Trade shows come along once in a way. When they come, you need to grab the opportunity to highlight your presence. You need to get your brand and products/services in front of people who matter to your business growth – potential clients.

This is where your event booth design plays a key role.

Your event booth design should be a stand out booth design to grab the attention of the visitors. To make it happen, you need the expert hands of a specialist booth designer to craft a stand out booth design that effectively represents your company and gets it the exposure it needs.


If your desire is to create a standout booth design that is unforgettable, just follow the following booth design tips.


The first step towards creating an unforgettable event booth design is to find the right booth size that matches your event goals.

Size plays a huge role when purchasing an exhibition booth and eventually deciding the fate of your event booth design’s success.

Opt for an open floor plan space that will give the visitors the freedom to move around freely and comfortably within the booth space sans hassles or obstructions of any kind. This way, they will not feel claustrophobic and rather would feel at ease and at home.


After you have made up your mind to exhibit at the trade show, you need next to select the location of your booth. The location you choose will ultimately decide how much of traffic flows into to your booth and help generate inbound leads. 

While doing so, remember that every exhibitor will be looking like you to hire the best spot on the trade show floor.  Hence, you need to select the location carefully. A wrong location could make or break the chances of your booth success at the show and eventually even your marketing strategy for the show. Besides you will lose the chance of connecting with your target audience. 

Avoid selecting a space at the back of the trade show and instead select a space that is a high traffic area LIKE the entrance that can be seen from the opening doors. The next bet would be a space near the bathroom or eating areas. They are busy intersection areas and attract a lot of people.


For an unforgettable event booth design to happen, you need to have a standout booth design that stands out from the crowd in terms of design appearance and quality; colors that are bold and bright; and layout that provides an interactive experience.


Your event booth design should work to enhance your brand image. A well designed event booth design should be a visual representation of your brand in a way that the visitors will be able to recognize its identity, personality, and product from afar.

Besides, your event booth design should have a theme that speaks about your brand profile. If done creatively, the theme can become an extension of your brand identity.


A visitor at a trade show spends on an average about 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits. With so many companies showcasing their brand of booth designs and products/services, you will find it hard to draw visitors into your booth.

This is where your stand out booth design’s colors plays a role.

The right color choices will help set it apart from the pack. Businesses that have become successful at trade shows normally opt for display colors that are bold and bright. Eventually, the colors you select for your stand out booth design should reflect your brand’s goals, capture visitors’ attention, and be able to initiate conversation with the visitors resulting in conversion.


To stand out from the crowd, your event booth design should also provide an immersive interactive experience. This will help to elevate your booth traffic and also provide the visitors what they want to see and experience.

Herein, your event booth design could  do with technology resulting in an interactive AND fun experience. The use of right technology options will induce the visitors to spend more time at your booth than other booths; and experience at first-hand the feel of your products/services. Some good examples of technology usage are touch screen displays, augmented reality, and photo booths. They all help to provide a truly exhilarating interactive immersive experience that will be relished by the visitors for long.


Your participation in a trade show should not be just limited to a stand out booth design but also in an event booth design that is eye-catching and larger than life in a way that will make the visitors stop by at your booth and stay engrossed in it for long.

A good example would be having large, lifelike replicas of your products. Now, if you are making and selling mobile phones, create a giant sized mobile phone that can be viewed from a far off distance as well. You just need to get creative like adding textures and finishes at the right areas in the event booth design.

If done appropriately, it will have an electric impact on the visitors and entice them to go into your booth and learn more about your products/services.

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