If your company is planning to participate in an exhibition, then the first thing you should be aware of is the size of your exhibition booth; and its dimensions and layout. These factors will be the key to your planning process.

Whether you are allocated a small exhibition booth or large exhibition booth, there are ways to maximizing booth impact; and harvest better results for a more positive impact on your business KPIs. You also stand to benefit from a quality business leads; on-site sales; and quality return on your investment.


If you cannot spare the budget for a big exhibition booth; and have to make to do with a small exhibition booth, there is no need to feel dejected. Instead, there are ways to maximizing booth impact.



The first step to maximizing booth impact would be to find out how to stoke the curiosity of the visitors’ who pass by your booth at the trade show.

Even if you have had a larger exhibition booth space, it does not indicate that it can automatically attract the visitors. Whether your booth space is big or small, you need to visualize how to stoke visitors’ curiosity; and accordingly put a proper plan in place to engage the visitors once they arrive at the trade show.

Your plan should focus on

  • Well-designed layout that takes into consideration the comfort of the visitors into account. The focus should be on providing them the experience that they look for when they interact with your products in the booth or booth design.
  • Having proper walking routes through or past your booth. This will help to properly direct the flow of traffic and at the same time, give the visitors space and time to see your booth displays.
  • Ensuring enough room for social distancing. Aside from making the visitors feel comfortable, and let the visitors know that you care about their safety and well-being; it will also give the space to facilitate last-minute regulations

Before implementing them, conduct a trial run of your small booth space. The best way would be is to create a digital mock-up of your booth space. This will let you know how your small exhibition booth space will work out; how your small booth design will look like; and what kind of exhibits can be used for display and where they can be best used. Eventually, you can arrive at the most effective way of maximizing booth space; and saving on set-up and transport costs.


There should be no room for mess in a small exhibition booth. An untidy booth will create a bad impression and have a negative effect on the visitors who visit your booth. So make sure that everything is in place and all efforts are made to fully use the small exhibition booth space to the maximum.

  • Include a trash can in two-three strategic areas within the booth. Make sure that they are visible to the visitors; a better way would be to have a sign above them that says ‘Use Me & Keep the Booth clean’.
  • Have recycling accessories at vantage positions within the booth. This will allow the visitors to dispose off their unwanted items in it as they pass by.
  • Ensure that there are no personal items or rubbish belonging to your staff on display. Instead, place personal items, like say a phone or book, under the desk at the booth.

A clean and neat booth will leave behind a favorable and healthy impression on the visitors. Besides it will also make your exhibition stand also looking pretty all day long.


Effective booth lighting will make even a small exhibition booth look regal. Furthermore, clever use of modern lighting will even make a small space look and feel bigger than it actually is. Overall, it is one of the better ways to make your brand noticed in a small exhibition booth.

  • Spotlights can make a small booth design look radiant and glowing. The colors will look brighter that will catch the eye of the visitors instantly. Besides, they are the simplest way of illuminating a booth; and also can be easily installed and adjusted. This will allow you to place them where you want the visitors to focus on in the booth, like your booth design, logo, or contact information.
  • Backlit Displays like LED Lights; they give a professional feel to your booth by illuminating and highlighting major aspects of your branding. Besides they last long and still maintain effective performance; and are cost-efficient in the long run. They are also environment-friendly which means they will give your booth an eco-friendly touch.

The clever use of the right lighting system that reflects your brand profile and logo will greatly increase visitor interaction at your booth. Besides, they will also make your small exhibition booth look more spacious and big that what it actually is.


With a small exhibition booth, you need to use only those equipments that are needed for the trade show. Hence, focus on the right equipments that are required and essential for the show.

Invest in only the right equipments that are

  • Are durable, flexible, and of high quality, sourced or purchased from a reputable professional supplier.
  • Are easy to install, transport, and interchangeable.
  • Can be reused and reworked into other booth layouts in the future. This way, your investment in them will be worth it.


Your small exhibition booth can be made interesting and a show-stopper with the infusion of modern immersive technologies like AR/VR, Touch-screen displays, etc; or computer games. When cleverly leveraged they tend to pull in visitors in droves to your booth.

In case, you find them difficult to incorporate or cannot afford them, then include

  • Latest audio-visual equipments. They can catch the attention of prospective customers’. Like for instance, use them to make a professional and stimulating presentation slide or demo video that highlights your brand and products/services.
  • iPads Stands; they can greatly increase interactivity at your booth thereby making it easier for the visitors to interact and engage with your brand.

In fact, all kinds of digital media can be made use of effectively within a small space. They help to provide a truly-connected experience for the visitors. But make sure to keep them safe and sanitized (having an anti-bacterial wipe dispenser set-up next to them would be excellent). They will enable interested people to disinfect them between uses.

Another way to make the most of your small exhibition booth and highlight its presence is usage of bold and bright graphics. You need to just be creative with them and if done appropriately, they can attract the audience to your small booth design.

Whether you have a small exhibition booth with a small booth design or a small budget, you can make your booth a standout by recruiting the services of a professional exhibition booth company that can help build and design your booth, in a way that will lure the visitors to visit it droves.

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