are also portable

They can be easily and swiftly transported from one place to another place. Besides, they also allow you to keep rotating their positions to either magnify your booth display; or grab the attention of the visitors’ at the show.

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